It’s easier to get clients when they see your face on a magazine cover.

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I’ve noticed that my customers tend to be very, very good at what they do. Not every guru’s customers are like that. A lot of folks are about gaming the system for a quick buck. As you well know.

If you’re for real – if your products are top-notch and you’re NOT about ‘gaming the system’ – then you owe it to the world to learn how to position yourself properly. The world needs to do business with you, not the flim-flam men. If you’re badly positioned, they won’t know the difference and everybody loses.

This month my mug is on the cover of Internet Marketing Magazine. Nice ego boost. My wife showed it to some of her friends yesterday and they were impressed.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “That’s nice for you Perry, but that does nothing for me.”

Well it does do something for you. It proves I can teach you a thing or two how to position yourself. And if there’s anything I could tell you about publicity, authority and celebrity, it’s this:


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The very LEAST it can do for you is take you straight to the top of a stack of resumes on some hiring manager’s desk. You WILL get an interview. Even if it’s just for a regular J-O-B. I gave this same piece of advice just this week, to a friend who wants to be a college professor: “Get yourself some street cred.”

A modest amount of expert status gives you the ability to charge 50% more than everybody else, whether you’re an author, speaker, consultant or knowledge worker.

A lot of expert status gives you the ability to charge 300% more than everybody else. For the same skills.

It is THE defining difference between an ordinary career and an extraordinary one.


P.S.: Publicity is very, very perishable. But the ability to brag about it lasts for years. This here magazine cover is a big asset and I’ll be using it for a long, long time. What are YOU doing to get an asset like this? What would this kind of asset do for YOUR business?

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5 Comments on “It’s easier to get clients when they see your face on a magazine cover.”

  1. That would be the day – I guess one way to get through would be to make some friends with the local magazine editors in your area.

    Sure, it’s a small publication but a publication at best! What better way to show off something than to have a magazine sitting on your desk when talking to clients – it would be very subliminal in nature :)

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