“Get the Very Best Gems selected from 10 Years of Renaissance Club – Just for Giving my Membership and Monthly Newsletter a Good College Try.”

Renaissance Club Power Pack Has $500 Worth of My Most Popular, Success-Stimulating Tools: Google Quality Score & Retargeting Guide, My Acclaimed 80/20 Report, P.J. Eby’s Leverage Point System, and Instant-Gratification Digital Downloads – So You Can Outsmart, Out-Maneuver and Outsell Your Competitors in 2014!

Dear Marketing Professional,

Nobody said that selling is a fair game. It’s always unfair: It either tilts unfairly in your favor… or someone else’s.

You alone decide: Are you going to play the game to win? Or just be average? The changes on the web, in your business, and in your market, will only accelerate.

To a person, every expert in this business will tell you that I deliver rock solid information and state-of-the-art advice on getting web traffic, generating sales leads, and closing sales in the marketing mosh-pit of 2012. And you know now that staying on top of this game is not a one-time event, it’s a daily challenge.

People who make-believe as though the Internet world is an easy magic carpet ride to instant wealth will find me irritating. I tell it like it is. I’m also expensive: $1299.00 per hour. (Many times fees this high are bluffs. I regularly command that fee for both telephone and in-person consults and the wait is usually 2-4 weeks.)

But for progressive thinkers who accept the realities of 21st century marketing, I am a fierce ally. My approach to marketing is ruthlessly pragmatic, effective, and produces smashing results. Here’s your chance to get a substantial pile of extremely valuable and applicable resources that will drive you past current barriers into a new level of success.

So What’s In The Renaissance Club Starter Pack?

The #1 complaint we hear from students is that they have too many emails from too many gurus. too much information, too many choices. Bewilderment. So My staff and I sifted through hundreds of articles, newsletters, CD’s, MP3′s, interviews and coaching sessions and selected our most insightful, loved, and raved-about material – material that students told us really helped forward their thinking and boosted their profits. We assembled a Grand Introduction to Planet Perry:

How to Tap The Explosive Potential of the 80/20 Rule: 80/20 is the secret to everything that’s going to drive you beyond average in whatever you do. For me it’s an algorithm embedded in my brain. In this report I dissect it and show how it’s multi-layered, multi-dimensional and has million-to-one leverage power. Most people only have a vague notion of 80/20 and scarcely know how to apply it. This report will arm you with a completely new level of awareness.

Incredible potential lurks inside even fairly small customer lists, if you know how to apply multiple levels and angles of 80/20 thinking. I simply cannot think of a skill more essential to a small business owner than 80/20 thinking. In fact, if you’re any kind of consultant, all you really have to do is walk in and find 80/20 levers that your client has never noticed. They’re all over the place.

How a Pencil Artist (!) Pulls Down a Cushy 6-Figure Income Selling Drawings: You will never forget this conversation, which we recorded around midnight after a conference in Ohio. Owen Garrett of Edmonton Alberta may be the most successful artist you’ve ever met. He invented a method of selling art, creating a strange link between art and info marketing. He also tells an unforgettable story of personal defeat and victory – incredibly vulnerable yet bold.

john mendocha Renaissance Club

Walking Through the Valley Of Fire: John Paul Mendocha’s Trip to Financial Armageddon and Back: WARNING: Contains profanity and adult situations. Viewer discretion advised. Taped live at my Thanksgiving Seminar, Austin Texas and it sits at the top of most-remarked about recordings in 9 years of Renaissance Club.

Two decades ago, after making tons of cash, John Paul Mendocha suffered a spectacular failure in California Real Estate. For 18 months, the longest he went without being served with lawsuit papers was six days. John’s house of cards was impressive, and great was its fall. It’s one of the most extraordinary sagas you’ve ever heard.

Why have I included this? Because life as an entrepreneur is no day at the beach and you must be mentally tough. This is above all a story of mental toughness and focus. Nobody who listens to John will ever be able to say he or I sugar coat the price of doing business.

What happens at the end? How did he even survive? Watch this spellbinding video (or listen on your iPod) and find out. Instant download as soon as you register.

My Banner Ad Epiphany – Image ads on Google’s Display Network, properly done, outpull text ads 2:1 in ROI and often in volume too. This rockin’ recording from Mastermind Club reveals the power of punching through the Jet Stream with a killer banner ad strategy.

You’ll Get This In The Mail Too…

mail Renaissance Club

The bonus package that gets shipped to you in the mail also includes:

Quality Score Mastery and Re-Marketing Magic: QS is a total mystery to most people – that’s why we’ve broken it down into its component parts. You can beat quality score problems and many times this does give you a significant reduction in click cost. This handout and audio steps you through the process.

