A Nostalgic Tour of my Amway Tape Collection

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I rummaged through old boxes in my garage and found a big plastic bin full of old Amway tapes. I talk about my top hitlist in this video. This video is just one installment of my email series “Deep Secrets of Marketing Psychology I Discovered in MLM.”

I’m sure you can find some of these tapes on Ebay. If you don’t have ’em, pick up a few of these titles and add them to your “audio swipe file.” They’re all brilliant, and instructive.

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And of course your comments and stories are always welcome, below….


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201 Comments on “A Nostalgic Tour of my Amway Tape Collection”

  1. Addison,
    The talk/tape that you are looking for is called “Oh Harry”!

    One of the best Amway talks ever!

  2. My mom had some of these tapes, she would play them in her car when she drove me to and from school(I didn’t take the bus to or from school until 4th grade)I remember one had Eye of the Tiger, Danger Zone, I Feel Good and When i’m Back on My Feet Again(and a few others I can’t remember).

  3. My folks signed up with Amway, when I was 5, 91, 92ish. They had a tape with different speakers and songs after each speech. They let me listen to the tape, and I’d listen over and over beginning to end over and over. There was one speech that was my favorite, I’m trying to find it! The man talked about how his brother in law would scoff every year when he showed up about what car he was driving, the cars got better and he closes the speech saying ” someday I’m going to find a way to put runway lights on the driveway and go diamond” then the top gun song would play, does anyone know where I can find that speech? Or who I’m talking about? Appreciate the aid in the search!

  4. I have a “bootleg” copy of Coleman and Charlotte Orr’s “HOW DO YOU SPELL RELIEF”
    Recorded live at a beach conference.
    Kenny Stewart attended that function.

  5. Looking for AMWAY from Mack Evans, it would be from the 1980’s. He was extremely popular at that time and AMWAY refers to him as the Eagle. They would announce him by saying the “The Eagle has landed”

  6. I’m looking for Randy Haugen, Don Wilson, Lance Smith, Kenny Stewart and Marker Man….preferably CD’s.

  7. The tape ever was “David and the Princess” by Doug Wead. An all-time classic. And #2 has to be “Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink” by Dave Severn. Absolute GOLD.

  8. Looking for : Depth is not an option – Orrin Woodward from 1999 I believe. Old amway tape (ledbetter group I think)


  9. I have been buying, selling and trading Amway / Quixtar recordings and other motivational materials since 2004. I have a collection of over 40,000 items. Please visit my website ToolDepotGlobal.com.

    1. I have one of the tapes you are looking for in stock. “What goes around, comes around” by Rita Davenport with a product # of TOW-137 from the INET (Yager) Organization. Please go to ToolDepotGlobal.com and search this Product # to find / purchase it.

  10. I am looking for a tape by the name of a lady called Emery, she talks about stockings and her best breast doctor

  11. Are you still wanting tapes? I have to move and can’t take my collection. Willing to sell. We were in from 1990 -95 ( bill and peggy etc. )

    1. Are you still looking to sell these tapes? I have been buying, selling and trading Amway / Quixtar recordings and other motivational materials since 2004. I would be interested in knowing what you have.

  12. Looking for a speech, I think by Jay Van Angel, about a place called kullameyr? The basis of the story , There is no free lunch.

    1. Have a lot of old classic Amway tapes. Are you looking for something specific? Would be willing to sell a select few. Or the whole collection of a couple hundred tapes.

  13. I’m trying to track down that remake of the 100 year old speech that tells about the guy who went looking for diamonds and left a home sitting on a mine….the guy who went looking for gold and sold his house that sat on a gold mine…and the guy who walked into the tigress river………..with a message success is in your own back year. a classic

    1. The Book is called Acres of Diamonds…perhaps the version would be now in CD or ebook.

      But here is the link to the HTML Version to read.

      Great story indeed…I read it in 1993.

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