New Word: “Googan”

Googan refers to a rogue fisherman:

A fishing term for lowlife, shore fishermen who bait fish typically without a license, regard to regulations, and etiquette towards other people, especially other fishermen following the rules.

Example: “I couldn’t find a spot at the river yesterday. It was totally full of googans hogging up the place, dropping f-bombs, and snagging fish.”

Prompted by Roundtable member John Timur, who is an avid fisherman and online marketer, I am assigning a new definition:


An Internet term for lowlife webmaster who posts ads and web pages typically with no meaningful content, no regard for Google copywriting, or consideration for other people, especially those who click on promising-looking links.

Example: “I couldn’t find any argyle socks yesterday, the search results were totally full of spam web pages hogging up the place, dropping spyware and Googans snagging people with pop-up ads.”

As a mentor of Google advertisers, I hereby renew my commitment to rid the world of Googans.

Add this word to your vocabulary and use it to stamp out Googan-like behavior wherever you may find it.

Also, go to Urban Dictionary’s page for the word “Googan” and cast your Thumbs-Up vote to support this important new word!

Perry Marshall

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  • Bryan D. says:

    The word Googan is a great way to narrow down the many ways in which a person can be a douchebag.

  • Chris says:

    Your new word already exists in the fishing world. Try again.

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