A Nostalgic Tour of my Amway Tape Collection

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I rummaged through old boxes in my garage and found a big plastic bin full of old Amway tapes. I talk about my top hitlist in this video. This video is just one installment of my email series “Deep Secrets of Marketing Psychology I Discovered in MLM.”

I’m sure you can find some of these tapes on Ebay. If you don’t have ’em, pick up a few of these titles and add them to your “audio swipe file.” They’re all brilliant, and instructive.

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And of course your comments and stories are always welcome, below….


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201 Comments on “A Nostalgic Tour of my Amway Tape Collection”

  1. still got all my tapes from 90/93 and I will always love them.When I was still working I sat outside in my car every break playing the hell out of them.

  2. Hi I am from Australia and my father and I have been looking for a cassette collection that he got from Amway when I was born. the was more music on it but there was also motivational speaking. It was called Sammy’s testimony and it had 3 cassettes. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me track this down. It is very sentimental to us.
    Thank you in advance

  3. I have hundreds of cassettes and CDs, I may also have some DVDs and a VHS or two. Main time in the business from 2000 to 2005. Anybody in the market for them I’ll sell them for as low as .50 a tape. Let me know.

    1. I’m looking for some specific ones. Particularly, Chasing the Blue Light Special by Jim Brooks. Do you have that one?

    2. Hi Darrin. What is your email address? I’d like to talk to you about the tapes you have. Thanks!

  4. Hello to everyone-

    I have a bunch of tapes in great condition. Many are still wrapped in the clear plastic in which they were shopped.

    1. Hi Sam,
      I’m looking for audios of George & Ruth Halsey. Do have any? If not, do you have any idea where I might find them?

  5. I am interested in John Crowe Audios if happen to have any or know where I would be able to find them. Specifically “Friction, Fleas and Four-Minute Miles”. Thank you

      1. Hi i am very interested in the John Crowe and Jenny Belle Crowe audios especially if you have his story. And also others like Brad and Julie Duncan, Gregg Duncan, Bill Britt, George and Ruth Halsey, etc. let me know please. You can reach me at:
        [email protected]

  6. Hi. I am looking in cd version On Attitude from Dexter Yager. It help me in any fase of my professional business.

  7. This is a very interesting string of comments. A good friend of mine has become an ambot and is trying to recruit me so naturally I’ve been researching…. Every other site has either been owned by Amway, or said to run for your life. This is the first place where I’ve seen anything in between….

  8. Does anyone know who taught on a tape called “social styles”?
    I have been looking for this for years. I heard it back in the mid 1990’s and would love to get ahold of it again.
    Please email me at [email protected]

  9. I have been in Amway for about a decade and although we have not benefitted financially, we also didn’t put in the required work. We put in work (a lot actually), but maybe not enough. Now I am a customer. I agree with other posters on here – I wouldn’t trade it. It helped me grow and put me through a great self-reflection period. I learned a LOT.

    That being said, now I have a huge box of CDs and I have no idea what to do with them. If anyone has any ideas or would like any, email me at [email protected]. :)

  10. Will,
    Can you help me locate “Diamond Cuts:Songs and Speech to Help Your Reach”? I believe it as from the Yeager group.
    Bill Robinson

  11. My wife and I have been in the business on the Winters Team for a few years now and it has changed our lives, finances, jobs, everything. I would love to get a few audio files of some ol’ classic tapes and audios! Anything you can send would be a blessing!

    [email protected]

  12. I have been around Amway my entire life and couldn’t tell you how much it has done for me and my family. I fortunately have been blessed with seeing the financial side of the business. Even if I didn’t make another dime in this business I would still stay in to be able to help others lift stress financially. seeing the genuine care for others. It is very hard to find that in many other places now days.

    If you have any old tapes please send them to me I am more than willing to compensate you for your time. Thank you and have a blessed day!

    [email protected]

  13. would love a copy of Oh Harry, I am working within an organization that would love to hear this for the value of having a “why” versus a “How”. if you have it can you send me a link or the actual MP3 to [email protected]

  14. Hello, I too am looking for an mp3 file if possible of Diamond Cuts 1993.. If you could in any way email it too me I would be very much grateful. Thank you

    1. I have a bunch of different ones I am selling. If you want more information send me an email. Thank you

      1. hi,

        do you have, or know who might, the skip ross texas spectacular from back in the mid-70s?

        ‘preciate any information you may have.


        1. I have thousands of tapes CD s ect. Loaned out tons of Coleman Orr tapes and am down to 1 …if anyone has how do you spell relief by Coleman Orr …I will pay …thanks in advance.

  15. Wow, all those posts bring back such wonderful memories. I spent 12 years in the amway business and would not change a thing. From 18 years old til I left at age 30 my life could not be better because of my amway experience. I’m really looking for any of dexter Yager tapes. But I am desperate for a tape by Tim foley. He recited a poem I believe called” rise to your fee” . One part goes listen to the voice that speaks inside you,that calls you from a place you can not stay,and as you stand to leave they know you will be status your beginning once again becomes an end. If anyone could help I would be immensely grateful. .

