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I’ve been getting emails and blog comments much like the message you see below, several times a month for years. This just in from a long-time Planet Perry student, Marylin Adamson, director of

“Last week I came to the realization that of all the marketing people I’ve read, subscribed to, watched…they really are white noise for me. My inbox was full every day with stuff to read, watch, act on, and eventually all it did was stress me out, feeling I couldn’t possibly do it all…YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

“And it did not take long for me to realize that you are the only one who has, and consistently, has had an enormous impact on’s effectiveness. Anything that has moved us leaps and bounds ahead has come from you. (Your new 80/20 book reminded me of that fact.) I can’t tell you how indebted I am to you. Google Adwords, AR series, 80/20 mindset, and more. I unsubscribed to every other marketing avenue. Every single one. If I apply 10% of what I learn from you I’m light years ahead of where I was. (And I’m applying far more than 10%!) So…another sincere thank you from me.”

"So many options for growing my business, but what should I do NOW?" Tell me your most pressing business problems and I'll show you your BEST next step.

-Marilyn Adamson

Director,, Orlando Florida

Question for my subscribers: MOST people go bankrupt listening to bad advice. They never figure out who to listen to, the way Marilyn did.

How do I communicate this to NEW people, so they don’t have to spend three years stumbling down blind alleys before they figure out who’s worth listening to and who’s not?

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Perry Marshall has launched two revolutions in sales and marketing. In Pay-Per-Click advertising, he pioneered best practices and wrote the world's best selling book on Google advertising. And he's driven the 80/20 Principle deeper than any other author, creating a new movement in business.

He is referenced across the Internet and by Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, INC and Forbes Magazine.

55 Comments on “My very best students say this a LOT”

  1. First, I feel the same way. I’m getting everything I need right here.

    Second, what about this. Typing on my phone so a little random.

    I’m writing a book about technology overwhelm and I get so much traction in conversation with people. Everyone feels the frustration of spinning in circles.

    If you can identify that phenomenon very specifically as a pain point you can build out your alternative.

    I have an email for example from Jay Abraham that lists 138 points of Leverage. Like I’m going to spend the time reading 138. Even the good people are overwhelming.

    80/20 is at the heart. Interestingly, when I’ve gone back and read Richard Koch’s books, I’ve been struck by how much leverage comes from relational activities and not from piling on technology. Superconnect and The 80/20 Way have been especially informative on this.

    Use your storytelling ability around that core pain point.

    Analog is becoming cool in some quarters. Just sayin’.

    You could do worse than tell your story through the Eight Essentials of Planet Perry. That would make an awesome autoresponder series, I believe you can layer a story over it.

    I find I’m buying products that I can see how I will use but I’m not ready to use because I’m still working in a job. But for me I’m building up a higher level of strategy for how I put my business together.

    In the Forum, I’m teaching myself how to start a business using the Eight Essentials. You don’t have an entry-level product that is for someone starting a business that is focused on the bigger ideas and I think there’s one hidden in the Eight Essentials. I’m finding narrative flow, and I’m finding that I can reinterpret them for the tasks of being a startup.

    You may have a product for a business assessment also hidden in the Eight Essentials.

    Having gone back to basics by reading Richard Koch’s work in the original has really helped me to do this.

    Similarly, I think if you go back to basics and focus on particular pain points of new folks, I think you’ll find the power of your story will accomplish what you are trying to achieve.

    Thank you for all you have contributed to my growth both personally and professionally.

    With appreciation,
    Susan Kuhn

    1. Susan thank you for your feedback. We’re making the 8 essential much more central to RClub so watch for more stuff in the future. Glad you’re such an attentive student.

      1. I find operation level stuff like ads and fb ads but much more important is Rosetta stone and Richard Koch. You are an engineer not a shiny object hunter. You are the best writer I ever saw in the marketing industry.

  2. Hi Perry.

    After receiving your email that points to this page. I recheck my email to see since when I subscribe and bought your products. Check my email on 2018 yes, Check 2015 yes, 2010 yes, 2007 yes, 2006 no. So it’s been over 12 years follows you.

    Admire your work and influence to common sense in marketing. Not only hopes, but brings simplicity and clarity to marketing. Thanks Perry, wish you all the best and healthy life.

  3. Hey Perry, I appreciate your humility as the Sensei asking the students, and I realize this is an older post, yet I’m curious what you decided.

