Keywords You're Missing, Enhanced Online Campaigns, and My Social Security Number is 457-55-5462.

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Google is beta-testing their new Search-Based Keyword Tool. It does a lot, but here’s one function you can use right now: Search your own website to find out what keywords you could be bidding on to send clicks to your site, but aren’t yet.

You can use it to pinpoint negative keywords as well as positive ones.

Here’s how you do it. Head over to this URL, and click on ‘Sign in’ in the far upper right hand corner:

In the ‘With words or phrases’ field, enter some ‘seed keywords’ that you think are a good suggestion starter for keywords you might be missing. Then click the ‘Find keywords’ button below it.

It’s going to give you a host of keyword phrases that you don’t already have in your account. In this example, Google mostly suggested keywords that I don’t want:

So I might just turn some of these into negatives. Either way, it’s a good start on adding more ideas to my list that I haven’t thought of.

More on this tool later. Try it out for yourself.

Have You Done
an Enhanced Online Campaign Yet?

Let’s say you sell fine cheeses. Brie, Camembert, Gouda, Edam, Havarti, Roquefort, etc. You’ve done well already selling these with your regular Google search campaign.

But now you want to reach wine connoisseurs. How do you do it?

There’s the old-fashioned ‘turn-the-corner’ method that we talk about in our Definitive Guide to Google AdWords: Bid on wine keywords and show an ad inviting wine lovers to come try your cheeses.

But that’s getting harder and harder these days, because you’re almost guaranteed a lower CTR with that method, and Google’s Quality Score algorithm could punish you. And you’ll get squeezed out by all the wine bidders.

There’s a way around this. It’s called an Enhanced Online Campaign, or EOC. It involves the content network, with you bidding on both keywords and websites and using it as a keyword-targeted tool and as a placement-targeted tool.

Let’s say you found a website frequented by people who you know would be a good audience for your cheeses: There are pages there about food combinations, including meats, cheeses, fruits, etc.

The problem is, these pages are constantly getting changed, updated, etc., and so you never know exactly how to find the new pages that are about your topic, without showing up on pages that aren’t about cheese at all.

So you create an ad group in a campaign (new or existing) that’s set to show on the content network. Then you create an ad group with a single Placement – aimed at

Assuming shows Google AdSense ads, Google will show your ads just on that site. BUT: since you only want the pages that talk about “cheese” or other food combinations with merlot, you add in a small handful of keywords (hint: far less than 10) that will help Google identify which articles and pages you want to target.

Google will see the website you’ve targeted, they’ll look for pages about keywords, and they’ll match your ads to the pages that are about the text of your ads.

(That last clause is absolutely crucial, by the way.)

Shelley Ellis is the up-and-coming expert on this type of advertising. She’s going to do a teleseminar with us this next Wednesday, December 10th, to talk about this kind of magic you can now work on the content network. Enhanced online campaigns, streamlining your existing content network campaigns so they don’t bleed you of all your money, and even more new ways to slice up traffic on the Internet. You won’t want to miss it.

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More details on the Experts Series call with Shelley Ellis will be hitting your inbox soon.

“My Social Security Number is 457-55-5462.”

No, that’s not my social. It belongs to the CEO of LifeLock, Todd Davis.

And yes, that really is the guy’s social security number. Yes, he really does advertise it on his website, stick it up on the side of trucks, hand it out on fliers in the middle of New York City’s busy streets, etc.

I’m impressed.

Have you seen the LifeLock ads on TV? It’s bold advertising, and I like it. LifeLock is a service that protects you from identity theft. Somebody gets their hands on your wallet, your credit cards, your social security number, anything, and starts running up transactions in your name, ruining your credit, etc. It’s a serious danger.

You can get a hell of a lot of information about a person just having their social. You can really screw up a his or her life.

So it’s a bold act for Todd Davis to go on TV advertising his social security number for everyone to see and write down.

It’s about as ballsy a form of proof as an identity theft protection company could come up with. Proof is huge in advertising. Prove to people that your service works by putting your own identity, and your own neck, out on the chopping block.

I know nothing about LifeLock itself and how they do business and how ethical and trustworthy they are, or aren’t. I know none of that. But I do like their ads.

They start and end with very powerful proof. Images of trucks driving down a busy street with the CEO’s social plastered on the side. Todd Davis himself in a crowded public square handing out fliers with his social security number to random passersby.

And LifeLock states their service guarantee in all their commercials: guaranteed repayment in case of actual identity theft, on lost money, lost resources – up to a million dollars. (This of course turns them into a sort of insurance company.)

It’s also worth noting that LifeLock ads don’t start and end with horror stories. Their advertising agency decided that a better approach, a less fear-inducing approach, was to go out in public and *prove* how secure their service is.

And in the middle they stick the real-life testimonial by the guy of how someone tried to buy an $83,000 RV using his name and information. He got a call from LifeLock, confirmed that it was a fraudulent purchase, and the thief was arrested. Not a bad story.

So what can you learn from this?

(1) Find and display the boldest proof you can possibly come up with, to show that your service works.
(2) As the business owner, step out in front of the crowd and boldly stand by your service and your guarantee yourself, in person, either using photos or video.
(3) Make a huge risk-reversing promise for the rare situations where you know you won’t be able to deliver.
(4) Blast your message everywhere, and challenge people to test your proof and take you up on your guarantee.

Shout it out loud, and people cannot possibly ignore you.

Hoarse from the shouting, but happy,

Bryan Todd

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