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How A Respected Industry Insider
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Dear Marketing Professional,

You can increase your customer base, slash your marketing costs, and outsell your competition by delivering problem-solving whitepapers to your customers and prospects.

And you don’t have to slave over this for weeks or months. Your whitepaper can be finished, published, and bringing new clients to your email box by this time tomorrow.

Hi, my name is Perry Marshall. During the last three years I’ve written over 100 whitepapers and magazine articles. And I’m here to tell you that writing a whitepaper doesn’t have to be a dreary chore. It can be straightforward, pleasant, and remarkably effective.

I’ve developed a no-nonsense formula for writing and promoting your whitepaper that causes educated, sophisticated customers to call you, so you don’t waste time and money chasing them.

How A Whitepaper Takes Your Company’s Message And Broadcasts it Across Your Industry

devicenet3 Whitepaper Course

Why is a whitepaper more effective than more conventional, more costly marketing tools?

Because nobody who bought a drill

ever really wanted a drill.

They wanted a hole.

Therefore, if you want to sell drills,

you should deliver information

about making holes, not about drills!

Sounds awfully simple, doesn’t it?

But most companies do NOT understand this. They just stand on rooftops and shout about how great their state-of-the-art, robust, scalable, best-of-breed, cutting edge solutions are. Blah blah blah.

Everybody shrugs and walks on by.

Sure, ultimately the “drill” does matter. But before you sell someone a solution, they must agree with you about the problem. A whitepaper is your company’s statement about how that problem should be solved.

So if you sell drills, you’ll get far more attention by offering useful information about making holes. Do that and you’ll instantly differentiate yourself from everybody else. Few of your competitors will ever figure out that a simple whitepaper is your secret to success.

Whitepapers are a best-kept secret that attracts new customers like a magnet. My customer Mark Clark of Instant Access Music got a sensational 16% response to an email blast, offering a whitepaper to video producers. This kind of spectacular result is not at all unusual. A similar approach for networking equipment got requests from 27% of the people who got the email!

Your Whitepaper Does Not Have To Be
A 30-Page Dissertation!

One of the secrets to getting it done fast is realizing that your customers are looking for quick, accurate information, not an academic treatise. Half the whitepapers I’ve done are only one page long, most are 3-5 pages, and the longest was 14.

They only take a few hours to create, and they can be re-used and recycled for years. It brings your paying clients, again and again and again,

…Because A Good Whitepaper
Converts Web Visitors To Leads -
10 Times Better Than Ordinary Advertising!

Right now four of my corporate clients are offering various problem solvers, whitepapers and guides on their websites. The response ranges from 8% to 43% with an average of 17%.

Cost per sales lead ranges from a maximum of $5 to as little as 30 cents. That’s a ten-times improvement over what most companies get!

In direct mail, 0.5% is considered good. But a very simple campaign using cheap postcards got a 4.9% response. My clients and members consistently get two to ten times more results than almost anybody else out there.

So what’s going on?

All of these astonishing results simply come from creating concise, informative whitepapers and guides, and promoting them effectively.

This Smarter-Approach to Publicity
Will Attract New Clients Like A Magnet -
Without You Chasing Them – And Infuriate
Your Competitors At the Same Time…

Not only can you offer reports and whitepapers in exchange for contact information, you can position yourself as an expert, win free exposure in the press, and automate more of your sales process than you ever thought possible.

wpbook3d Whitepaper Course

So I teamed up with C. Kenna Amos, a Professional Engineer and former editor of Industrial Computing magazine, and together we’ve written the ultimate course, called The Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting Your Whitepaper.

It’s being used by everyone from small startup companies to The U.S. Navy and three different divisions of IBM. It is rapidly becoming industry’s definitive body of work on this subject.

Obviously it’s important to write it correctly, and I’ll show you exactly how to write a whitepaper the right way. But it doesn’t matter how good your document is unless people find out about it, ask for it and read it. Remember: the most beautifully formatted, professionally written whitepaper in the world does you no good …

… If Nobody Reads It!

That’s where most companies fail. But make no mistake – if you use my formula, the results are breathtaking. You get emails and phone calls, asking you for your information. Double digit conversion rates on websites and email campaigns. Direct mail that didn’t used to work at all, suddenly springs to life.

After hearing the audio interviews on publicity, your press releases will generate explosive results and mega-credibility. Magazine editors will ask you to contribute articles and sidebars to their publications.

Nowhere else will you find another whitepapers guide, manual or resource with even a fraction of the publicity strategies that you’ll get in my Definitive Guide.