    An online marketing guru shared (and I’m implementing):

    (1) Daily FB Live produced to a podcast (syndicated to iTunes, LinkedIn and other various channels)
    (2) This drives to a FREE weekly 60 – 90 minute Web Class sharing Planet Perry value
    (3) That drives to a 6 week Masterclass with group coaching, which includes a variety of your programs, etc.
    (4) Share your journey along the way with interviews on other Podcasts, etc. to touch others who might not already be aware of your good work!

    The right messaging, what to include in the program, etc. could be validated through your/Glenn’s technique in 80/20 (pp. 164 – 170).

    I look forward to hearing what you decided!


  4. I was just doing this very same thing. Unsubscribing from all kinds of emails.

    Looks like the only ones left are Perry, Glenn Livingston and Ryan Levesque.

  5. Been studying your stuff over five years. I’ve been in the junk removal business for 10.

    As a newbie I quickly understood that what you had to offer was different.

    The people you recommended or interviewed played a major role in my development of my business philosophy and structure.

    I might not be where I think I should be because of my inner head trash but I’m a lot further than most that are making more money.

    I’d been studying the 80/20 principle for about 8 years before I decide to try and apply it.

    After 4 months of me focusing on what was most valuable we were doing over 30,000 a month and I was working less than I’d ever been before.

    When I read your newsletter talking about Richard Koch I got excited. I didn’t know he’d written over 20 books.

    I heard you explain the star principle and then I 3 more of Richards books.

    I’ve repositioned my business as a start business in a new category of the junk removal industry.

    I’ve written a book to position myself as the expert and I’m working on raising capital to fund this business so that it grows fast.

    Everybody that you recommend I’ve learned to use what they teach to help in the development of myself and business.

    The one that teach the principles mostly. I’ve always come back to your stuff because I see that is what you teach. The principles.

    I know that one day I will get to tell my story at one of your 4 man intensives and I can’t wait.

    Those that are ready will find you.

  6. I suspect youtube and google hangouts would be the way to go. Do an ongoing newbie series. “The Ultimate Newbie Gateway” to doing business online.

  7. ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’. I was reminded of that by a client and mentor of mine when I started my solo consulting firm in ’97. And it applies!

    So the trick is to find the 20% (or thereabouts) of visitors to your site who are thirsty for your kind of offering.… may be by showcasing a mini taste of value you provide. A market segment relevant case study/testimonial involving a before/impact/solution/after approach? If they bite on that a relevant next level offering. I agree with one of the other comments that it’s not about you as in ‘Planet Perry’ but it’s about the client and identifying with their issues and needs.

    It’s not about lightweight showmanship like so many others, but demonstrating understanding of and empathy with client issues, as well as practical implementation issues to help them to get the results others have.

    Is it not a bit like going from Richard Koch’s ‘general’ 80/20 Principle book to your more specific book about applying 80/20 to marketing, to the next stage focusing on the real value in applying it to the client’s business?

    20% of your visitors is probably a worthwhile number!


    1. When you fully internalize that sales is not a convincing people process, but a disqualification process, it flips around all kinds of things in the way you run your business. And life becomes so much easier.

  8. I like @Mike’s idea. Did you try it? I’m curious if it worked. I’ve shared your story and recommended your book. Interestingly I think the student has to be ready as so many have stated — that’s what I’ve experienced. I was ready when I found you and you’ve set me on the right course. I’m working everyday at it.

  9. Well, I hate to admit it because Perry’s an arrogant, narcissistic Yankee and I’m none of those things – but he’s the primary reason that I work full time (in-house) as an SEO analyst and search engine marketer today. (One inevitabley leads to the other.)

    His Ultimate Google Adwords and Traffic Conversion Seminar on CD got me started. Most of the books I read to educate myself over 4 years plus were his or were written by people he recommended. His info has always been spot on. When I read something that doesn’t line up with what he’s been saying, it usually turns out to be bogus.

    Thank you, Perry. God used you to change my life for the (much) better. And keep on blessing those missionaries and the rest of us out here.


  10. Seems a bit ironic for the marketing guru to be asking for marketing advice. ;) But it does create a great discussion thread. I’m afraid I have nothing to tell Perry Marshall that he hasn’t already taught me.

