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Urgent question from a marketer who’s just starting out….


My Definitive Guide to Google AdWords is perfect for people who are mastering AdWords, even complete and total beginners. But what about people who are just starting out in marketing and don’t even have a biz yet? What about all the other ingredients of marketing?

This question came in yesterday from one such person named Vitaly:

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Marketing Maniac’s Fight Club


I have friends who are on 47 different marketing email lists. They know what everybody out there in marketing-land is doing, and if I want to know, all I have to do is ask ‘em.

A couple of those guys are really successful, and I don’t knock anything that works for people. However even the ones with the radar cranked up the highest still actually only take advice from a small handful of people.

For every one person who can pay attention to 10 or 20 or 50 streams of advice, I know 1000 others who are just drowning in information and ideas with no sense of coherence or direction. It’s just the idea-of-the-day club and it gets people nowhere.

I have never been that way. I’ve never paid serious attention to more than 3 or 4 people…

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Secrets of the Hyper-Responsive Buyer


“ONE guy or gal in that parade represents HALF of the money that those 2000 people are actually willing to spend with you. Thousands, perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars! You don’t know which one he or she is, but that person did walk by.

“That guy (or gal) is what I call a HYPER-RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER…”

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The “get rich quick” guys and their place in the food chain


With the economy the way it is, fear and desperation are rampant. The get-rich-quick biz-op guys are out in droves. My buddy Sean D’Souza from New Zealand wrote a great blog post about the role they have in sorting the winners from the losers.

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Google Adwords Interface: What You Need to Know


You may have gotten an email from Google saying they are switching you to a new AdWords interface in the next few weeks.

Candidly, there are some things I LIKE about the new interface and there are other things that I DISLIKE.

But either way… it’s happening. How comfortable you are using it will translate into real dollars and cents in your pocket. And Timothy Seward of ROI Revolution is going to show you and me how to make the most of it.

The Google AdWords New User Interface Webinar
Duration: 60 minutes
When: Tuesday, May 19th at 2:00pm EST (1:00pm CST / 12:00pm MST / 11:00am PST)

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