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Marketing Automation and Email Autoresponders

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Click here to watch this free video showing how I use InfusionSoft to build my email marketing “Maze”.

Full disclosure: I am on the board of InfusionSoft and if you purchase InfusionSoft through my affiliate link they’ll pay me a commission. I have a very specific way that I have built my business and there’s only one tool that I’ve found that will do what I need it to do. In fact, some of Infusion’s must useful features came from my suggestions.

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Aweber’s strength is email deliverability. My friends who measure this stuff tell me Aweber’s delivery rate percentage is in the high 90′s, maybe 98% or something like that. For email, that’s excellent. Aweber has good relationships with all the top email service providers, they’re white listed with the AOL’s and Hotmails of the world, and they have stringent requirements that their users must abide by.

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1ShoppingCart – For the majority of small businesses, especially beginning consultants, publishers and information marketers, this is an excellent choice.

Adwords Display Network Spying and Competitive Intelligence

AdbeatLogoTransparent Recommended ToolsAdbeat makes it easy to uncover your competitors strategy on the Google Display Network and over 20 other ad networks. Find the best performing ads and placements in your market to save time & money on your own campaigns.

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Analytics and Tracking

Google Analytics is a great all purpose tool for tracking just about everything that happens on your website.

But in addition to Google Analytics I recommend Hypertracker for zooming in on exactly what’s going on in your sales funnel and excluding everything else. Hypertracker is “old school” – their user interface hasn’t changed in over 5 years – but it works, it’s easy, and it’s reliable.

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Bryan Todd created several videos on how we use Hypertracker. You can watch those videos here.


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Advertising on the Google Display Network is taking center stage as competition becomes more fierce and costly on the Search Network. Image ads give you more clicks and more quality traffic for your buck than anything else. We create a visual matrix of tailored, strategic ads for your business that will generate valuable traffic and bring an avalanche of visitors to your website. Let the BannerAdQueen jumpstart your traffic flow today!

“Your ads have given me an edge over my competition that has generated at least $250k in extra revenue for me in the last 12 months.” -Finn Peacock, Peacock Media Group

Landing Pages and List Building

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We use popup domination to build my list faster.


 Recommended Tools

I migrated to a dedicated server at Host Gator over two years ago and I’ve been really pleased. We’ve had two hiccups in two years. Not too shabby.

SEO Services

I recommend Donovan Kovar and his SEO team to all of my clients, they have made a big difference in our rankings for some highly competitive phrases.

Check out his “SEO Intelligence Report” for some sound advice about your organic search engine marketing.

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