Re-Marketing is the ability to “follow” people via banner and text ads after they’ve visited your site. Think of this as “micro-branding” that makes you seem like you’re everywhere. And since people who’ve already visited your site are far more likely to buy something than everyone else, it’s almost always economical.

P.J. Eby: The Leverage Point. My co-author Bryan Todd swears by PJ’s “Mindhacking” technology, having used it for 3 years to purge his inner demons. PJ is one of my best students and a master of many disciplines. In this conversation with Bryan Todd and Jack Born, PJ shows you exactly how to pinpoint choke points in your business. Based on Theory of Constraints and recent psychological research, this is must-listen material. (We ask all our Bobsled Run students to specifically listen to this before beginning their 12-week odyssey.)

“Purging Your Inner Head Trash”: Are you afraid of success? Are you working yourself to death? Do you come from a tribe or family that doesn’t speak success language? Do you have real human being role models who function as your alter ego?

After coaching entrepreneurs for 10 years, I’m certain that your success has more to do with your head trash than the mechanical marketing techniques you learn. I’ve had to work just as hard at mine as anybody else does and in this report I candidly discuss my own demons.

Finally I show how illogical success is – and grant you permission to not only accept that but harness it to greater good.

Renaissance Club or Mastermind Club? Click Here to see a side-by-side comparison.

join us Renaissance Club

All These Items Purchased Separately Cost Well Over $500. Why Am I Doing This?

I want to make as easy as possible for you to get my help and advice, and thrive. The Perry Marshall Marketing Letter is me climbing up on your desk each and every month and instruct, provoke, challenge and even nag. Showing you new ways to generate sales leads, seize free publicity opportunities, get more results from your website, get more business from trade shows. Helping you take techniques that are working like gangbusters in other industries, and apply them to your own.

Because the environment you sell in every day is changing fast. It is ruthless, sometimes even cutthroat. Some people reading this letter this year will be out of business by this time next year. DOA. 404 ERROR – PAGE NOT FOUND. Others will have made major advances in playing the game, securing their position and leaving competitors further and further behind.

So why am I going negative, sending you all these reports and CD’s just for trying this newsletter? Because you need this now. Not later. And I’m betting you’re going to be like my other subscribers who rip this thing open as soon as it shows up in their mailbox every month, and devour it.

And you don’t just get my newsletter every month. Here’s what you also get:

Membership in my Renaissance Club. 500 years ago the world was rocked by a revolution in science, art, literature and learning we now call the Renaissance. It signaled the transition from medieval to modern times. My Renaissance club is the 21s century, online equivalent of this transforming period in history.

Most businesses – and most of your competition – wander around cluelessly, following the advice of ad agencies, PR firms and media reps. And they’re following people who are following people who are lost. But you know where you’re going because my network of subscribers and I keep your finger on the pulse of what is working right now.

Up-to-the-minute, even up-to-the-second advice. Hundreds of members supply with me reports on what’s going on as they apply my methods. Private mastermind meetings with my peers in the marketing profession ensure successful integration of new techniques with sound principles.

Not only do I work with clients and coaching members every day, I read dozens of newsletters and publications, attend more seminars than almost anyone you’ve ever met, and spend upwards of $40,000 per year being educated myself and staying abreast of the latest trends. I have access to knowledge sources that most people don’t even know exist, and every month I share this information with you. You get the benefit of all my effort and years of experience.

Free Consulting Call-In Days: Two or more times a year, I schedule “Open Call-In Days” exclusively for my Renaissance Club Members. You’re given a special number for that purpose and invited to call during certain hours. These scheduled days give you an opportunity to call in and personally discuss your advertising, sales organization, marketing or entrepreneurial challenges with me. If you’re well-organized, we can conquer a pile of problems in 10 minutes. By the way, I charge $725 an hour for consulting – and my available time is generally booked solid – so your 10 minute chunk is a $121 value. I offer these two times, sometimes even more often, each year. You can call every time and get $200 per year or more in consulting!

There’s a LOT of snake-oil and scam artists in the business world, and millions of people are “biz-op scam victims.” So one of the greatest gifts is the ability to sort fact from fiction, keep what’s valuable, and discard the rest. That’s exactly what I do here. Regardless of your background, you’re going to relate to this special issue. You’ll get it instantly after you order, in Adobe Acrobat.

For just $39.95 per month I will enroll you in my Renaissance club, send you a complete welcome kit including $540 of FREE bonuses – and you’ll participate in ALL membership benefits, including FREE Consulting Call-In Days, instant downloads – the works. And every month you’ll get my acclaimed newsletter, alternating between print and audio CD.

