Webinar: “X” Factor will force you to diversify your income base

A large, unpredictable shift – an “X Factor” – is going to wreak havoc in a lot of markets and you need to be prepared.

I will discuss this in today’s “part 2″ of my webinar series.

We will discuss the business of selling your marketing skills to companies who are very hungry for talent and willing to pay. My team will expose landmines that almost all consultants step on. Then for the last 30 minutes we’ll take open Q&A.

Well worth your time. Wednesday April 25 – 1pm ET / 12pm CT / 10am PT / 17:00 London



Perry Marshall

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Entrepreneur Magazine says: "Perry Marshall is the #1 author and world's most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising. He has helped over 100,000 advertisers save literally billions of dollars in Adwords stupidity tax."

He is referenced across the Internet and by The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune and Forbes Magazine.

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