  11. I’ve noticed this myself Perry.
    I work myself through materials like slime mold, first growing everywhere by expansion, and then retracting to the optimum points. You’re one of those points.
    Your site is the go-to link when I try to clue people about ads.
    Your newsletter is the only one I read every single time (Everytime I scan my inbox I’m like “Anything by Perry?”, and I’ve got Crowther and Livingston in there, which I NEVER get around to anymore).
    I found one of your books as a torrent, but didn’t download it because of my respect for your work (I bought it later, and didn’t regret a thing).

    The list goes on and on and on and on.

    But if you want to stop people from running in the wrong door, I’d suggest you stand in front of these doors and stop them for a second, asking them to reconsider.

    “Look buddy, you’re in a get-rich-quick scheme, and I can tell you why that won’t work, and exactly what will”.

    Facebook Demographics. 18-25, likes “Amtrack” v “Money” v “Get Rich Quick” v “Banging head on wall”.

  12. In this age of internet explosion I would say, by far, the biggest challenge the average opportunity seeker faces (after his own mental roadblocks to success) is the sheet tsunami of sellers, hawkers and hucksters inundating his visual field and email box every single day. The sheer volume of bad advice or (almost as bad) complicated and extremely wordy fair or good advice is mind numbing. To find someone that knows what they’re talking about and can deliver it in an intelligible, understandable way is like finding water in the desert. Thanks Perry.

  13. The Warrior Forum probably leads most new marketers astray.

    I know I lost about a year and a half of progress there. But I did learn a lot of technical stuff chasing the pipe dreams so there was some benefit. It probably did for me what MLM did for you.

    Maybe you could do a series of WSO’s and rescue some good people.

    Your readability tool and the Marketing DNA test are better than any WSO I’ve seen.

    Just had a flash of inspiration. How about offering those as WSO’s?

    1. Yeah, every single “hacker” minded marketing community (“hacker” in the sense of “How do I do this better than anyone else”) I’ve been in, from the veritable Black Hat Marketers to the Life Hacking 4-Hour Workweek guys, and this place, they’ve all made fun of “Warrior Forums” before.

      BHM:”Where do I sell this broken script?” “Warriors,warriors…”
      4HWW: “What other marketing forums are there” “Not warriors”.

      For good measure, I have to say though that there are warriors making money on there. On there. Marketing junk to other warriors.

  14. I’ve found the same thing as Marilyn. I used to subscribe to tons of newsletters and now the only one I read consistently is Perry’s. The others I have unsubscribed from. However, it only took me 18 months. What I found was that there are only a few semi-original sources: Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert/John Carlton, Perry Marshall, Jay Abraham and Alan Weiss. And even most of those guys know each other or will refer to Claude Hopkins and Joe Polish. Once I discovered that tree shape, it was easy to cut out anything that wasn’t a “source.” Everything else had to be rehash because it always led back to one of those guys above.

    The bonus with the sources is that they are first-movers so you can get the most current info and avoid the inevitable game of “blogger telephone” where everything gets watered down and misinterpreted. Now I can spot rehash from a mile away and decipher it from truth. So, Perry…in regards to your question maybe it’s good that people waste a bunch of time reading other crappy newsletters. It makes your newsletter stand out and creates intense loyalty.

    I’m locked in and I constantly send your stuff to friends and clients. It’s the only stuff I ever find useful enough to send. You’ve made me over $120,000 profit in those 18 months and even more for my clients…and my newest venture will generate over 700k in profit this year for me and my partner. It’s all based on your stuff and I’ve been reading your newsletter for less than 2 years.

  15. Perhaps, since many people who are looking for internet riches have unreasonable expectations, shiny object syndrome, etc., it is necessary for them to bounce from guru to guru for x number of years, enduring launch after launch with little to show for it, for them to finally be ready to hear and appreciate what you have to say.

    If you could encapsulate that journey somehow, you might have something and possibly you could catch them before they go on that journey.

    “You are most likely not ready for my training yet. You probably want to be rich over night by pushing a button with this software or that system. I don’t have that system, and neither does anyone else, and I don’t have time for people who are looking for such buttons. I can teach you to succeed online, though, and offline , too. So, several years from now, when you finally realize that those buttons don’t work and you want to build a real business, please come back. I’ll be waiting for you.” Then something about how if you are ready or you’ve already been through it, then here’s where to start.

