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Dear Marketing Professional:

Hi, my name is Perry Marshall and my latest book is hitting bookstores all over the world.

If you act quickly you can get a copy sent to you for just a penny plus shipping.

Now, before I tell you about how the 80/20 concept changed my life and can revolutionize yours – please read what business and marketing leaders are saying about “80/20 Sales and Marketing”:

“You’re in for one of those explosive moments when an interesting notion becomes a momentous epiphany because Perry Marshall is about to blow your mind! Read slowly. Put down often. Do what Perry says. Then we can all go out to lunch and celebrate!”

- Michael E. Gerber, Author, The E-Myth

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Sam Carpenter 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“If you haven’t read 80/20 Sales & Marketing, you’re out of your mind.”

- Sam Carpenter, Author, “Work The System”

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“If you fail in your ability to apply the rules of ‘opportunity discernment’, 80/20 and The 4% Factor in your life as an entrepreneur, you’re wasting 96% of your valuable resources. Hungry for more wisdom and examples of how to turn your business around with the 80/20 rule and The 4% Factor? Grab the 230-page book.”

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“If you don’t know who Perry Marshall is—unforgivable. Perry’s an honest man in a field rife with charlatans.”

- Dan Kennedy, Author, The Ultimate Marketing Plan

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“I just finished reading my copy of Perry Marshall’s new book “80/20 Sales and Marketing” and my brain is violently throbbing trying to digest it. Probably the most important business book I’ve ever read.”

- Linus Rylander, Borås, Sweden

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Bob Bly 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“Perry Marshall’s new book “80/20 Sales & Marketing” is just amazing. This is not just another marketing book by the way. The guy who famously cracked the code on Google advertising insists that the 80/20 rule – the adage that 20% of your effort produces 80% of your income – is really the #1 secret to everything. Then he unpacks it like you’ve never seen before anywhere.

I can attest, he takes 80/20 to a level no one else has ever taken it. The book is the best marketing book I’ve read so far in this decade. You should read this book.”

- Bob Bly, Author, “The Copywriter’s Handbook” & over 60 other Books, River Vale NJ

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Please answer this question and be brutally honest with yourself:

Are you searching for the trick, the technique, the magic pill that will tip you over the edge into success and freedom?

The problem is, most “Tricks” work for a few weeks or months and then expire. They often don’t work at all.

If you and I just had 30 seconds together before terrorists busted through the door and whisked me away in a black sedan, my final words of business advice to you would be: Thoroughly Master 80/20.

80/20 is not a trick. It is a far-reaching principle and deep truth that describes almost everything in the world. I was talking to Richard Koch, the British 80/20 expert, worth over 100 million dollars. We both agreed – 80/20 is the one “magic pill” that actually works!

The greatest secret to success is MASTERY of the 80/20 principle.

Not 20% of it.

Not 80% of it.

But 100% of it. Total mastery.

This new book from the publishers of Entrepreneur Magazine is your first step on the journey.

When you know how to walk into any situation and identify the 80/20’s, you can solve almost ANY money problem.

Any traffic problem.

Any conversion problem.

You can fix your own biz, you can fix other peoples’ business. It becomes the foundation of a prosperous consulting practice, where you get paid EXCELLENT money to solve other peoples’ existing problems. Most people THINK they understand 80/20. Not one person in 1000 actually does.

80/20 has levers within levers. 1% changes that trigger 50% profits. And the best thing of all is: It’s still going to be true 5 years from now and 50 years from now! Unlike everything else on the Internet, it’s not going to change tomorrow. 80/20 is forever. If you’re tired of trying stuff, trying stuff, trying stuff and never getting off the treadmill, this is your ticket to success.

That’s why I wrote this book over the last 10 years. Poured knowledge into it and engineered superb bonuses. I offer it to you just a penny!


Because I’ve found book buyers, people who sit down and read a physical book that they hold in their hands, and mark up and dog-ear the pages, make GREAT customers, months and years into the future.

I know this because I wrote the world’s most popular book on Internet advertising, the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords.

And that book has brought me THOUSANDS of great customers, some of whom spend $60,000 per year and more to engage my consulting.

Try this book for 1 cent, it’s my magnum opus. It will revolutionize your life.

Fill in the form above and click the order button, and I’ll take you on a journey you will never regret taking with me.

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ONE Supreme Idea Can Bring You More Customers, Increase Your Income, and Reduce Your Stress Better Than Any Other:

The 80/20 Principle.

But There is Problem With 80/20:

The few who use 80/20 are using it backwards… driving with their rear view mirror… almost like giving you a forecast about yesterday’s weather.

This book will show you how to use the 80/20 Principle to predict the future…. With software that gives you X-Ray Vision that sees untapped markets, frees up hours or even days out of your week, and collects dollars that you’re leaving on the table right now.

20%, 40%, 100% gains are instantly available from your existing customers, traffic and website. Something you will never find in anyone else’s 80/20 book, course or seminar.

“Found money” you didn’t know existed – until today. Money that already belongs to you.

Ten+ years ago – Saturday March 8, 2003, to be exact – in my favorite coffee hangout, Buzz Cafe, while reading a book, my brain suddenly caught on fire.

That fire continues to burn today.

The book was about the 80/20 Principle – the old business adage that 20% of your customers produce 80% of your business, and the other 80% your customers only give you 20% of your business.

Yeah, I already knew that. And I thought I understood it.

But suddenly I saw something entirely DIFFERENT. Something NEW.

In a moment, it hit me, the enormous depth of it. The nearly infinite layers and dimensions of it. (I’m not exaggerating when I say “infinite,” either. In fact, that’s your key to gain enormous leverage, as you shall see…)

Suddenly I saw more than what was even in the book itself: An infinity of images that you see when you look in parallel mirrors.

I saw that within this seemingly simple concept lay not merely the power to make incremental improvements, but grand, sweeping quantum leaps in productivity and income. I saw how it applied to things that I was doing right at that very moment.

