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3 Invisible Opportunities Lying Hidden In Your Google Adwords Account

Live Webinar with Perry Marshall, Author, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

On Wednesday March 14, Author, Speaker & Pay Per Click specialist Perry Marshall will discuss three invisible opportunities in your Google AdWords campaigns.

All involve systems that you almost certainly know and use; and all involve ways of applying those systems that fewer than 1 advertiser in 20 ever tries:

1) A simple, four-part formula that makes your ad and your offer fundamentally more appealing, potentially changing the game in the market and tipping the playing field in your favor (even if you’re the underdog)

2) A special technique for divining the “holes in the sidewalk” – places where customers have large pain points. Unmet needs which allow you to crack your way into even the most ferociously competitive markets

3) The crippling blind spot that almost all Google advertisers fall prey to – especially the “good” ones. Google has forever altered the nature of advertising on planet earth, but has lured people into missing one of the greatest secrets of the all-time advertising masters. I’ll show you this secret.


psmsignature 3 Invisible Opportunities In Your Google Account

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall is the most-quoted authority and world’s best selling author of books on Google Advertising, having saved over 100,000 advertisers billions of dollars in “Stupidity Tax.” He’s also author of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

His work is referenced in dozens of influential marketing books by authors like Jay Conrad Levinson, Mark Joyner, Joel Comm, Dan Kennedy, Richard Stokes and John Jantsch. He’s shared the stage with Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Brian Tracy and Harvey Mackay.