This is your invitation to the insider’s club. To get a powerful shot of marketing acumen in your mailbox each and every month, and get hands-on assistance from one of the most respected marketing specialists in the country. This is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

There is no downside, only opportunity to make dramatic, breathtaking improvements in your marketing, advertising and sales.

I Promise Your Satisfaction.

41 Renaissance Club

You have no continuing commitment and you can discontinue your subscription at any time…

Please Note: We do not offer refunds on Renaissance Club memberships. (If $39.95 per month is a big risk for you, you really shouldn’t be trying to sell on the Internet.) However, you may discontinue your subscription at any time. Simply contact our office 3 or more business days prior to your next billing date, and you won’t be charged for the following month.

Join my Renaissance Club and get the newsletter, the 5 CD’s, Five Reports, the instant downloads and the consulting. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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(*Note: I’ll accept all the major credit cards. Sorry, cannot take PayPal payments for this product.)

Renaissance Club or Mastermind Club?
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psmsignature Renaissance Club

Perry Marshall

PS: If you can turn this down, you’re either oblivious to the changes and challenges of today’s market, or else your sales and affiliate checks are so fat you can’t possibly spend them. This is an unprecedented opportunity to have me as your staunch ally in the Marketing Mosh Pit of 2012, as your mentor and coach. For pocket change. Heck, for the price of a couple of trips to Starbucks a week, you can infuse your business with the most effective marketing strategies and techniques currently available.

join us Renaissance Club

(*Note: I’ll accept all the major credit cards. Sorry, cannot take PayPal payments for this product.)

Renaissance Club or Mastermind Club?
Click Here to see a side-by-side comparison.

What My Customers Are Saying:

“I have a couple of successes I would like to share. The best one is selling a $225,000 equipment project from a 5 cent Google click. It’s true. There is no way the guy would have known of us or our equipment if he hadn’t clicked on our Google ad. He was trolling for used equipment (he bought ours new). I would have never written such a page before buying your program.

“I also did a mailer with the same page followed with a post card and got a 6%response. I have several quotes outstanding that surely will turn into at least another order. That whole campaign cost about $150!”

-Scott Seversin, Leo Halverson & Co., LLP, Madison , WI

“I have been in technical sales for 47 years and got so excited about using the laser approach to reaching interested prospects on the Internet. I sent folks to an obscure URL address on our website and got 37 downloads of my boss’ technical paper the first day. Result: The company is going to divert advertising money from Overture to Google AdWords. This is going to be fun!”

-Gene Ort, Bryan , Texas

“Just a quick note of thanks! I know your marketing materials are generally intended to improve businesses rather than create them from scratch, but it appears to work for start-ups anyway. The results are amazing. And they’ve just started. I came up with my business idea two days before Christmas, wrote and sent my press release to 30 magazines, wrote up the accompanying papers between Christmas and New Years, and am receiving requests by the bucketful today (January 10th). Incredibly, I’m already thinking that I may have to raise my prices to keep from being overwhelmed with customers. A few folks have actually asked how to make a purchase BEFORE I directly offered my service for sale. I’m a fan forever!”

-Susan Kennison, Harpers Ferry , West Virginia

“A Must Read

Perry Marshall’s marketing newsletter is rapidly becoming a ‘must read’ publication for entrepreneurial direct marketers everywhere, online and off.”

-Ken McCarthy, The System Seminar, Tivoli, NY

“I paid $1000.00 for your high tech guerrilla marketing course about 10 years ago. Since then based on the information learned from that course and also from being a member of your renaissance club and purchasing your Adwords course, those few investments have already made me at LEAST $500,000 (conservative) in the last 10 years.

I have not made a cold call in 10 years thanks to your information and I can honestly say that a single investment netted me a 5000% return.”

-Andy Frickel, Red Rover Marketing, Bonney Lake, Washington

Join my Renaissance Club and get the Newsletter and the 5 CD’s, Five Reports and the consulting. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

join us Renaissance Club

(*Note: I’ll accept all the major credit cards. Sorry, cannot take PayPal payments for this product.)

renaissance club Renaissance Club
ren newsl med Renaissance Club

What People Are Saying…

“The garbage that circulates on the net and through hard copy isn’t anywhere near as informative as your newsletters. The main reason for joining your Renaissance Club was too have some enlightened and informative reading. Long may it last. I am in business in the uk and have been to seminars/ watched videos/ bought manuals etc, but even your FREE material knocks the socks of everything else.”

-Charles Rees,
Cheshire, UK

$30,000 on the spot

“Perry, I haven’t had time to fully implement everything we discussed, because business has already grown dramatically. After organizing my preliminary sales message and guarantee, I showed it to some prospects to get their reaction. One said “You’re the first I.T. guy I’ve ever met who really understands customer service” and booked $30,000 of project work on the spot.