Points of huge, powerful leverage. Where tiny efforts would produce huge results.

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“This book will create more millionaires than Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, and Stephen Covey combined.
If you are numbers inclined, you’ll love this book.
If you love APPLYING theory to practice, you’ll love this book.
If you are currently making over $100,000 with a customer base over 100 clients, you’ll love this book.
If you love closing sales, you’ll love this book.
If you want to make more money, you’ll love this book.”

- Adam Libman, Libman Tax Strategy, Arcadia California

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“Perry Marshall has something original and extremely useful to say, because he has thought profoundly about the 80/20 Principle. He has come up with some original insights that are literally priceless. One thing I am sure of—if you read this book with an open mind, and use your brain a bit in thinking about its most powerful points, you really can change your business and your life.”

- Richard Koch, Author, The 80/20 Principle

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During this last 10 years I’ve taken the 80/20 principle and quietly added a completely new layer to it – a “black box”, if you will – and incorporated it into every aspect of my business thinking.

I’ve applying it to direct marketing in unique ways. It’s the secret to the success of my Google AdWords book (which is the world’s most popular book on Internet advertising) and behind my coaching groups and $2,000 per hour consulting fees.

What I’m about to share with you affects almost every business move I make. There is hardly anything I do or teach that does not have this formula behind it. I kid you not. This has completely transformed my own business, from small details to the grand scheme…

…It’s largely responsible for me going from being a complete unknown five years ago to highly regarded and known around the world in a space of only 18 months…

But I’ve mostly kept it a secret.

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Jonathan Mizel 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“80/20 Sales & Marketing is seriously the best damn business book I’ve read in the past year. There’s something about that guy I love. He’s a big thinker, an honest man, and a true student of advertising.

This is not just another marketing book by the latest Guru of the Week. Perry’s the dude who quite famously cracked the code on AdWords. He’s the guy I call when I have a question.

Perry takes 80/20 to a level no one else has ever taken it before. Then he explains how to turn that knowledge into traffic, leads and real sales.

If you are a business owner, this is the blueprint to maximum profits with minimum work. Seriously worthwhile.”

- Jonathan Mizel, Cyberwave Media, Maui Hawaii

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“I’ve read well over 1,000 business books and 80/20 Sales and Marketing is among the top ten for actionable strategies to fast impact your bottom line. Every business person should own a copy—highlighted, dog-eared, and underlined.”

- Bill Harrison, CEO, Bradley Communications Corp.

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Today, I invite you to hear the story of…

  • How a well-established Lead Generation business doubled in two months and tripled in a year in a down market – no joke, no exaggeration.
  • A strange and mysterious irony that seems to defy all logic and reason…. Yet, once you allow yourself accept it, unlocks the vault to effectiveness, respect in your chosen marketplace, and financial success.
  • Huge improvements and pockets of profit potential sitting right under your nose, are suddenly yours – when the invisible suddenly becomes visible. More sales conversions, more leads converted to sales, more search engine traffic. It helps you craft more compelling offers and choose profitable niches.

This is Absolutely VITAL… Because online marketing will ONLY get more competitive from now on.

Funny thing… I remember when I first wrote the Definitive Guide to Google AdWords, all I had to do is tell people to add quotes and brackets (“keyword phrase” and [keyword phrase]) and they would instantly slash their click costs by 30%.

Heck, for awhile, Howie Jacobson and I sold a $40 Excel Spreadsheet that just added quotes and brackets to your keywords. Dang, not only was it brain-dead simple, it was, at the time, the best and easiest software investment you could ever make.

One tiny tweak, and suddenly you cut through the clutter and make a giant leap in your competitiveness. Perhaps save thousands of dollars a month.

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“I’m a productivity junkie, and I’ve done just about every book, training, or system, from Stephen Covey to David Allen. Perry’s has been some of the best teaching on this subject I’ve ever experienced. In the first session, I reclaimed an extra hour per day… by the third session I have totally revolutionized how I run my business – thanks!”

- Ray Edwards, Ray Edwards International, Spokane WA

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“Perry – I’ve finally hit my goal of $1000/hr. It’s real money, and recurring…not just strategy work within my own business. The sweetest part is that it’s a repeat client that’s pleased and sees the value. Thank you for all the training and inspiration through the years. Never, ever would have made it here without you my friend.”

- Travis Smith, Founder | ContentAllStars.com

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If only it were so easy now. Today, AdWords is doggedly competitive. It doesn’t keep my students from breaking into tight markets and making tidy fortunes; hey, people are still doing it every day! But it does take a deeper bag of tricks.

Are You Tired of the “New Bag Of Tricks” Treadmill Yet?

If you’ve been marketing online for any length of time, you’ve gotten daily pitches about all the ways to get web traffic….

Search Engine Optimization, 999 variations on Social Media; Building Co-Registration Email Lists, Banner Ads, Inbound Links, Pay Per Click, Popups…

…Ads in Ezines, Article Distribution Schemes, Rental of Opt-In Email Lists, Joint Venture “Elephant Hunting”, Affiliates, Click Arbitrage, Ads in Offline Media, Blogs, Media Publicity, Discussion Forums…

…Some Crazy Viral Marketing Scheme That You Hope Will Work…

How many of those things do you think you can master?

Is your head hurting yet? Mine is.

Pick any single one of these topics, you can buy at least a dozen e-books that promise you to teach you some technique that is going to make you rich.

Well, my friend, I got tired of the Technique-Of-The-Month club a LONG time ago. I’m not on that bandwagon anymore.

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“Best business book I’ve read this year. Focusing only on the 20 percent of the 20 percent that really matters, using the power curve, and reverse thinking has made my business extremely profitable. Once you understand how to disqualify, work less, and make more, life flows naturally. Powerful, little-known concepts are clearly articulated with terrific real world examples and concise summaries.”

- James Schramko, Founder, SuperFast Business

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Because here’s what happens: You learn some complicated new technique, you spend a bunch of time implementing it.

