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  • Trust-Based Selling on Tuesday, April 29 @ 9pm Eastern - Do customers seem to run away, hide, disappear? Learn how a change in your selling mindset can easily make you at least an additional $10K in new sales over the next 12 months.
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  • The Star Principle Seminar with Richard Koch on September 28-30, 2014, Chicago - Author of “The 80/20 Principle” teaches the formula that catapulted his wealth from $4 million to $228 million in less than 25 years

Roundtable Chronicles for October 6


This week I hosted my Roundtable meetings in Chicago. Roundtable is Planet Perry’s Fight Club for entrepreneurs, where we all pound the slag off each others’ ideas. Mr. D had his turn on the hot seat.

Mr. D is the marketing director of…

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Quotes from Richard Koch’s “The 80/20 Manager”

Richard Koch’s brand new book “The 80/20 Manager” is just out this week. Some juicy sound bytes: On Bill Bain, founder of Bain Consulting: “It probably didn’t take Bill Bain long to work out this ingenious formula ad then to build his firm around it. But the value created for Bain & Company – and […]

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The Force at the Center of the Merry-Go-Round

When I take my kids to the park we play this game: The kids perch themselves at the outer edge of the merry-go-round, then I spin them as fast as I can. Soon they’re spinning faster than my hand can push them. Then I say… “Everybody to the center!!!” The little ones don’t know what’s […]

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The Power Triangle: Traffic, Conversions and Economics

Video: Jack Born came up with what I think is one of the most ingenious things that I’ve ever seen. It is so simple and it’s so elegant and here’s what it is….

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Joe Sugarman: When the Federal government tries to “Help”

Joe Sugarmans’s company JS&A was a forerunner of gadget stores and gadget catalogs like Brookstone and Sharper Image. In this MP3 recording, Joe tells the story of the snowstorm that shut down Chicago, which then triggered Uncle Sam to almost shut down his company:

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