Apple vs. Samsung & the Billion Dollar USP

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Everybody who’s into marketing is “supposed to” know what a Unique Selling Proposition, a USP is. And I suppose most do.

But hardly anybody recognizes the true power of it. Allow me to illustrate:

Samsung was just ordered to pay Apple $1 billion dollars for infringing on Apple’s patents and unique designs.

Things like the way screens slide, how buttons bounce when they’re touched. Even rounded corners.

Unique designs & patents = Apple’s USP. If your phones and tablets are the only ones with those slick, friendly, intuitive features, the world really does beat a path to your door. A great USP is a multi-billion dollar asset.

If Apple did NOT build its USP of tangible, functional advantages, they could NEVER create a sensation the marketplace with mere sales copy, ads and clever storytelling. Apple smartly defends their USP with teeth and claws and teams of lawyers.

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There is NO substitute for a great USP.

If you have a lame USP, the wolves are coming for you.

When you have a power USP, your ads write themselves. Competitors who can’t come up with their own USP follow suit and start imitating you.

Building a better USP is not $1,000 per hour work. It’s $10,000 per hour work!

Apple is constantly, relentlessly evolving its USP.

You must constantly, relentlessly evolve your USP.

Never stop.

Perry Marshall


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3 Comments on “Apple vs. Samsung & the Billion Dollar USP”

  1. I really intend to take note of this post, “Apple vs.
    Samsung & the Billion Dollar USP” on my very own page.
    Do you mind in the event that Ido it? Thanks a lot ,

  2. I disagree those are USPs. I think that is just another advantage Apple can take on its competitors.

    When comes to buy a smartphone. Some people still thinking of making choice between Apple and Samsung. If someone needs to think of it, that means there is no clear USP for Apple or for Samsung.

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