If it works (big if), IF it works, you’re golden for a couple of months.

And then it stops working. (Especially if it’s some fashionable Search Engine Optimization scheme. All the sudden, one day your #1 ranking vanishes.)

Then your cash flow disappears (AGAIN) and you start from scratch again in search of a new technique.

The binge/purge cycle goes round and round, over and over again. Once again you’re trying to convince your spouse that you’re not a fool. Once again you’re scrambling for more funds to buy more e-books and more traffic, another shot at the wheel.

Maybe they should call this Internet Bulimia. Desperate entrepreneurs gorging themselves on stuff and puking it all up.

Are you sick of it yet?

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“Perry Marshall’s teaching on 80/20 was so riveting I cancelled my appointments for the afternoon and read the entire manuscript. It is a gold mine in insight and depth. I am still processing it!”

- Lance Wallnau, President, Lance Learning Group

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

There’s a better way. Better than all the Attention Deficit Disorder of getting pitches in your email box constantly about the latest rage in marketing techniques and never being sure which one of them will work.

What you’re going to discover today is more powerful than ANY technique, because…

It’s not a technique.


A Law Of Nature with a new technology, an X-Ray Machine that gives you vision into opportunities that you did not know existed. With your existing knowledge, your existing website, existing customers and traffic sources.

Today, you’ll discover this X-Ray that you can apply to any situation, using what you already know… to your present website, to your existing customer base…

How my “X-Ray Machine” doubled a simple Lead Generation site in only THREE MONTHS, provided a literal 2nd honeymoon for its owners and caused years of blood, sweat and tears to pay off in spades.

Some time ago an entrepreneur, Rob, came to my 4-man Intensive from Europe. He was buying clicks on Google, collecting info with an opt-in form and selling sales leads.

He was already doing everything “right.” Finely groomed Google campaigns, well-chosen keywords, professional-looking landing pages, a streamlined sales process. Not surprisingly, he was doing well.

Rob felt as though he was doing everything he ought to be doing, but surely incremental improvements were possible.

He thought we were going to write better Google ads, better landing pages, all that jazz.

Yeah…. OK, we did eventually get around to all that.

But I wanted to double his business first.

So I did what I always do – I applied the 80/20 rule across not one but three dimensions of his business and in minutes – seconds, even – saw a huge opportunity, money he was leaving on the table.

Three more dimensions of value that he was not exploiting at all.

I asked him what he sold the leads for, and he told me. He described the customers who purchased the leads and his relationship with them.

I said, “I think I know how you can double your business – and you can do it just as fast as you implement the idea I’m about to give you.”

Rob is a man who acts on advice, and he began taking notes.

First, there was the value of the leads themselves. He was charging a flat rate for those leads, and for the most part in his industry, people expect to pay a flat rate. A lead is believed to be a commodity. But I used my X-Ray vision and predicted that he could get 2-3X as much money for some of those leads. With a 30% increase in average price overall.

Second, I saw an opportunity in the delivery of those leads. Even something as simple as the speed at which they were made available. Hotline access to hot, fresh leads could be worth more money to the right people.

Third, I saw a new dimension of value in adding a level of membership for his clients. I knew that if he could create a higher level of service for the most ambitious lead buyers, they would pay for access.

I advised Rob to create a tiered system, like this:

  1. He would invite his buyers to join an elite leads club, where they would pay a monthly fee get hotline access to the very best leads. More money for Rob through membership fees – selling exclusivity.
  2. Hot fresh leads would be made available to Premium members only, under a preview system. They could bid for the leads and compete against fewer lead buyers because of their membership. More money for speed.
  3. The best leads would be snatched up at a much higher price. After that, any unsold leads would be released to “garden variety” lead buyers. More money for quality.

He executed and now instead of one source of income (leads at market price) he has three:

  1. His usual earnings from standard “Market Price” leads
  2. Rob collects a substantial amount of monthly membership fees from his Premium lead buyers
  3. Premium Price leads, often sold within minutes of their release – for 30% to 200% more than before, it turns out!

In three months Rob doubled his business. Just as I predicted.

Actually, just as my X-Ray Machine predicted.

Furthermore, he TRIPLED his business in the next 11 months. He did that by using 80/20 thinking to prioritize the many possible improvements to his website and choose only things that had the highest probability of payoff.

Rob and his wife stopped in and attended our Roundtable on their way to Florida, celebrating a 2nd honeymoon. They’re RAKING it in. Highly profitable in what for most is a down market.

(She says to me, “You know, Perry, I’m real mum about this recent success to my friends. They just get jealous. If I told them how much we’re making now they’ll think they deserve a share of it, and meanwhile, be completely oblivious to all the years we labored hard together in the trenches, making this thing happen.”)

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“Perry Marshall is the Gene Schwartz of the 21st century. Schwartz’s book, Breakthrough Advertising, is every bit as current as the first day it rolled off the press in 1966. Perry’s work is like that.

Perry has consulted with the best marketers on the planet for over a decade. He combines the attributes of the most calculated engineer with the artistry of a poet. He delivers the deepest dive into the “80/20 Principle” you’ve ever taken, as it applies to copywriting, buying traffic, scaling traffic, dominating markets, and sales conversion.

80/20 is not a rule of thumb; it’s a law of nature and a way of life. If you are not following Perry’s formula, you are leaving millions on the table.”

- Brian Kurtz, Executive Vice President, Boardroom Inc.

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

Dear reader, YOU know what it’s like to practically kill yourself making your business go. A victory like this would feel like climbing to the top of Mount Everest and skiing all the way down. The stress would melt away and the financial pressures relax. That feeling of constant overwhelm and information overload recedes. You’re finally rewarded, finally vindicated for your hard work and vision.

You finally prove to the world and those around you that you really did know what you’re doing.

I’d like to tell you that Rob’s smash success was because of Perry Marshall’s ingenious wizardry and intuition, but the truth is… it was a systematic process that I had already developed. It took mere minutes for me to lay it out for him, and a life-transforming, income-producing expansion became a reality. Years of effort came to fruition, and he now dominates a market that is becoming difficult for his increasingly alarmed competitors.