The materials you provide and the lessons they teach are quite easily worth a heck of a lot more that the sum you charge for them.”

-Ciro M. Centrangolo, President, IntegrationWorks, Inc., Crystal Lake, IL

Not Skeptical Anymore….

“I was extremely skeptical of Perry’s claims, but then I started to use his methods. I had an opportunity to send an announcement to an opt-in email list for an industry trade journal and decided to try Perry’s model for email.

I followed his recommendations, and the results were shocking. We got more than 8% response, all positive replies asking us for more information. Our cost per sales lead was only $5.60.

We are now discussing product applications with dozens of potential new customers. I’m not skeptical anymore!”

-Christoph Schmidt,
FRABA Corp., Lawrenceville, NJ

Too Many Sales Leads…

“I have used Perry’s system to start a successful consultancy business from scratch. I have only just started to experiment with his systems, and I am struggling to keep up with the leads coming in, seriously. So the only caution I offer is that if you are going to fit a turbo-charger like his system to your business, make sure you have a chassis that can handle it!”

-Terence Dove,
Terence Dove Transport, Wellingborough, UK

“The leads are starting to roll in. This is awesome.”

-Dan Scheff,
Founder, Backstage Development, Framingham, MA

Best Week of Sales in 13

“THE RESULTS I AM STARTING TO SEE ARE NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING. Perry Marshall has helped me get to a point where I have daily emails from people who want to buy our products and services – prospects I have a terrific chance of closing. I have increased my prices 50% over our main competitors with no decrease in sales. In fact we have just had our best week of sales in the last 13 years!”

-John Rinaldi,
President , Real Time Automation Inc., Wauwatosa, WI

Big-Ass Results…

“Thank you for your marketing insight. As you and I both know, there are very few who understand that the right marketing can propel a company no matter what product they sell or make to great heights and profits.”

-Bill Buell,
Big Ass Fans, Lexington, KY

“Well Worth The Investment”

“With the high costs of postage, ad space, sales collateral development, field sales calls it is imperative that marketing materials and marketing plans be done correctly. Perry Marshall’s kit will teach you how to do it correctly. There are other related similar products out there but they are more generic. If you are in biz-to-biz, Perry’s is the most relevant, specific kit I have seen.

I make buying decisions like this one based on what it will take to recover my investment. This package is well worth the investment if you do almost anything it explains.”

-Rob Northrup,
Co-Founder, Advanced Extrusion Solutions, Norcross, GA

“Response was Incredible”

“I put together a pre- trade show postcard mailing to announce a new product. The cards were sent to an in-house list of approx. 450-500 of mostly inactive clients. Several days after the cards were mailed, the calls started coming in and the response at the show itself was incredible. Sales of the new products have continued to grow since the show. People should know that this stuff works!”

-Jeff Gardner,
President , DK&G Creative Services, New York, NY

“A Bit Infuriating”

“I decided to make some major changes in my company, and lot has changed since we talked a few months ago! As exciting as this is, it’s admittedly a bit infuriating to think how long I had done things the hard way (i.e. cold calling) to get customers.”

- Andy Frickel,
President, Red Rover Marketing, Bonney Lake, WA

“Wouldn’t Have Happened Without…”

“In the short period of time of implementing these methods, it’s reaping great rewards.

In my prior JOB (read slave) I was responsible for selling into the public education market space for a major computer company. With less than 5% run-rate and a 168% growth goal in a single quarter, it was the six page sales letter that you helped tweak that accounted for attaining over half that goal! It wouldn’t have happened without it.”

-Erich Prinz,
Georgetown, TX

“Wouldn’t be Caught Dead Without It”

“Do I see value in belonging to your Inner Circle? Absolutely! As long as our company is directly selling software, I wouldn’t be caught dead with an expired subscription to your service.”

- Clate Mask,
Infusion Software & Consulting, Mesa, AZ

$100,000 in 90 Days…

“Your program works!

I created an Executive Briefing white paper which generated 109 qualified, ready-to-act leads in less than three months. Of those, we closed 4 large deals.

Also, I wrote five press releases using your formula and three of them were published in our trade pubs. Already we’ve collected over $16,000 in implementation fees and booked over $100,000 in orders.

Your program is brilliant!

I am, to say the least, thoroughly impressed with your marketing acumen, I rabidly devour your newsletters and have been on just about every tele-seminar you have offered. You are truly a marketing master in-the-making.”

-Eric Ruth,
VP of Business Development, DMI, Herndon, VA