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Über: The Cab Companies Are Mad As Hornets


When you call a cab company, a 56 year old woman who smokes 3 packs a day says “hello” in a scratchy voice and puts you on hold. She tells you your cab will be there in 45 minutes.

55 minutes later you call back, wondering where your ride is. She says “I’m sorry sir, the driver is being held up by road construction. He’ll be there in just a few minutes.” At minute 66 he finally turns up.

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Real Business Success Report From In-The-Trenches

Bobsled Run grad Karl Eberhardt posted this as a blog comment:


I have been at this “game” for 5.5yrs and have managed to create a successful enterprise online, replaced my dibert 6fig salary (yes I was a Engineer too). It was not easy and sure as hell didn’t come right away… and there have been MANY dark moments…

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What Makes a Company Last 100 Years?


I want to build a business that lasts 100 years. That seems like a mighty long time for an 11-year-old business in a less-than-twenty-year-old industry. And when I compare it to a company that lasted almost a millennium and a half, it boggles my mind.

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Bell Curves, 80/20 and Employee Performance


sent me this article and asked my opinion:

“The Myth of the Bell Curve”

This article is absolutely right. In pretty much any situation where…

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Have You Struck Your Superhero Pose Today?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re a superhero.

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