Once you possess the X-Ray vision that I will reveal, you will be largely immune to factors like fluctuating bid levels and cut-throat price competition. Just as Rob is largely immune to a market that is sliding backwards.

If the water level goes up and drowns your competitors… there will just be fewer competitors for you to contend with.

Too bad. So sad.

Hey babe… it’s either your neck on the chopping block or theirs. You decide.

(If it bothers you that this is unfair, that’s because it is unfair. The 80/20 rule is the very DNA of the unfairness of the universe. It’s deeply and profoundly unfair. But it is honest. Fortunately, YOU get to decide which side of the fairness fence you want to live on. But I’m getting ahead of myself. More about that in a few minutes.)

If you want to prevail in your marketplace, your decision is already made.

What the 80/20 Rule Really Is…
But More Importantly, What It Can Be

Let’s say you go out and hire ten new salesmen. The 80/20 rule says that 2 of them will produce 80% of the sales and the other 8 will produce only 20% of the sales.

Which means if they’re on commission, the guys who are successful make SIXTEEN TIMES as much money as the rest. That’s right, 16X. A sales manager who invests time developing the two best salesmen gets 16 times as much progress working with them, compared to working with the worst ones.

This is true of customers, of employees, managers, departments… AdWords campaigns, product lines, market segments. In any business there are literally dozens of 16X spreads between seemingly equal people and projects.

80/20 thinking happens when you discover how to identify the tiny number of AdWords elements that have 16X leverage… products with 16X leverage… market segments with 16X leverage.

Those SIXTEENS start adding up fast. You push through your current income limit, where you have enough profit to take yourself out of the daily running of the business.

16 + 16 = 32

16 + 16 + 16 = 48

16 + 16 + 16 +16 = 64

Simple enough, right?

When those 16′s start happening, you’ll feel like Atlas would feel if someone took the world off of his shoulders.

16 is better than 1 any day.

But here’s the thing: You can understand EVERYTHING I just said and still be leaving TWO THIRDS or THREE FOURTHS or even 97% of the money on the table. Because adding SIXTEENS together is only the tip of the iceberg.

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“If you are a marketer or business owner, or anyone who wants to be more successful in this world, wrapping your head about the 80/20 Rule as it is explained by Perry Marshall will be the single most effective thing you can do all year, any year.”

- Ken McCarthy, CEO, Amacord, and Founder, The System Seminar for Internet Marketing

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

The real power is not in adding the 16′s together, it’s when you multiply them.

16 x 16 = 256

16 x 16 x 16 = 4,096

16 x 16 x 16 x 16 = 65,536

The number of people I know who truly get THIS, I can count on one hand.

The real multiplying power of this eludes everyone else’s grasp.

But after reading 80/20 Sales and Marketing, you’ll know this cold. You’ll see it, you’ll understand it, you’ll know exactly how to find leverage points of 100:1, 500:1, 1000:1.

Once you’ve experienced 1000:1 returns on your time and money, you’ll never want 32:1. Even though 32 was so far superior to “one.”

How to Apply 1000:1 Leverage in Your Marketing, Right Now – for Immediate Financial Gain and Liberation of Your Time.

Before I explain what you can do with this, let me point out the most simple and obvious way that I use this in my business. I’ll prove to you that I use this myself.

The least expensive product you can buy from me is The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords which is about $17.00 on Amazon.com.

The most expensive product you can buy from me is a Roundtable Membership, which is about $17,000 per year.

From $17 to $17,000, that’s a 1000:1 ratio of leverage. (See, I’m not joking about this 1000:1 stuff.)

Did you know that both of those businesses are similarly sized and represent a balanced expenditure of effort on my part?

And they flow together with an amazing synergy. I regularly see book buyers take that 1000:1 leap.

You don’t need very many to have a strong business that sustains the lifestyle you want to have, allows you to give to the causes you care about, furnishes a comfortable living for yourself and your family.

The applications to your own online marketing are legion, even if your business isn’t all that sophisticated. In this landmark course, I’ll reveal:

  • Getting Traffic to Convert: In any market, for any keyword, for any web page, there is a tiny number of factors that swing almost all the response, all the success or failure. The difference that determines your success or failure is usually a linkage of just three elements. Even if you’ve got a 1000 page website or hundreds of products. The vital few, the insignificant many. You’ve only got so much time to get this right… so stop wasting your time making ineffective adjustments and start getting traction.
  • Writing Seductive Copy: In a sales letter there are SIX elements that do most of the selling… everything else is filler. Many times the bond with your customer is created in one or two sentences. Those two sentences (usually not the headline) prove to be more important than everything else put together. We explore the psychic connection that takes place and how to replicate that phenomenon with the shopper who is on your website right now, evaluating your offer.

Getting Visitors to Buy: The most frustrating thing is when you’re buying real clicks and they’re costing real money and people are just bouncing off of your website and spending no money. 100 clicks, 200 clicks, 300 clicks…. Nobody buys, your head feels like it’s being held underwater, and in madness and frustration you make changes, attempting to get a response. In this course I outline a sequence of steps that definitively show you whether there’s life in your market and you’re “getting warmer” or if you need to completely shift gears.