    Totally different idea, a list down the side of the page where people can enter their answer to this question: How many products did you buy and how much money did you spend trying to make money online before you found our site. And how much revenue have you made since then. That would result in a long list of what would be very short, understandable, concrete testimonials, which quickly relate what you are trying to express.

  16. Are you doing anything wrong the way you are? Everyone on your list found you some how. I can’t remember how but something you said or did must have resonated with me.

    Isn’t the saying “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”? You presume that “the student” doesn’t need the 3 years in the wilderness. Without it they might not apreciate just how good your advice is.

    1. Exactly.

      Most of the time it’s something we have to get to on our own, no matter what Perry might say, to hitch us onto his excellent skills.

  17. I agree with Raza also. The others who never get it are not your target market. I’m sure you don’t want every single person on your list who is always looking for the next new shiny thing.

    There are SOME folks who stop chasing every little sparkly thing and start to listen, and separate the wheat from the chaff.

    I think you do a great job of targeting them once they learn for themselves who is making the most sense.

    Maybe make a new challenge though.. Maybe say something like.. “Is this your first foray into the internet marketing scene?” If so, I’d like to issue you a challenge, try ME for two months. If I don’t make sense, then please keep on subscribing to the others. You’re bound to find someone else that makes sense, but WHEN?”

    The same thing works for those who have also been confused for YEARS on how to make this work.

    I didn’t buy anything from you, I don’t think, until about TWO YEARS after receiving your newsletters!

    Had you been the type of marketer who only sends out 6 e-mails in a row, and then stops (or removes me because I didn’t buy at the end of their sequence), I’d never had heard you all those months and years later.

    It’s hard work to separate all the folks, even the slimy ones, as their copy is typically very good. They make you think you’re gonna be rich overnight, and that’s what we like to hear! Someone else brought up all the other known ‘gurus’; they never felt right to me, so sooner or later, Perry’s gonna shine through.

    Your confidence is evident and it comes though sometimes sort of cocky, but in a good way. I’ve watched this confidence of yours GROW over the past 8 years with you.

    Perry, truth be told, the next HUGE thing that REALLY made me pay attention to you (*read buying everything I could from you*) is when I discovered your ‘cafe’ site.

    I knew FOR SURE then that you were a man to be trusted.

    Hope this helps you, Perry. Especially, for all that you’ve done for us.

    When I send out a similar SOS to my own newsletter, I hope people respond to me, the way we respond to you.

    Best wishes and blessings always,

  18. Dear Perry, I don’t have a very quantifiable success story yet, but I can at least describe how meaningful your expertise has been for me up till this point.

    I’ve been part of an eCommmerce venture on the side of my regular job, for a few years. We’re creating and selling products that have real value, but clearly didn’t-know-what-we-didn’t-know for at least the first two years of being online.

    Eventually I started “asking the right questions” and stumbled across you.

    That’s when the curtain started to pull back for me. I realized there was a whole hidden universe of expertise behind the challenge of marketing online. It’s been overwhelming and exhilarating to try to learn what matters and become competent in this arena.

    “Guru Overload” seems to be a typical stage for somebody in the trenches like me. Starting from a foundation of absolute ignorance as I did, meant that I’ve been able to learn bits and pieces from almost anybody that claims to know something about online marketing, or marketing in general.

    But you are special, Perry. There just isn’t any question about that. And I am very, very grateful for the clarity, tone and quality of the information you continually share with people like me.

    Trying to simultaneously develop about 7 new skill-sets is really tough, especially just in “spare time.” There have been times when that intangible sense of support and encouragement from you and your colleagues has been the spark that’s made it possible to keep going.

    When I have a measurable, quantifiable success story to share, you’ll be the first to hear about it. In the meantime, I just want to say that I am grateful to be part of Planet Perry, and I can’t imagine that anybody with an intelligent, discerning mind would not feel the same way.

    Sincerely, Kelly Cusick

  19. Perry,

    Keep acting like the grown up in the room.

    In a world of adolescent marketers, you’re one of the few grownups in the room. Most marketing coaches appeal to the “info” crowd and the affiliate marketing crowd.

    I first heard of you when I had a software development consulting business. Your stuff about white papers, your small business marketing kit, your tips about sending press releases, your advice about buying an ad in an industry email newsletter separated you from other gurus targeting affiliate marketers.

