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Why Do Entrepreneurs Have A Chip On Their Shoulder? [VIDEO]

Perry discusses niche marketing and some of the emotional obstacles that Entrepreneurs often need to overcome.

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How do pirates affect you?


For as long as I’ve been publishing stuff, pirates have been ripping it off. Is this happening to you?

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Secret of the Billion-Dollar USP


I got this note from long-time Planet Perry member and copywriter Nick Neilson. Nick always asks great questions:

In the software company I’ve started, I was torn between re-learning to code or hiring it out. I learned to code several years ago, but I’ve never been great at it. No doubt, there are middle school kids that can code circles around me. But I do know the theory of OOP and have the capacity to pick it back up.

I had a choice – do I maximize my existing strengths and stick with the marketing (my inner Dan Kennedy is screaming this at me) or do I expand my understanding of mathematics and technical understanding of my product (a perhaps malformed version of my inner Perry is gently persuading.)

Nick Neilson


If you…

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A Clever Direct-Response Marketing Method


VIDEO: Perry Shares the Story of a Clever Direct-Response Marketing Method Utilizing an iPod, Sent via FedEx.

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NOT the smartest guy in the room


I spent a week at “Fantasy Drum Camp” in Cleveland. I’m a drummer and it was 5 days of in-your-face, 14 hours a day immersion.

The teachers were the best in the world. Like Steve Smith who played on all the famous Journey songs, which don’t even hint at his jazz skills, and Peter Erskine with 600 albums including Steeli Dan, Diana Krall, Joni Mitchell and Linda Ronstadt.

I spent all day in class with each instructor. Then played music with them at night. Awesome.

You know what the best part of the whole thing was?

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