  • How to earn massive compound interest on multiple leverage points. How to add 500:1 results from one area to 1000:1 in another, and get monthly returns with zero effort.
  • Converting Leads to Sales: The #1 factor in your ability to convert is their disposition to buy before they even got to your website in the first place. Everything else is an uphill battle if this part isn’t right. We explore 1) positioning strategies that elevate your status in the prospects’ eyes, and 2) market research methods that plainly indicate what the real buying motives are. I’ll show you how to accomplish this with no spreadsheets, no math, and free tools.
  • Getting More Search Engine Traffic: Most people think this is the most important thing. Actually, it’s the least important thing. AT FIRST, anyway. Most people think the traffic is 80% of the battle, but it’s really 20% of the battle. CONVERSION is 80% of the battle. This is the almost universal reversal of priorities… and isn’t the way people get this backwards is a symptom of the human condition itself? Once conversion is solidly in place, traffic mysteries solve themselves nicely. I outline the Traffic Conversion Anvil, the 95/5 Rule and the Unlimited Traffic Technique.
  • Google AdWords: Why literally 99% of the Real Estate in most Google accounts is nearly worthless and loaded with mindless distractions. How you can gain enormous traction with a series of 20 minute fixes.
  • Finding and Choosing a Profitable Market: There’s nothing worse than an idea whose time has come, launched into a crummy market. I give you my criteria for hot, salivating markets with responsive buyers.
  • Developing New Products: The 80/20 Rule tells you when “Good Enough” is Good Enough. Product development schedules are subject to the same ultra-high leverage points and speed multipliers as any other dimension of business. John Paul Mendocha describes how his company hits development milestones on time – with a project manager who takes a vacation literally every month.
  • A road-tested priority list for improving sales letters that leads you directly to the most effective areas of improvement.
  • Whale Hunting in the Desert: How the casino industry makes as much as 20% of its profits from a teeny tiny handful “Whales” – Turbo High-Rollers who gamble as much as a million dollars a day; and a Whale Hunting strategy you can apply in your own niche, no matter how small.
  • The “Long Tail” – how and why it’s a great way to keep you broke. (Long tail thinking is poverty for most entrepreneurs, if you use it the way it’s taught in textbooks.) How to find a rich niche within the long tail, that’s profitable. Chris Anderson, eat your heart out.
  • What I call “The Amazon Three Star Phenomenon” of publicity and controversy… how to harness it to produce huge traffic surges and media exposure by starting a fight.
  • How the public school education you were subjected to inadvertently lulled you into commodity thinking – and why highly educated people have a harder time than anyone, adopting the 80/20 mindset. The affects of this are crippling. If you’re feeling stuck right now… this is why!
  • Not only is it vastly more profitable to be #1 in your market than #4 or #5; It’s actually easier, simpler and less stressful. You enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • 80/20 as a pillar of the Unlimited Traffic Technique – and how one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns in history, “The Secret” DVD, actually was originally built and perfected with a Google AdWords campaign.
  • John Paul Mendocha’s Five Power Disqualifiers® – a set of criteria for selling that is 100% correct, that applies to ALL sales situations, and applies 5 layers of 80/20 thinking to produce 3,125:1 leverage.

As you can see, even if you’ve been to a dozen marketing seminars before – even if you’ve studied copywriting, testing and tracking, Pay Per Click, product development, there’s never been a marketing took like this – ever.

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“Perry Marshall has taken the 80/20 Principle farther than it’s ever been taken before, and shares tools so powerful that I challenge anyone to implement these insights and not quintuple their business within two years.”

- Howard Jacobson, Author, Google AdWords for Dummies

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That’s Not All – There’s an Exciting, Liberating, NON-Business Side to the 80/20 Principle

There’s even another dimension of this that deserves mention. This applies to all kinds of other areas of your life.

Like the development of your natural gifts and talents. There is definitely a minority of areas where you truly excel, where you have that groove, that sweet spot, that special talent zone – and there is a majority of areas where you, I and everybody are merely mediocre.

You know what happens when you apply 80/20 thinking to your personal skills and development?

  1. You stop feeling like such a chump. Listen, my friend, the world is a toxic, acidic, negative place. The whole planet seems bent on telling you what’s wrong with you. But here’s what happens when you’re inside your talent zone: People think you’re superman. And give you respect. I’m serious! Hey, I’ve got customers who think I can walk on water and it’s because they only see me doing stuff I’m GOOD at. (You don’t have to pick up my underwear or put down the toilet seat, something for which we can both be thankful.) Well when you start spending most of your time in YOUR talent zones, you’ll feel like Superman, too. And people will treat you like the special person that you truly are.
  2. The effort you expend working on your talent zones is 16 times more rewarding than time spent working on your weaknesses. This is 80/20 thinking at its most satisfying.
  3. You naturally pass that along to other people, simply as a byproduct of your own changes and growth. You become less judgmental of other people, knowing that a lot of their struggles come from the fact that they’re not operating in their strength areas.

This is MY biggest business breakthrough. It was quietly developing in my mind for years and years; I’ve been using it, developing it, refining it.

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“We bought 3 books already, and are going to make it required reading for a lot of the folks in our office.”

- Gonz Medina, Blue Chip Athletic Inc., Kansas City, Missouri

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

I understand, you may be skeptical. Case in point: I just got an email from a guy in Quebec. Just now, right in the middle of writing this letter. Oh, this man is rather upset:

Hi Mr. Marshall,

It’s hard to reach you! Anyways, this is a short email to tell you how disappointed I am of the new direction you are taking with your business since the last few months.

I read your report on 80/20 and feel very uncomfortable with it. This is far from the quality of your book about Adwords.

Why this shift to the black magic of marketing stuff? You have hell of a great expertise in google adwords and online marketing, why not trying to investigate new ways of using it instead of sending us this kind of wishful thinking propaganda. Is that kind of stuff so profitable?

The 80/20 pseudo science has been over-exploited for more than 50 years now. Cut the crap and write us about what you do well! I’ll not spend a dime on miraculous marketing recipes.

I hope to see you back on the “clear side”.

Best regards,
Paul Chretien

To be fair, I understand Mr. Chretien’s skepticism. Hey, this DOES sound like friggin’ magic. It should. That’s how potent it is. And I haven’t even gotten to the “friggin’ magic” part – the X-Ray vision! (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

Actually I kind of enjoy the fact that this is making people so angry.

I ask Laura my wife what to do. She says, write him back. So here’s my reply:

Dear Paul,

The reason I’m so hard to reach is, I use the 80/20 rule to strictly limit who gets pieces of my valuable time.

