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Prison Sentence, Marketing on Autopilot & the Strangest Story You’ve Ever Heard


I have a true barn burner for you today. This one is WELL WORTH YOUR TIME.

I have a customer, Bill Bailey, who sent me one of the strangest emails I’ve ever gotten, just a month before my Autoresponder Seminar last September:

> I have never discussed this with you but March 30-June 28, 2007 I
> spent in the federal prison camp in Pensacola. Long story but
> basically I was a little too aggressive in some of my data collections
> methods and got the attention of the FBI (!) and next thing I know I’m
> being indicted and sent to prison (not to mention the $700K in legal fees
> and $150K in restitution.. ouch!).

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A website without an autoresponder is like a head without a body.

A website without an autoresponder is like a head without a body. A lumpy, floppy, formless blob with a face and a mouth that just lays on the ground and helplessly stares at you.

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Fist Fight at the Board Of Directors Meeting – part 1


After about 20 minutes the other marketing guy at the table says, “Perry, you sure are quiet over there. What do you think?”

Uh-oh. He asked, and I just couldn’t stop myself. Our happy little dinner meeting (complete with scalloped potatoes, chicken cacciatore and blueberry pie a la mode) suddenly experienced an abrupt change of direction.

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September 27 Prophecy Captured on Video: “Suppose the economy goes over the edge…”


Last September I held my now-famous “Autoresponder Seminar” in Chicago, which as it turns out, was only days before the stock market went into free fall:

Here’s a video from the very first 10 minutes of the seminar, talking about “Let’s say a bunch of big banks and stuff start going out of business and let’s say people are getting on TV on a presidential debate and they’re saying, “This is the worst thing since the depression!”

I go on to talk about how online marketers will go on to survive and thrive:

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Why even GREAT sales letters are sagging in 2009

Do you have a sales page that’s not doing as well as it was a year ago?

In my professional opinion, even a sizzling sales letter written by a pro copywriter only packs 25-50% of the punch that you actually need to get the job done.

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