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600,000 people losing their jobs, and the dream of Entrepreneurship

Yesterday I heard an interesting statistic that jobs are being lost at a clip of 600,000 per month…

AND new businesses are being started at exactly the same rate: about 600,000 per month.

Uncle Sam is not going to save anybody’s bacon, despite all the claims to the contrary. There are a lot of dying industries in America and all the duct tape and bailing wire in the world won’t save ‘em.

You know what’s going to save peoples’ bacon?

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Alternate ways to think about wealth and money


My “professor of harsh reality,” Dan Kennedy, was a great teacher of marketing techniques when I was an up-and-coming Marketing Maniac.

Most people can learn most of the marketing techniques they really need to know in a few years.

The reason I still hang out in Planet Dan after 12 years is because Dan is also a great business philosopher.

Some Dan-isms that have deeply affected my own thinking about money, wealth and prosperity:

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Super-Insightful Question from a Serious Estudiante


A student asks:

“How can one get experience with ppc campaigns, in order to help real brick-and-mortar companies afterward, if you don’t have your own product to promote? I already have the knowledge about Adwords, but i need where to apply it.”

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Building trust with machine-like consistency


“WANTED: Slightly obsessive ADHD person with 2-5 years experience in as many of the following fields as possible: Alchemy, Multi-Tasking, Creative Writing, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Salesmanship, Website Design, Pay Per Click Advertising, Direct Marketing, Quality Control, Purchasing, Product Development, Management of Psychotic People, and Herding of Cats. Apply between 10:30 pm and 2:30 am any weeknight….”

As best I can guess, that’s pretty much YOUR job description right now, as it would appear in a classified ad.


Only an entrepreneur would be crazy enough to apply for such a job.

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2pm Today: Gritty / Edgy / Dangerous / Real


Live teleseminar today. PG-13, at least, maybe R. Not for the squeamish. It’s this afternoon, Friday June 12 2009, at 2pm Central Time with Tom Hoobyar.

People are going through a lot of @#$% right now. Not just economically, but in all realms. The battle is real and it’s not for pussies. Tom is going to take the gloves off and share some things he’s never shared in public before.

It’s plenty gritty. Stories you’ll hear:

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