I keep the phone calls down to just a handful each day. Every other Monday is heavy with consulting calls. Other days, the phone may not even ring even once.

Peace and quiet for me. Space to think, to create, to imagine.

This space allows me to get a lot more accomplished. Like taking care of my Roundtable Members. Writing my Renaissance Club Newsletter. Holding my Intensives and Mastermind Calls. It’s the reason why it’s possible for me to charge $2,000.00 per hour for my consulting time. This protected focus time is the only reason my expertise is worth $2,000 per hour.

This is possible because I have layers of gatekeepers who protect me from time wasters.

In turn, I protect my STAFF from time wasters. If I didn’t have all those annoying forms on my website and automatic email replies that say “How to contact Perry Marshall Customer Service”, my staff would spend all their precious time answering questions from non-paying people who feel entitled to free advice.

Instead, my staff are making sure they spend their time helping paying customers solve their problems and make steady progress in their businesses.

Now… addressing my AdWords expertise and the subject of AdWords for which I am so well known.

First of all, Mr. Chretien, if you read any of my AdWords books you’ll find in them frequent references to the 80/20 rule and the 95/5 rule. My 80/20 epiphany five years ago came just immediately before I jumped into the AdWords market, and my success in the AdWords market is largely due to my use of the 80/20 principle within that market.

The “peel and stick” technique, which is so incredibly powerful, is a direct derivative of the 80/20 rule and was discovered by applied 80/20 thinking.

The reason I am the #1 AdWords guy in the world is not because I know more about AdWords than anybody else.

No, the reason I’m the #1 AdWords guy is, I’m better at SALES CONVERSION and EXPOSURE than any other AdWords guy. When I came into the market years ago, there was literally a new AdWords e-book coming out every week. The marketplace was getting whored up with more e-books than you could shake a stick at.

It was a dogfight. And when the smoke cleared, there were only a veryfew people left standing.

So the Unlimited Traffic Technique kicked in and the thing went quasi-viral. The proof of this is what happens when you type perry marshall adwords into Google. It says “results 1-10 out of 137,000.”

One hundred thirty seven thousand pages in Google about me and my work.

You think I did that?

No sir, I did not make all those pages.

My affiliates did.

If that isn’t an example of the 80/20 rule and 1000:1 leverage in motion, I don’t know what is, Mr. Chretien.

I do not know of any principles that are more pervasive in all of nature than the 80/20 rule and the extreme inequality of everything. It applies to income levels of every citizen of the world, to the wealth levels of entire countries, to the Fortune 500 list, the Forbes 400 list, all the way up to the ten richest people in the world. It applies to rabbit populations and the size of craters on the moon. And it applies to every aspect of business.

Now, Mr. Chretien, there will always be people who believe that true, scientifically validated observations are pseudo-science. That is your theory. But I and my top students have an experience of success and satisfaction.

Those who have experience are never at the mercy of those who merely have theory.

Thanks for writing, and best of success to you.

Perry Marshall

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“Every once in a while, a book arrives that seems to speak the right message at the perfect time. 80/20 Sales and Marketing is one of those books, and one that will prove to be a milestone in the marketing canon.

Perry Marshall has delivered a work of simple genius. He reveals a pattern that is so woven into natural law that, when you open your eyes to it, you’ll see it all around you.

Leaving no stone unturned, he then takes you by the hand through a complete business master class, covering marketing, personal effectiveness, time management, advertising, cash flow, hiring, firing, loving the work you do, and making a real difference.

I can safely guarantee that 20 percent of this book will take your success to the next level, and within that just a few gems will skyrocket you to another place completely.”

- Ben Hunt, Author, Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

Now the time has come to tell you about the “X-Ray Vision” part. An innovation that takes the 80/20 principle to a place no one else has ever taken it: To a realm of predicting the future… extracting huge insights from tiny bits of information… guiding you in the structure of sales funnels, back-end marketing systems and pricing strategies.

What if the 80/20 rule could be applied as a predictive scientific tool, rather than just a rule of thumb?

What if it could be used to make predictions about markets, about businesses, about problems and pain points and suppliers?

What if you could take a tiny bit of information and plug it into a formula – and get a huge amount of information out?

Most people use the 80/20 rule merely to look backwards at what has happened after the fact. (That’s kind of like predicting yesterday’s weather.)

What if you could use the 80/20 principle to predict the future?

What if there were a “black box” that revealed you, based on a small amount of data, huge hidden markets and veins of gold? What if you could predict, in advance, the texture of new discoveries before you make them?

What if, in markets where everyone else is breaking even (from high advertising costs) you were getting back 150%, 200%, 400% or more, on every click that comes to your site – even the expensive clicks

It’s possible.

In fact I’ve developed an entire technology around this, from scratch.

Because in 2003, when I was beginning to work with this, I had an epiphany. The epiphany was: The 80/20 rule is not just a business rule of thumb, it’s a LAW OF NATURE. And it’s not just a line of separation, it’s actually…

…a secret math formula.

I went into geek mode and my imagination started racing.

Not wanting to re-invent the wheel, I searched high and low. But…. I couldn’t find it. Oh, to be sure, I found formulas, all kinds of them. But I couldn’t find one that really described 80/20 the way it actually works.

Somewhere out there was a new formula, awaiting discovery.

But I kept getting stuck. Over and over and over again, I would hit a dead end. But I knew the formula had to exist. It would put it on the shelf, then pull it out again, then get stuck… but for reasons I’ll explain in this course, I kept at it.

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“This has been the best sales and marketing book I have read. It is simple and easy to implement. I am hitching my wagon to Planet Perry and I am going to learn from the best. I am more focused on my marketing strategy and I am in love with “mastery”. I was a victim of bright shiny objects…I had shiny object syndrome. Not anymore. I devoured this book in two days. Thank you.”