  16. Hi,
    You’re nostalgic tour brought back many good memories. Not much money memories, but good people memories, anyway!
    I have been trying to locate a song that was sung frequently at Amway functions with “I wanna be on the beach, relaxing in the sun spending all my time with the ones I love” lyrics. I thought I could find it somewhere on the internet but have failed so far.

    Do you have that song? I love it and would appreciate it much if you might have a clue as where I could get a copy of it.

    1. I myself like many others got involved with Amway and was and active distributor. Sammy Santigo was and is my friends father who let me TAG along…Amway impacted and continues to BLESS my life right up to this present day. Reading all these shared personal entries has prompted me this morning to go through my old tapes. I’ll be back to share what I have.

  17. #30% is not enough profit? and there is a customer volume rule that needs to be adhered too.
    people spend 30k on collage an think nothing of it, then can’t get a job.
    why whinge about few hundred bucks, a 9% business will more than cover all expenses oh an
    Amway has paid out more than 45 BILLION $ in there life time. 60 year party will be a ripper.

  18. Hi guys sorry to disturb you I was in amway many many years ago I  didn’t make much money but must say listening to the  tapes and attending the seminars etc has made a massive impact on my life .

    The one which impacted me the most was skip  Ross  “attidue” i did purchase the tape from ebay a few years back but it’s become damaged and worn

     I have since purchase skipps cds and books but I don’t think his recent  stuff is as good as the original tape. 

    I believe he did a 4 part tape called “you can a winner”  have any of you guys got these titles in your collection?   If so would it be possible to purchase or obtain then from you. 

    Hope so. And thank you in advance regardless .

    Take care and God Bless

    Isaac from Wigan England UK.
    [email protected]


  19. I have been looking for recordings from the 70’s
    of an Afro American Distributor from the east coast
    who always talked about having the BURN.
    He talks about how his sponsor took him for a ride in his Rolls and he GOT THE BURN to have a Rolls.
    Then he went for a trip in his private airplane and he GOT THE BURN to have his own plane.
    I originally met this man at Nutrilite in Calif on a tour i the 70’s.
    I lost my tapes during moves.
    I don’t remember his name.

  20. Looks like I have about 28-30 of Dexter’s tapes. I recorded them by 1 side to a file, so that is 60 files, ranging anywhere from 10 to 15 MB each. I can email them to you if you like.

  21. I’m looking for an old tape by zig ziglar it was called “A Plan To Win”.
    It’s a very good tape on believing in your personal qualities.

    1. Bryan – I have been copying all my old tapes into iTunes. When I stumbled upon your post I checked, and yes, I have that tape (DBR 647). I can probably get it to you thru email. Email me at [email protected]. Glad to send it.

      1. Roy, I am looking for any motivational tapes by Dexter Yeager. I’m not in amway but some of their motivational tapes are the best.

        Be happy to know what you have. :-)

  22. I am hoping that someone on this blog may have a copy of an old amway tape called “Diamond Cuts – Songs and Speech to help you reach”. I would really like to get a copy of it.

  23. This definitely brings back memories because I too have a stack of old Amway tapes around here somewhere. I’m familiar with a couple of those you mentioned. Some of the most memorable I’ve listened to are:

    A seminar George and Ruth Halsey gave soon after they reached Pearl. (Sorry but I’m not going to be able to recall the actual titles of these tapes.) This is the one where he talks about his daughter trying to persuade him to drive her high powered car (a Porsche 911 I think) and he keeps turning her down until he gives in one day and takes it for a spin to “make her happy”. It’s very funny how he talks about being pinned to the seat as he accelerates. He also talks about how the cops never caught him speeding because he used to be one of them and knew exactly where they were hiding! lol (Actually, there’s another tape when they reached the level of Triple Diamond. I think that’s the one where he talks about the car. Either way, George was always into cars.)

    French Canadians Andre and Francoise Blanchard at the Crown level. That was the tape where it really hit me how much money could be made in Amway. On one part of the tape Francoise talks about how she calculated that they were making about $1400 per day, not including the bonuses which were due at year end. (This is a pretty old tape. In today’s dollars I guess that $1400 would be more like $3500.) Somehow the fact that they both had a bit of difficulty translating their thoughts into English added to the “magic” of the tape.

    Try or Cry by Rich DeVos (Co-founder of Amway) An amusing but powerful tape. Rich has always had a way of stating profound things in such an easy going manner that if you don’t listen carefully to what he’s saying you’re likely to miss it.

