USP King vs. Fiverr Slave

Fiverr is the place where people do almost anything for you for five bucks – from the ridiculous to the sublime. It’s fast and easy and surprisingly reliable.

People will do nutty jobs for you like sing happy birthday to your wife in Farsi. But they’ll also do really useful stuff like background checks or research or quick & dirty Photoshop jobs.

If you’re a buyer, it’s fantastic – it’s freakin’ unbelievable what you can get done, by competent professionals, for the price of one latte.

One lady I hired was a university professor, an outstanding professional who gave me extensive comments and corrections on something I was writing, by ordering multiple gigs. All of this was CHEAP.

Great for me. But… if you’re on the receiving end of that five bucks, Fiverr is the world’s hot new sweat shop for knowledge workers.

> Blech! <

Well I’ve got news for you: If what you sell and how you sell it is essentially the same as 10 or 100 or 1000 other guys, you’re circling the FIverr drain as we speak. You’re entering a 21st century Brave New World nightmare.

(How you doin’ with payin’ back them college loans, anyway?)

THE one-word solution to this problem is:



IF you have a meaty answer to these questions…

-Why should I read or listen to you?

-Why should I believe what you have to say?

-Why should I do anything about what you’re offering?

-Why should I act now?

-What can you guarantee me that nobody else can?

…You can write your own check.

If you don’t have solid answers to those questions, your biz is headed for life support.

That’s why I’m on a campaign to fix all the USP’s on Planet Perry, so all our denizens become USP Kings instead of Fiverr slaves.

Which do you want to be? You alone decide. First session is November 7. Register here:

Don’t get caught swirling around that drain.

Perry Marshall

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Entrepreneur Magazine says: "Perry Marshall is the #1 author and world's most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising. He has helped over 100,000 advertisers save literally billions of dollars in Adwords stupidity tax."

He is referenced across the Internet and by The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune and Forbes Magazine.

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Comments on USP King vs. Fiverr Slave »

  • Essential training topic here Perry. I’ve always said that most businesses have three problems with their USP:

    1) It’s not unique
    2) It doesn’t sell anything
    3) It doesn’t contain a testable proposition

    This is why the “write the sales letter first and then create the product” mentality was always so silly to me. You can’t write a great sales letter without having a great product – unless you lie… (I love your clarification there Perry.)

    Can you spend your lifetime dreaming up a product nobody will ever buy? Sure.

    Can you create a sustainable USP around a product/offering that doesn’t exist? Possibly. But you’ll do just as much wheel spinning as the option above.

    This quandary is where I got my production mantra from:

    “Stop Planning, Start Prototyping.”

    That’s painted on the wall in my office as a daily reminder of how businesses and products get built.

    People can’t tolerate prototyping because it requires concerted cost, time, and effort to produce something you’re going to throw in the garbage. The true output of a prototype is knowledge and most people are too frantic and desperate to consider that as a valuable Return on Investment.

    Anyway, very good topic for a training and I’ve gotten serious benefits just out of the 5 questions you included in the email.

    Thanks as always,
    - Nick

  • hoover1rory says:

    i just want to mention the passing of a man who so fits the image of planet perry, as i imagine it. look up Chicago Tribune, november, 1, 2012 ,business, section2, obituaries, Patrick L Powell .. 1929-2012 .the half page!! article in the printed paper is the real story, all the online links only show the (much) abbreviated story. –a very bright engineer, of our fathers generation, the sort you admire.–,0,1052089.story

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