Google search cannot send you 100,000 visitors/day. But Display Can.

Mike Rhodes and I did a webinar on Google Display Network. Highlights from the replay:

*Search is finite. Display is not. Few keywords could even possibly send you 100,000 clicks per day. But GDN is fully capable of delivering that much traffic to your site if what you sell has broad appeal.

Even if your market is small, MOST companies can get more buyers from Display than from search.

*Choosing keywords on the Display Network is a lot like the game “Taboo” where you want to create THEMES that tell Google exactly what the topic is. Example:

If the theme is “groom” for a wedding, some other keywords would be






That is how Google knows your campaign is not about “groom = straighten out clothes” and it’s also not about “dog grooming.”

*Most people have far too few Ad Groups on GDN. More themes, more ad groups por favor.

*20% of Google’s advertisers use the Display Network. Only 2% of advertisers use Image Ads. That means image ads are a fast shortcut to market domination!

*There is one banner size that you should focus on above all others. It’s actually a mistake to start out with 8 different size of banners. Mike explains, about halfway through, what the one best size is for testing ads.

Eventually you hit an image/text combo that catches the Jet Stream and your volume takes off like a rocket.

THEN you create other ad sizes.

*GDN is not like putting a billboard at the side of the road. About 15 minutes in Mike shows you several ways to finely focus your ads.

Watch the whole presentation here.

Perry Marshall

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  • Julius says:

    This is very interesting. In my experience, traffic from GDN doesn’t convert as well as traffic from search. Maybe they are in less of a “buying mood”, I don’t know. I haven’t exerimented much though, so my sample is not very big, maybe I should try it again. Any thoughts on that ?

  • Paul Silva says:

    There is just so much to learn in starting up aninfo-marketing business.This combination of articles has certainly earned you a permanent position on my board of mentors.

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