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Why Smart People Make Dumb Financial Decisions


You see an ad in a magazine. It’s get-rich-in real estate. Confident-looking alpha male. Chiseled features and confident gaze. Rolex watch and Gucci shoes. His right leg is perched on the bumper of a Rolls Royce, parked on the curved brick driveway of a McMansion.

The headline says, “You Can Achieve Wealth and Financial Security With The Same Proven Plan I Discovered Just 18 Months Ago.”

That ad is CODE.

You know what it’s code for?

“Hey there

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How Teacher Bonds With Student – Eavesdrop on Roundtable


When you approach your student properly, you can start with ONE basic, mechanical thing….

….and create an entire universe.

Everyone author, speaker, consultant, teacher should listen to this recording. It’s from…

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YOUR Divine Entrepreneurial Spark


Entrepreneurs especially are endowed with a special kind of creativity. Entrepreneurs are artists. Business is ART. A great USP is ART. Copywriting is art. Design is art.

And art is divine. That is my conviction.

The particular spiritual stream I grew up in (think “Calvinist”) put far more emphasis on the brokenness of humanity than the divinity. Everyone had a grave distrust of that artist inside. If you desired something…

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“The Real Cost of Real Food”


Ever bought groceries at ALDI? In Chicago it’s the cheapest grocery store you can find.

Everything in that place is processed to the max. Huge conveyor belts cough the stuff into cardboard boxes as fast as the High Fructose Corn Syrup can pour in.

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3 email tricks squirt happy juice into your reader’s brain

Today, three techniques from Rich Jacobs, a long-time Mastermind Club member who does marketing for attorneys. Rich is rising through the ranks, having made autoresponders a high art.

Autoresponder Trick #1:

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