How This Toolkit Saves You Time & Puts Money In Your Pocket:

  • You can finish your entire project in only a day or two with my easy-to-use whitepaper templates and Fast-Start Guide
  • Cut your project time by 50-75%, using my SpeedWriting techniques
  • You’ll get 34 examples and 11 case studies from nine different industries – which you can easily apply to your company
  • Create a unique, super-persuasive outline – with a critical formula that even expensive professional writers miss
  • Discover how to balance meaty, technical content with your company’s sales story – tastefully and appropriately
  • Deliver complex information without putting people to sleep
  • Find out what your prospects really want to know – without spending megabucks on market research
  • Even if you’re on a shoestring budget, you’ll learn how to promote your whitepaper effectively through search engines, email, trade journals, magazine articles and direct mail
  • Discover how to turn whitepapers into magazine articles, and vice-versa
  • Guarantee that editors will accept your submissions for articles and features – giving you free exposure to hundreds of thousands of people
  • Learn the five things you should never do to a magazine editor (unless you want to wind up on her permanent blacklist!)
  • Get your hands on a killer template for press releases that out-performs ordinary “product releases” by a factor of 10

But beware! If you don’t know how to sidestep cliches and keep your information sounding fresh & new,

… It Could Kill Your Message!

3reports2 Whitepaper Course

Is the term “whitepaper” worn out?

In some professions, yes. “whitepaper” has become a synonym for “thinly disguised sales pitch” (especially in IT). How do you sidestep that problem? You’ll get a list of 43 alternatives to the term “whitepaper” so that your information always sounds fresh and intriguing.

The Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting Whitepapers covers all of these topics, and includes 34 examples and 11 case studies from nine different industries. You’ll be equipped with savvy methods that build your credibility and grow your market share.

Plus: You’ll also get 2 rare audio CD’s valued at over $40 retail, but frankly worth much more in terms of the value they’ll bring to your marketing strategy.

This is my exclusive interview called “How to Get Free Publicity in Trade Magazines.”

magpub2c Whitepaper Course

Publicity can reliably generate new customers for you if you do it right. But playing the publicity game with trade magazines is a subject that nobody’s addressing properly, and sadly, many PR firms will actually do you more harm than good.

My formula for writing a whitepaper is inherently compatible with writers and editors. You’ll get those CD’s as part of the package. No extra charge.

“How Do I Know If This
Is Right For MY Business?”

If you’re a business-to-business marketer who sells to sophisticated customers and feels like there must be a better way to get your foot in the door, then you’re right.

  • Does your company sell innovative, cutting-edge products or technology?
  • Are you a business management, sales, or marketing and process consultant?
  • Is yours a specialized service firm?
  • Do you specialize in Information Technology, Customer Relationship Management or manufacturing?
  • Are you a healthcare manufacturer or service provider?
  • Does your company sell to governments and the Fortune 500?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, this toolkit is designed precisely for you.

Click Here to Download Your Definitive Guide Now

What Clients Pay Thousands Of Dollars For, You Get From Me Absolutely Free Of Charge…

I’ve got years of experience using whitepapers to draw in solid, knowledgeable paying customers, and I charge high dollar to give out my top-notch, bullet-accurate consulting advice. But with this killer course you’ll get one-on-one consultation from me at absolutely no extra charge.

Bonus #1: The complete whitepapers toolkit is shipped to you with two critique coupons worth $200 each. These give you access to my team. They’ll carefully review your documents and promotions and help you make them better. You won’t get some computer-generated report. We give these personal attention.Total value, $400.

Bonus #2: It also comes with a 20-minute phone consultation certificate. We’ll arrange a time to talk and we can conquer a mountain of challenges real fast. I’ll help you fine tune your content, your publicity strategy and your lead generation process – whatever you need to move forward. That’s worth $480.

Bonus #3: Whitepapers aren’t the only way to attract new clients with problem solving information. It also includes a section on software programs, reference charts and ROI calculators that customers will keep and refer to for years.

Total Value of the Bonuses
(not including to the toolkit itself):

$275 + $275 + $480 = $1,030.00.

How’s This For a BOLD Guarantee?

Not Merely Your Satisfaction,

WP Guarantee final Whitepaper Course

(Our earnings disclaimer and legal statement is here.)

Click Here to Download Your Definitive Guide Now

You Could Spend 10 Times As Much In
Other Advertising For The Same Results
You’d Get From One Whitepaper!

The last whitepaper I wrote for a client cost $5500. Depending on your perspective, that might sound cheap – it might sound expensive. But considering it was the first time their full sales story was ever told in print, and that the sales leads they get from it are 1/10th as expensive as every other marketing method they’re using, it was quite a bargain. You’ll discover the same methods I employ in my consulting work, for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring it done.

Are you a freelance writer or independent marketing firm? Tired of getting paid only 50 cents or $1.00 per word? This course will show you how to transform an ordinary document into a credibility- building, low cost customer magnet – an entire marketing channel for your client. Far more valuable for them, and much more lucrative for you.