    That’s why I’ve been on your email list for the past 9 years.

    What’s funny is that all you marketing gurus (Frank Kern, the original StomperNet guys, Terry Dean, Ryan Deiss etc.) all have the same mentors: Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, etc. Yet, despite this, I’ve never seen you promote stuff from Frank Kern, Ed Dale, Andy Jenkins, Mike Filsaime, etc. to your list. And I think that’s to your credit.

    But you have always differentiated yourself. That’s why I bought your AdWords guide back then. And it’s why I bought your Facebook guide last month.

    Consider this: you have a client in the fitness industry (I won’t mention their name) who has NOT been banned by Google yet. Compare that to almost ANY other fitness info product marketer that goes the Clickbank way (this guy does not sell via Clickbank) I know they have bought your products and used your advice because I am an affiliate of theirs and they recommend you. So as a result, they have a sustainable business that hasn’t been Google slapped.

    Now I love Clickbank and have made money by promoting products from there, but it tends to attract newbie affiliate marketers looking to get rick quick.

    You’ve never catered to that mentality. The only other people that I know that are like that are Andre Chaperon and Steve Gray with their “Tiny Little Businesses” coaching program as well as Leslie Rohde and Dan Theis with their new SEO coaching program… and to an extent, Ryan Deiss.

    And I think that’s why you’re so successful. You know who your target market is and you speak directly to them in language they can relate to. That’s just marketing 101.

    In the back of my mind, for the past 9 years, I’ve always KNOWN I’d have to attend one of your live sessions (Bobsled, 4-Man Intensive, etc.) once my business could afford it.


    1. Yes Raza, that’s also another thing I noticed by Perry was that he ONLY promoted something by Dr. Glenn Livingston once and something else by Ken McCarthy.

      That speaks VOLUMES.

      I really couldn’t stand getting e-mails saying, “My friend has this great new product” every other week. And belonging to MOST of their ‘friends’s’ newsletters, I easily saw that EVERYONE was promoting the SAME product for their ‘friend’!

      Ack.. Ick…

      Love it how you stay classy, Perry.

      Thanks again.

  20. I remember going to Tasmania , the island state of Australia and I said to a local down there that this place is absolutely beautiful I didn’t know , he said do me a favour don’t tell anyone,we like it the way it is.Much like my use of Perry Marshall content and courses I can’t tell my competitors why I’m successful online , It’s because of Perry . Thanks for everything .

  21. I am not sure that you can convince all people quickly that you are the one they need to listen to. Saying so could just turn them off. They need to KNOW for themselves that you are the one. Trial and error.

    What I have done is gradually weed out the interesting (sometimes) but less than useful voices. You are better than all the rest.

  22. Experience is the best teacher. As you know the best by meeting the liar, scammer, as you have something to compare with especially when you are a newbie. Cheap is expensive as you get started you go cheap and you pay the ultimate price of ignorance by getting 0$$. The experience you gain helps you separate you the boys from me or vice versa.

  23. Hello Perry,

    More radio interviews and podcasts that you regularly do like the one with Joe Polish at ILovemarketing or the game changer network…you have a way with words in interview’s that usually gets the point across very quickly! Hope to join one of your courses soon!



  24. Trial and error on the part of the student.

    Additionally, like you and others teach, by attracting your ideal customer. You are obviously perfect for those who get a lot from you, but other trainers have students who unsubscribed from uou because that trainer was more effective for them.

    1. OR could it be that the other messages were more ‘Shiny Toy Riches’ inclined and that’s what they wanted to hear?

  25. Well, You can always create a landing page for NEW People. Create your PPC gig for the same as something like: ‘ALERT NEW INFO-Marketers : Understand the Internet-Reality: That MOST people go bankrupt listening to bad advice. They never figure out who to listen to, the way Marilyn did.. Here You can read her results/tale & also know HOW you too can avoid this Time & Financial Disaster by entering your name & email below’.

    Thank You.

  26. Before i put this reply off, I might as well reply. I bough the 80/20 ebook. I am going to make a gift to several potential clients, of the book. I am yet to implement what I learnt but I believe I am already subconciusly performing 80/20 in my daily life. I identify with Marilyn. Just from one source, Linked-In, I get overwhelmed because i’ve joined many of the professional networks in Linkedin. Some valuable, some not. BTW. 20% is valuable and 80% not valuable
    :-) of the valuable 20percent, 20 pecent of that (4% of whole) is valuble and 80percentof the 20percent not valuable, leaves me with 1% of the whole of valuable connections when i futher disect it. It takes some time for me to realize this after I join. So i gues ‘I have to rack the shotgun.’
    Thanks for this wonderful book Perry.