    Then there was one by Coleman and Charlotte Orr. On this particular tape Coleman was really “pumped”. His excitement and enthusiasm was infectious. Apparently, he had a large international organization and on one part of the tape he relates how one leg he had in South Korea or somewhere (again, I don’t remember) was growing like crazy and someone in his downline there called him on the phone and frantically asked, “Mr. Orr, Mr. Orr, our group is growing like crazy over here, what do we do now?” to which he replies, “Just keep doing what you’re doing!” because he didn’t want to slow down their momentum.

    Then there’s Louie and Kathy Carillo. Louie talks about being one of the air traffic controllers who was involved in the strike during Ronald Reagan’s presidency and how he was put in a federal penitentiary because the strike was illegal and how he couldn’t get a job when he got out and how his wife (a former Playboy bunny) used to have to scrub toilets so they could eek out a living. On that tape, Louie keeps stressing that he was willing to do whatever it took to make it. He keeps repeating it “Whatever it takes. WHATEVER it takes! WHATEVER it takes!” He talks about how Kathy was the gentler, more human side of their business (“Kathy was the touch, Kathy was the embrace …”) while he was just a circle drawing machine.

    There’s another tape by Louie (I don’t think Kathy was on that one but I could be wrong) where he talks about how heard this knock on his door very late in the night and asked, “Who is it?” to which he got the reply, “Tim!”. (Tim Foley [yes, the same Tim Foley who used to play football with the Miami Dolphins] was Louie’s upline [I’m not sure if he was his sponsor]) dropped by and was so tired that he laid down on Louie’s kitchen floor to talk. It was very funny. You’d have to hear the tape to understand why.

    Of course, I’ve also listened to numerous tapes by the master dream builder: Dexter Yager. He’s actually the sponsor of a couple friends of mine here in Barbados. “It starts with a dream! It starts with a dream! Dream BIG!” Yada yada yada.

    Gotta find those tapes, man. Thanks for reminding me about them. (Come to think of it, I think there’s a stack of Amagrams somewhere around here too!)


    1. Hey Wayne, I realize your reply was back in 2014 but wanted to see if this would get back to you.
      I am looking for a couple Coleman Orr tapes and just wondered if you still had some and see if I can get a hold of you.
      Trent : [email protected] thanks Wayne

  24. I spent a decade in Amway and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. The word “entrepreneur” wasn’t in my vocabulary before my Dad showed me the plan. Got to meet great people and listened to some of the best like Zig Ziglar and Paul Zane Pilzer. Also got to hear President Reagan speak in ’89. I think if more people got in and went to a few functions and learned something about being an entrepreneur we wouldn’t have a Marxist in the WH today. I went into Amway as an atheist marxist and came out a free enterprise Christian. More valuable than any other investment I made in my life

  25. To those of you who still have BWW/Amway cds & tapes and would like to get rid of them, call me at 858-216-5580.

  26. I am trying to find a couple of specific old Amway tapes. The one I really want is the first compilation tape in the Yager/InterNET system called “Diamond Cuts” (it has a great clip from ‘oh Harry’.) I’ve searched and searched. Can you give me any direction. I would pay a lot of money for the tape.


      1. I’d like the mp3 of oh Harry if you have it :). Tried amway when I was 18, I’ll never forget that audio!

      2. I really want to get a copy of the entire Diamondcut cassette tape or MP3 file actually if you could help me that would be great I think about it all the time!

      3. Hi we have been trying to find Oh Harry for about a year, would be any chance of emailing a copy
        Cheers Kerry

    1. Did you ever find a copy of this? If you want a cd, they may still have a copy of it on Amazon. I lucked out and bought one about 6 months ago ($35!). Otherwise I could try and get you a copy. I searched for a long time, so I’d be happy to do it.

  27. Just want to say, we pursued the Amway dream for 3 or 4 years…spent much more money than we ever made…attended exciting functions…listened to almost every tape you mentioned. We got out because it was so frustrating to put so much in and get so little “materially” out. But…what we brought out of it was an “I Can” spirit and attitude that helped us build our own construction business to a multi-million dollar organization. So I am thankful for our Amway experience. Fortunately, when it came to what was presented to us, we “chewed the meat and spit out the bones” and our lives and the lives of those we employ are better for it. Thanks or sharing those wonderful old tapes!

    1. I was just talking to a guy who came to a 4-Man Intensive. He’d been in Amway 10 years and was a direct distributor. He said after the whole thing blew apart most of his distributors went on to build successful businesses and he did too. We both agreed: You apply the level of commitment it takes to make MLM even “sort of” work to marketing a “regular” business and you’ll blow the doors off.

    2. I agree. I also was in multiple times, and never made money. But I know it was what I lacked, and they should point that out. I took away from it the idea that if you want to make it, you have to be excited about what you are doing. The tapes, the rallies, the “open meetings”, gave me the attitude that I could make it big, and although Away wasn’t the vehicle that got me there, what I took from it helped me get there. And just to clarify, I still don’t feel like I’ve made it, but on the standards I once held, I’ve gone pretty far.

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