- Charles Fitzgerald Butler

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

Finally I cracked the code. I found the formula. (It “clicked” in the middle of a Roundtable meeting while I was doodling on a piece of paper. Dr. Glenn Livingston was watching me out of the corner of his eye. He probably thought “Oh, Perry’s doing math problems just to keep his mind sharp.” Nah… actually, I was hot in the pursuit of something, even while I was helping one of the members solve a different business problem.)

I used this to create a tool.

You don’t need to be a math professor to use the tool, any more than you need to be a mechanical engineer to drive a car.

I started showing this tool to people… business colleagues, friends, even mathematicians… nobody had ever seen anything like it.

I began to play with it. It was fascinating. And it was almost spooky to plug numbers from various businesses into my “black box” and find that it could make estimates about sales into new markets and the predictions were accurate to within 15%.

Ferrari automobiles… pricey espresso machines at Starbucks… it works on my business, it works on my clients’ and Roundtable Members’ businesses… it even works with things that have nothing whatsoever to do with business.

It literally applies to maps and trees and craters on the moon. It is that universal.

This is what it does for you:

  • You can go into a new market, buy some clicks, and test one product at one price and the Black Box will show you at least three other market segments that are as big or bigger, accurately predicting how much money is in those markets. Ripe, low-hanging fruit, waiting to be picked.
  • It shows you “found money” inside your own customer list. It will show you how much money they’ll pay, how much they’ll pay, and how many will ascend to the next level above that.
  • It tells you if you’ll make more money by offering a bargain-basement priced product. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t – but you can find out ahead of time.
  • You can determine, in advance, the cost of increased market share. Going from zero to 1%, often that’s pretty easy, getting new customers is cheap at first. But it gets more difficult as you expand outward. Going from 1% to 10%, hard. 10% to 20%, even harder. How much harder? Now you’ll know.
  • You’ll know things about your competitors’ businesses that they can’t even see themselves.
  • A product launch fails the first time out… Is it the audience or is it simply the offer that needs to change? This enables you to tell the difference, fast.
  • It influences almost everything you do in direct marketing. AdWords campaigns. Keyword lists. Renting mailing lists. Writing sales copy. It has something vital to say about the “long copy vs. short copy” debate that’s been going back and forth for years (and the answer is unexpected). Testing and tracking – what to test, what to track. What you can safely ignore.
  • You’ll know something is “good enough” vs. knowing that substantial improvement is possible. You’ll segment databases and customer lists and lift the cream off the top every time. You’ll identify under-served niches within niches. You’ll recognize characteristics of certain markets that seem to have bottomless, “deep pockets” and your new instincts will lead you right to those markets.
  • Email marketing becomes more effective. You have new strategies to combat things as basic as Spam Filters. The quantity and quality of communication your customers get from you exactly matches their appetite – as does their spending. You maximize every output and minimize every input.
  • Huge blocks of time you are now wasting either become more productive, or are freed up for the things you’d rather do. Like take your kid to summer camp. Improve other areas of your life and your relationships. Take a trip around the world like I did in the fall of 2004, spend no more than 30 minutes a day working on your business, and come home with more money in the bank than the day you left. You can do that too. It’s the 80/20 mindset, applied to real life and real business problems and real marketing campaigns.

I’ve been developing this information for a long time now, quietly using it to groom my own business. Many times in phone consultations, I use this to formulate a definitive answer to a question in seconds or minutes… I’ve been teaching bits and pieces of it in private classes and seminars; In 2008 I offered a seminar on this material for $3,000. A handful of my friends are using this tool to enhance their own businesses.

Roundtable members, coaching students and those who come to my 2-day, 4-man intensives have gotten more of it than almost anybody – which is at most an hour of discussion. But there is so much more that can be done with this, that I’ve never explained. A couple of days worth of hot, new, exciting material.

Think of how profoundly certain things have changed your business life: Pay Per Click marketing – isn’t it now kind of hard to imagine what it was like when you didn’t have the ability to post ads on a search engine and begin watching for results even the same day? Or maybe you’re like me and when you learned how to use sales leads or your website to generate interest and suddenly you didn’t have to make cold calls anymore…. Remember how that transformed your life?

This is every bit as powerful as any of those things.

The 80/20 Principle and the “Black Box” I just described to you are now such a core part of my thinking, they shape almost every business decision I make at some level. Because it’s “installed in my brain.” It enables me to get to the root of problems in seconds or minutes, that would take most people months of expensive experience.

I want you to have this too. Installed in your brain. One of the filters you use to make fast, effective, power decisions. Imagine the strength you have, armed with these new layers of discernment.

I will give all of this to you in the book 80/20 Sales & Marketing along with its bevy of online bonuses.

And after going through this book, you will have acquired a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life.

8020book 3d sm 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

If these insights solve just two or three basic business problems, it will be worth whatever trouble you have to go to, whatever investment of time or money it takes.

Most people will get much more than just that. I predict you will experience an entire paradigm shift in the way you see every transaction you’re involved in. You will never see the world the same way again.

small ordernow 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“Hello Mr. Marshall,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your book ’80/20 Sales and Marketing.’ I’ve marked it up with highlighter and will go back for underlining and writing notes in the margins. It’s obvious that it will be my “marketing Bible” for years to come.

I read Richard Koch’s book back in the late 90s when it was first published. It really resonated with me but I just didn’t quite make the mental leaps in how to apply it. Thank God you’ve come along to do that part.

I was so motivated that I went out and bought your book on Adwords and am now devouring that. Like an idiot, I’d always dismissed such books as being a waste of time as I thought going after SEO was a better strategy. I’ve seemed to have wasted years writing “keyword rich” (or so I’d thought) blog articles. I guess it hasn’t been a total waste because I have honed my writing skills quite a bit.

But your 80/20 book, and especially the diagram on page 86, really clarified everything for me on a “big picture” level. It allowed me to see the forest before the trees. That’s what’s finally shown me the incredible value of mastering Adwords. Not even Tim Ferriss’ book was able to do that – even though it was very good.