  27. Unfortunately, I think that everyone has to wade thru the weeds for awhile. BUT, even after they’ve learned to tell the difference between weeds and wheat,choosing one over the other is not automatic. That’s where the daily discipline of recording one’s activities and evaluating their value becomes invaluable. Ruthlessly applying 80/20 to that record of activities is probably the single most important thing I do and my best defense against the hypnotic charm of noise.

  28. 1. Make the case that a student should follow one trainer.
    2. Make your case that the trainer should be you.
    3. There is far more to online success than marketing so you need to point them to people you trust who will not deviate from your training. That’s where most folks get in trouble. There’s SEO, web design, analytics, hosting, etc. A couple dozen things that can’t be overlooked.
    4. In my opinion, far to much training goes on and not enough “doing”. People need results, or they go broke. What they get is, “You need to do A. Here’s how you do A. They go about learning A. NOW, before you can implement A, you need to do B, C and D. Who is teaching B, C and D? That’s where people are lost. They head down that rabbit hole and never find their way back. Show them that won’t happen at Planet Perry.

  29. I agree with Marilyn wholeheartedly. Perry is like a beacon in a sea fog of hype, sleaze, ooze, falsehoods, misinformation, chest thumping, twirling mustaches, and slavering jaws.

    Perry delivers on the technical end, but also on the ‘head stuff’ which has been maybe even more life-changing for the entrepreneur who’s lost and starving in the wilderness.

    Perry’s new 80/20 book is a compass, survival guide, lifeline, firestarter, and cup of hot Joe all in one!

  30. “New” people are looking for magic tricks. It’s surprising how many of us WANT to believe that we don’t succeed because there is some secret hidden away from us.

    So part of the trick is to make stuff look as close to magic as possible.

    Also, techniques and strategies are very important. Once people see results they may become “believers”.

    The trouble is a lot of “gurus” can make you see results in your head, so people will follow bad advice as long as it seems credible (MLM companies?)

    Otherwise most of the companies that use infomercials would go out of business.

  31. I would really like to think about this but something tells me the simplest answer to this is that folks need to learn AND REALIZE this for themselves. This lady’s story is similar to mine in where I realized that Perry was making SO MUCH sense when most of the others weren’t; that it took me THREE YEARS of reading Perry’s mails before it really hit me. And yes I then not only unsubscribed to all these folks, but I completely obliterated that email account and created a new email account for my serious emails, INCLUDING Perry’s.

    It’s one of those things that you need to wade through until you reach the other side.

    Of Planet Perry.

  32. Provide a detailed report about the mistakes many make and do not realize they are making followed by a second report detailing the things that they should be doing but are not. Including testimonials should help as well. Your DNA marketing tool is incredibly useful too. This should help guide others to avoid making the same mistakes.

  33. Hi Perry;

    Agree with the reality that you, and those few you associate with & endorse, comprise the single best resource for success, both in business and in life.

    Have to say I feel the core of this springs from your willingness to pursue truth regardless of where the path leads;

    Upon such a foundation you cannot help but bless the lives of others willing to so venture as well;

    It tends to be a “self-qualifying” fraternity, eh?

    Continue to trust the instincts that have brought you thus far; you and all you reach will be the better for the association.

    Best Always;

    Rick Louis

  34. My brain seems to automatically select the top 20% in many ways. Finding Perry Marshall back in 2004 was one of those times and I haven’t been sorry for a moment. He is trustworthy and knowledgeable about what he shares; if he doesn’t know it best, he brings in an expert who does.

    I’d have to say Perry is in the top 20% of the top 20% of the top 20% of educators on internet marketing! You’ll have to read his book 80/20 Sales and Marketing if you don’t know what I mean.

    Thank you Perry!

  35. Perry,
    You asked for feedback on how to best communicate with the “new” prospect so they can see your value and differentiate you from the herd. Here goes.

    As a long time follower, I do indeed agree that your stuff is the best and anyone wanting to learn should put you at the top of their resource list.