So how much does this cost? The whole package – the toolkit, the audios, the exhibits, the critique certificates and consulting credits, is only $297.

“How Do I Know I’m Not Wasting
Time & Money On This?”

Eric Ruth of DMI used a whitepaper strategy to generate over $100,000 of business in 3 months in the ultra-conservative credit union industry. Eric then left DMI to be a consultant to athletic trainers. He used the same strategy in his startup business, also with great success:

“Using the Whitepapers Course I created a PDF Special Report. I bought a $250 email newsletter ad that went out to 18,000 targeted suspects. I followed your guidelines for writing compelling teaser copy for the report.

“The newsletter went out on a Monday, by the end of the week 862 prospects had completed the form on my site to download the Special Report. This represents almost a 5% conversion rate, but more importantly, a cost per qualified lead of just 29 cents! This one strategy alone, in about 30 days, has generated total sales of $10,020 from $250 in marketing dollars, an ROI of 40:1.”

If you don’t use a toolkit like this, how much time and money will you waste? How much does it cost to re-write a whitepaper? How much does a failed direct mail campaign cost? How much does it cost to miss a customer you would have otherwise gotten? How much does it cost to make cold calls or buy advertising space or web traffic?

The price of this toolkit is very small in relation to the time and money it will save you.

If you’re on a tight budget, just go ahead and choose the “Digital Download

Basic” version (without the bonus consulting sessions) for only $99 – and it still includes the full course in PDF and “Publicity in Trade Journals” interview in MP3.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.



wpbook3d Whitepaper Course

What People Are Saying:

Booked $100,000 in Orders:

“Your program works! I created an Executive Briefing whitepaper which generated 109 qualified, ready-to-act leads in less than three months. We’ve collected over $16,000 in implementation fees and booked over $100,000 in orders. I can’t thank you enough. Your program is brilliant!”

-Eric Ruth, Vice President of Business Development, DMI, Herndon, VA

From the fastest-growing industrial company in America:

“Thank you for your marketing insight. As you and I both know, there are very few who understand that the right marketing can propel a company-no matter what product they sell or make-to great heights and profits.”

-Bill Buell, Big-Ass Fans, Lexington, KY

One Email beats 3 years of prior effort:

“The success I had with my first free guide was shocking! This was less than 48 hours ago, and so far, I have gotten a 16% response! I got 10 times the response from this, so far, than I have gotten from all email messages sent for the last 3 years!”

-Mark Clark, President, Instant Access Music, Nashville, TN

Record sales and sales leads:

The results I’m starting to see are nothing short of amazing! I have increased my prices 50% over our main competitors with no decrease in sales. In fact we have just had our best week of sales in the last 13 years!

-John Rinaldi, President
Real Time Automation Inc., Wauwatosa, WI

A sound investment:

“This package is well worth the investment if you do almost anything it explains.”

-Rob Northrup, Co-Founder, Advanced Extrusion Solutions, Norcross, GA

Component Supplier Changes the Game:

“The whitepaper concept is brilliant! Have written 2 Free Guides for the Security Dealer that tells our story and teaches our customers how to make a heretofore seemingly insignificant system component, a key selling factor.”

Richard Kirschman, President, Magnasphere Corp, Brookfield, WI

Selling a Superior Web Server to a Change-Resistant Market:

“Information widgets get great response. You get us fired up. Your name is becoming a regularly used name around our office.”

Eric Hauk, President
Bodacion Technologies, Barrington, IL

“Straight from the trenches info”

“Thanks indeed for making available your absolutely superb resource: “The Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting Your whitepaper”. Although it’s an ebook, I hardly think that over-familiar description does it justice! The mammoth mountain of straight-from-the-trenches” info, is just what I needed: focused core topics at the start and easy access to lots of smart hints, tips, techniques and insights, when I need them.

“This neat discovery is something I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who wants to create smart, effective whitepapers that really work. I’m now entirely convinced that almost anyone who can understand simple plain English, could carve out a new, fun career or income stream, using your guide to writing whitepapers!”

-Brian Austin, SoftRight Services, Isle of Skyre, UK
Member, UK Institute of Scientific & Technical Communicators

“I used the material from your “whitepaper” e-book to launch a campaign via press releases + whitepaper + a follow up report. The results are amazing. And they’ve just started. I came up with my business idea two days before Christmas (not exactly the optimum time to launch anything), wrote and sent my press release to 30 magazines, wrote up the accompanying papers between Christmas and New Years, and am receiving requests by the bucketful today (January 10th). Incredibly, I’m already thinking that I may have to raise my prices to keep from being overwhelmed with customers. A few folks have actually asked how to make a purchase BEFORE I directly offered my service for sale.

“I’m a fan forever!”

-Susie Kennison

Harpers Ferry, WV