Thank you so much. I know I’ll be a life-long customer. I’m just not sure what product or service I’ll need from you next.

Best Regards,
Scott Abbett”

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

Jim Pinto8020 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“Likely, you already knew some of the points Perry makes, but never quite applied them the way he suggests. And he keeps developing sales & marketing corollaries that yield amazing results. You MUST read this book. The easy-to-read tidbits smack your mind and drag you further into immediate rewards. I DARE you to read just a few pages and NOT find something that helps you directly, and NOT keep reading more and more.

In his book, “The Effective Executive”, famed management guru Peter Drucker said: “Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems.” I’ve known Perry Marshall for 15 years and watched him form his own marketing and seminars business and grow it consistently till he has become one of the world’s best business consultants with clients in a wide variety of industries.

Hey, go read a sample of the book on Amazon. I dare you not to get a copy for yourself.”

Jim Pinto
Author, Speaker, Manufacturing Technologist & Futurist
Founder, Action Instruments

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

This is unlike any other marketing book you’ve ever read. Because everything you ever knew or thought you knew about marketing will suddenly, neatly fall into a superstructure that naturally prioritizes your daily efforts and long-term plans and guides you directly to the most profitable veins of opportunity.

You can have my book 80/20 Sales & Marketing for 1 cent, all you pay for is shipping + handling. Why am I doing this? Because my best customers come from my books, and I want this in as many hands as humanly possible. I’ll also give you access to the all the video and audio bonuses through our Members’ Area!

I think it’s a no-brainer.

This is my Magnum Opus. It’s THE meta-program for business success. Join me in the application of this powerful new knowledge and liberate your time, your money, and your imagination.

To Your Success,

psmsignature 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

Perry Marshall

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“I’ve known Perry for about 15 years and like millions of people, I have personally benefited immensely from his advice. I’ll give his book a more appropriate title: “The 80/20 rule: the definitive guide to living without regret.

It reminded me of the very end of Schindler’s List, where’s he’s standing in front of his car and Schindler says “I threw away so much money you have no idea.” Substitute time for money and you get state of regret so many people live with. I thought about all the useless sales calls and endless marketing campaigns and they were all properly executed but chasing the wrong customers and I’m talking about years of my life.

Pythagoras made a formula and was able to prove it. What came out was the formula for a circle which got us geometry. That led to algebra, calculus which you then get physics and semi-conductors, Steve Jobs and the iPhone.

The analogy with this book is: You have the 80/20 rule that we all understand, which is applied across boundaries. But Perry took it to a really interesting point that I have never heard anyone else do.”

- Huffington Post Columnist John Fox, Founder of Venture Marketing, Naperville Illinois

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

TonyRubleski 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

“When I read the title I thought ‘Oh, I’ve heard this before. Another book about 80/20.’ Shame on me! I started to dig in and went ‘OMG!’ And what’s so amazing is, you kept saying ‘What if we go 80/20 of the 80/20?” and you did a geometric breakdown.

80/20 keeps working down by industries, nature – everything across the board follows this. One of the big ahas amongst many was ‘I need to find my hyper-responsive customer and keep creating or feeding the herd as Dan Kennedy taught me. I’ve done it accidentally over my career, but I need to create very targeted high-end offers because those hyper-responsives really really buy. your book is PHENOMENAL.”

- Tony Rubleski, Author, “Mind Capture: How You Can Stand Out in the Age of Advertising Deficit Disorder”

faded grey 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

small ordernow 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

P.S.: I just can’t pass up the opportunity to put out an “80/20 challenge” to you. If I had to guess, I’d say that about 20% of the people who say they want more money, greater financial freedom, less stress, greater personal satisfaction and a release from the drudgery of the rat race actually go to seminars that will help them achieve those goals.

(Actually I don’t have to guess, I know that. I have X-Ray vision. Remember?)

The other 80% who say they want those things, just sit on their lazy, skeptical asses and day dream.

Which method sounds to you like a fundamentally sound, practical path to success…and which one sounds like “wishful thinking”?

If you answer correctly, my book will show up in your mailbox in just a few days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve read “The 80/20 Principle” by Richard Koch. How is this any different?

A: My formula, while based on the 80/20 principle, takes a descriptive formula and makes it a predictive tool. The 80/20 is just the tip of the iceberg. My formula is the whole ‘berg. I’ve used it to achieve 1000:1 results from my efforts. Those are not “traditional 80/20? results. Furthermore, Richard is a management consultant and his book, though outstanding, is generic. THIS book is the application of 80/20 to Direct Marketing – which has a whole infinite series of opportunities that I’ve never seen or heard in any book, on any CD, or at any seminar.

Q: Sounds kind of complicated, will I be able to follow this?

A: Yes, no engineering or advanced mathematics degrees are required. If you can use a calculator, you can use my tools.

That said, I do want to give you a caution. If you’re the type of person who looks at a column of numbers – like a simple spreadsheet or a Google AdWords account – and you want to run screaming out of the room, you won’t particularly like this book and you probably shouldn’t buy. You do need to be comfortable with numbers.

And… “numbers people” – people who ENJOY concepts and think in terms of percentages – if you’re one of those people, you’ll eat this up. If you like Google AdWords, you’ll like this.

Q: I’m just getting started with my online business. Is this too advanced for me?

A: No. In fact, I can guarantee you that nothing else you could do or invest in will provide you with a better “BS Detector” for evaluating opportunities and jump starting your new business than learning to use my “80/20? X-Ray vision. If you want to slash months off your “ramp up” time, this is the way to do it.

Q: How soon will I see results?

A: You can begin using the tool immediately on almost any aspect of your business and personal life.

8020book 3d 2 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

small ordernow 80/20 Sales & Marketing   1 Cent Book Offer

About the Author

Entrepreneur Magazine says: "Perry Marshall is the #1 author and world's most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising. He has helped over 100,000 advertisers save literally billions of dollars in Adwords stupidity tax."

He is referenced across the Internet and by The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune and Forbes Magazine.

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