    That said, your model has changed fairly dramatically over the years. In the early days (when it was just you and Todd and I first became a fan) your approach was very understated. Your image was the “Mad Scientist” who was eager to share your discoveries as the IM world evolved. It felt almost collaborative to follow and watch the ideas evolve.

    More recently, however, since you added staff a couple of years ago, the tone of your info has become much more aggressive and “pitchy” – you now more closely resemble every other self-appointed guru. That makes it much harder for new prospects to tell the difference between you and everyone else.

    I suppose I caution that guru status is, by definition, awarded by the followers. To claim that status is denying eligibility for it. In your case, the “Planet Perry” phrase, while a catchy alliteration, is also a self-appointment claim to guru status.

    Recommendation: go back to your roots where you and Todd are the only voices of the message.

    In marketing terms, appealing to new prospects is enhanced by differentiation. Your style change over the years, while earned, works against your differentiation.

    1. I have just been introduced to “planet perry” and am quite intrigued. I want to jump on board, but am hesitant for some reason. Can’t put my finger on it….Until i read the best reply on this blog (for me), that of Mike Moore. He articulated exactly what I was feeling. This was that there is an underlying tone of arrogance to the message. It’s hard when you “know” you have found the way and you feel compelled to help spread that message so that others can benefit. That’s what a truly generous person (you) wants do. For me, if you could alter that message to be truly *humble*, what in “Conscious Business” they call humility vs. arrogance, I believe many others would be infinitely more receptive to your message. Mike moore says “go back to your roots”. Everyone wins in this scenario.

      This is just my opinion, based on my experience, but I though others may be having a similar issue.

      Based on these reviews, and Mike’s ability to articulate what was holding me back, I’m ready to move past that and join “Planet Perry” nice to meet you all :) maybe today is the day that changes my life!

  36. Dear Peter. Hello. Read this. If you understand it and if it works for you out then it contains the answer to your question.

    ” What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that, you have lost everything.

    What is personal integrity? Personal integrity is knowing what you know. What you know is what you know and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity and there is no other integrity.

    Of course, we can talk about honor, truth, nobility—all these things as esoteric terms. But I think they would all be covered very well if what we really observed was what we observed, that we took care to observe what we were observing, that we always observed to observe. And not necessarily maintaining a skeptical attitude, a critical attitude or an open mind—not necessarily maintaining these things at all—but certainly maintaining sufficient personal integrity and sufficient personal belief and confidence in self and courage that we can observe what we observe and say what we have observed.

    Nothing in Scientology is true for you unless you have observed it and it is true according to your observation.

    That is all.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  37. My first thought was running a sort of proof experiment that would prove to Planet Perry newbies without a shadow of a doubt that you are definitely someone that should be listened to – Kind of like the fun “Pepsi Challenge” concept but adapted to your marketing & 80/20 expertise.

  38. Hi Perry.

    I guess this is kind of the the story of the “typical” quandry of a salesperson.

    “What can I say that will make the difference and persuade them to buy from me?”

    I wish I had the answer that worked every time. If I did, I would be a billionaire!

    However, I guess it comes back to providing a super-strong guarantee combined with a lot of high quality, very believable testimonials.

    Naturally, getting a warm referral/introduction also goes a long way. :-)

    Personally, I’m a very analytical person, so I like lots of facts & figures from trustworthy, independent sources.

    Years ago, my first real sales job was selling computers (late 386 up to early Pentium PCs), and I had a lot of success selling a specific model of NEC laptop by giving potential customers a photocopy of several reviews of the laptop from popular, respected computer magazines.

    I used to say to them “Look, it’s my job to tell you this is a great laptop. That hardly makes me unbiased, but that’s what I’m paid to do. However, here’s a couple of reviews from X & Y PC magazines. You can read what they think about them”

    Back in the days when an entry level notebook PC was $2500 and they went up to $8-10K, that sales pitch made me the biggest selling salesperson of that model in the company (across 4 large retail stores).

    Proof, trust & transparency go a LONG way to getting peoples attention, and when you can back it up with a killer guarantee, I think you’re best placed to win.

    I hope this helps.


  39. The best way is through testimonials like this. Tell stories of others success. Where you cannot do so, create realistic hypotheticals to allow the subscribers to see themselves. Maybe a checklist of how to apply 80/20 in simple ways that initially don’t threaten profits.

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