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Wired Magazine: Googlenomics and the AdWords auction system

Jeff Hughes of Rocket Clicks sent me the following article in Wired Magazine:

I loved it. Lots of cool insights. I sent a note to the author – here’s what I said to him:

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The easy days of AdWords are over


But you would not guess that from reading most of the launches, sales letters and make-money-online pitches on the Internet.

Yes, there are lots of people volunteering to teach you AdWords but most of them are still pretending it’s 2006. If you do what they teach:

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AdWords Boot Camp: June 9 – July 9, 2009


If you are less than 100% competent with AdWords – if you possess anything less than total confidence; if the very mention of ‘Google AdWords’ makes you nervous instead of putting a smile on your face; if you cannot “wear” Google like a comfortable pair of slippers or your favorite T-shirt…

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Imperative: Be constantly vigilant about your email box


Purge YOUR email box of newsletters that don’t consistently deliver GOOD content; hold those who’ve been given permission to interrupt you to a HIGH standard; and get yourself free, too. Purge without remorse.

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The one thing you must do at any cost


It’s hard for most people to appreciate the rich rewards of being truly world class. The doors it will open for you, the opportunities it will bring month after month, year after year. Especially if you build a public platform around your skill, you’re automatically at the front of every line you stand in – if you even have to stand in line at all.

When you’re world class you can achieve things in your sleep that most people can’t pull off with every ounce of energy and concentration they possess.

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