Man executes 80/20, then freaks out a little

Last week in my private Mastermind Forum, “Mister L” posted this question:

Hi Planet Perry,

I’m kinda freaking out and just need a little perspective from you seasoned veterans.

Bottom line as of today for 2013: my client base is down 23%; revenue is up 43%.

Now, I know that sounds great on paper.  I know I should be doing naked cart wheels, but…

I’m freaking out a little.


The phone isn’t ringing as much.

These were long time clients that through my marketing I must of pissed them off, or “disqualified them”.

Again, it sounds great in a book, but these were long time clients that i really liked.

It’s just weird.

Plus, I’ve hired a full timer, and I’ve got all this free time.

So, I’m doing less work, and making more.

Again, I know on paper this sounds great.  This is the “dream”, right?

But it doesn’t feel that way.

Maybe, I’m just missing the emotional rush of dealing with hundreds of things all at once.

Now, I’m focusing on 3 things at a time.

Again, I know this sounds great in theory, but to live it, well, it just feels weird.

Also, based on the Marketing DNA, I’m doing what I’m great at.  Now, again, sounds great on paper, but I’m so used to doing work I hate that drains me, and I find it strange that I’m no longer “working”.

Like I’m doing nothing.

It’s like I was in 2nd gears for year, and now I’m in 4th.  More speed, less RPM.

For those of you who’ve implemented 80/20 in your business and have transformed your business on little hinges, who’ve gone from doing shit they hate, to what you’re great at, can you give me a little feedback.


~ ~ ~

What advice do YOU have for Mister L? Post your answer in the comment box:


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Comments on Man executes 80/20, then freaks out a little »

  • Mariano says:

    Good problem to have!

    I think you should travel, see the world or do something that most people can’t do.

    Enjoy your free time, be mobile and do something to payback the universe or whatever faith you have ..

    Keep on working less!

  • Andy Mason says:

    Congratulations! Now it’s time to discover and go after MORE of your dreams. What in the world do you want to change? What legacy do you want to leave behind? How will the world be different because of your influence?

  • Kim says:

    Be fractal. Be a Perry. Do consulting.
    Help others n clients/friends move to
    right edge of power curve. Start again.
    Be fractal.

  • Tim Gibbins says:

    Hey Mr. L, I have been following the 80/20 rules in sales for 20 years, but not like I have since I got Perry’s book. I understand the emotional let down, and it’s hard for driven people to slow down and goof off all the time.

    How about reconnecting with the people in the 80% catagory that you like dealing with and explain your new direction, the good ones will understand. I have even purchased or told them how to puchase Perry’s book if I feel like they are worth continuing with. This has paid off for me but I do advisory sales to other business people, I don’t know what type of client you deal with but some surely worth the 5 bucks. (It also helps Planet Perry)

    Just my 2 cents,
    Tim Gibbins

  • Wade Galt says:

    Congratulations! I might be missing something, but based on what I see, sounds like you’re bored out of your mind and need to play a much bigger game by challenging yourself with goals you’re not sure you can hit. (Something that you’re not sure you can do… but NOT something that sabotages your current success).

    (i.e. Don’t break your success to recreate a world of addictive survival-mindednesss. Maintain & transcend your success and engage in something bigger).

    Hope that helps…

  • I have been implementing 80/20 in my business and it looks something like this.

    1. I had to adjust my engagement with clients. Fire some, raise rates, adjust the scope of work, (one client I fired before we ever started which still cost me about 10 hours of my life).

    2. Now I had some “time” to focus on the business. What direction do I want to go and how do I get there. I realized that I did not have a functioning business. Few procedures and processes that made things happen. This became my primary focus.

    The results?

    It has taken a couple of months but here is some of what has been happening.

    Quality of work and results for existing clients is improving more and more.

    My ideas and creativity are incredibly high.

    My excitement and energy levels are amazing.

    My time:

    Typically I have used the weekend to catch up on projects that I did not get finished during the week and they were usually still late and behind. I started to notice that on the weekend I might have a few small projects but then I had extra time to, take time off or work on things that I wanted to work on, not had to work on.

    Then a strange thing happened. One week I got to Friday and I looked at what I needed to do for the day and there was nothing pressing that had to be done that day. I used the time to think and strategize about the business.

    The next week a similar thing happened and spent the weekend working on some cool new things.

    This is week is the most dramatic of all. I could have finished everything that I “had” to do on Monday. I could literally take the rest of the week off if I wanted to. My team could have handled anything that would have come up.

    Now my revenues are not where I want them but as I rework everything I can now start to focus on what I do best and that is sell and market my company instead of doing all the deliverable work.

    And yes, I am a little freaked out about it. I am not sure how to be not drinking a bunch of red bull late at night trying to get a project finished and hoping I don’t lose a client.

    Best freaked out feeling in the world though!

    Thanks Perry and your team for all you do!

  • art says:

    It seems you have transitioned over from doing the work you didn’t like, but you were able to persevere and get it done anyway, to work you enjoy doing but doesn’t require as much hard work..since you enjoy it, its easy work. I recommend, increasing the goals you set for yourself in the enjoyment area and scale them. For example if you enjoy talking to ten people about “web design color selection”, how about talking to 1000 people via talk show, webinar,Google hangout or tv.

  • Hey man,

    Learn to enjoy your extra free time. Life is not all work even if you like it.

    I guess you have whole bunch of things you want to do, or wanted to do, so do them :)



  • Amber says:

    One word, “SWEET!”

    We’ve just started to implement the 80/20 in our efforts and stress levels have gone down tremendously as well as we are becoming more effective in our work efforts. Thanks for sharing.

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