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$100,000 and nothing to show for it


A few weeks ago one of my emails really HACKED OFF one of my customers.

He replied back:


I’m fed up of receiving emails like these. Actually I’m fed up of being on lists like these. Actually, what I’m really fed up with is still needing to be on lists like these..

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The immense power of a simple guarantee


The shortest definition of USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that I know of is:

“What do you uniquely guarantee?”

USP is THE defining question if you are marketing on the Internet.

20 years ago most businesses could afford to be vague about their USP, especially if they were local. If you owned a shoe store and there were only two other shoe stores in town, then if you sold Nike and the other guy sold Converse then that was enough. You probably didn’t even think of it as a USP. It was just a difference. Any difference would do.

The Internet of today is different. Online, you must be unique in all the world.

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Reply to Mr. Anonymous


Got an interesting blog comment this morning from “Anonymous”:

“Here’s the bottom line, if you’re not smart enough to have figured it out already:

To make money on-line, you need 5-10 years to sustain any meaningful income. The barrier to entry is so low (everyone can play).

In the meantime, make sure you have a spouse who makes 100k/yr to pay the bills and support you.

There is still a traffic jam at 5PM every day and the commuting trains are still packed.

Welcome to reality.”

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2 Years Ago This Week: “A FORCE of Nature.”


On May 22 they showed up.

Chicago was besieged by MILLIONS of Cicadas, 2 years ago this week.

Suddenly, without warning, they started popping, seemingly out of nowhere. Emerging from holes in the ground. The first day, a smattering. Then more. And more… in days, our entire property, and suburbs for miles around, were swarming with them.

In only a few days, the noise rose to a deafening screech.

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Meet the most unlikely AdWords genius


I’ve got this guy who’s barely making any money and he’s selling something that you can buy used on Amazon for 50 cents…. I reject his application and go on.

He asks Jeremy if he can please have a phone appointment with me. We talk on the phone and he begs – “Please Perry, I’ll do ALL the homework, I’ll work harder than anybody, you’ve never seen anyone apply myself like I will…”

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