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How to Sell to Thought Leaders

Dear Online Marketing Professional:

Hi, my name is Perry Marshall. My clients and I have sold billions of dollars of goods on the web. Some products are quite sophisticated…. software programs costing $50,000+ per license… high end consulting, biotech firms and manufacturing systems.

I’ve issued a special bulletin, it’s called “Selling to Smart People: Why You Need to Persuade Homer Simpson.” It shows you…

* Marketing Secrets of TED – those famous viral TED Videos that draw tens of thousands of thought leaders to conferences all over the world. Technology – Entertainment – Design.

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I’m sharing this with you because along the way, I’ve discovered a little secret:

Even if you’re selling to MIT grads with multiple PhD’s… you have to make their inner Homer Simpson happy if you want to get the check.

homer simpson brain Marketing Secrets of TED

How do you do that? It’s not as hard as it sounds. In this report, you’ll see how TED does it. Your biggest problem could be that you’re making it too hard.

* Six well known, complex consumer products and “Big Ideas” that are sold with utter simplicity – and the advertising that does the trick

* 5 pointed, razor’s edge questions that will focus your mind on what really triggers the purchase

* A super easy, quick “simplicity score” that alerts you when you’re on track with your marketing message.

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Perry Marshall