One Way Facebook Advertising Differs from Google AdWords

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Since people are not actively thinking about their keywords at the moment that they see your ad, you, as an advertiser, just have to be mindful of that. Here’s an example. I used this this last spring.

I saw this one day in my account and I’m like, why on earth am I being shown an ad for Wizard of Oz? Oh, duh, because in my list of favorite movies of all time, I had put in Wizard of Oz. I kind of had to stop and do it. Now, I was mindful of this, because I’m a pay-per-click advertiser. Most people are not, so they just see this and move on. I was wondering why am I being shown a Wizard of Oz ad, because it was clearly not at the forefront of my mind. I don’t stand in the shower every day and think, Dorothy, Toto. I don’t do that. Some do.

That being the case, if you’re going to advertise to me and say hey, are you a Wizard of Oz fan, there are at least things you need to do. This advertiser, at least, did right. They put “Wizard of Oz fan?” in the headline to at least remind a person oh yeah, I guess I am a Wizard of Oz fan, because despite the fact that that’s in my profile, it’s not something I think about. If you’re selling Wizard of Oz accouterments, then that’s just something you need to be mindful of.

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This is one way in which Facebook is very different from the content network. We say Toto, I have a feeling that we’re not on the content network anymore, because at least on the content network, you’re always being shown ads that bear some relevance to the page that you’re on or are looking at. With Facebook, you’re going to get shown ads that are not necessarily relevant to the page you’re looking on, and are certainly not a result some keyword that I just typed in.

You need to ask yourself, how current is the keyword topic or the likes and interest topic that I’m bidding on, how many hours a day does a person think about it, and how shocking or eye-catching would it be. Wizard of Oz is not particularly shocking or eye-catching. I do, on occasion, see advertisements for Wizard of Oz, but they tend not to show up again, they tend not to repeat. I usually see other advertisements for Wizard of Oz by other advertisers, but they tend not to stick around very long. It’s something you need to be mindful of.

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8 Comments on “One Way Facebook Advertising Differs from Google AdWords”

  1. I understood most of this article but not this part:

    >>>I usually see other advertisements for Wizard of Oz by other advertisers, but they tend not to stick around very long. It’s something you need to be mindful of.<<<

    Not sure what this means?

    Are you saying that other advertisers who try going this deep are leaving money on the table because they don't use this method 'long enough / enough repetitively?

    Some clarification would be TERRIFIC!

    Bless you, Perry.


    1. I forget the precise details of this example but the point I believe is that Facebook ads fatigue fast and the smart advertisers fatigue slower.

      1. So, don’t show the same ads on FB, in the manner that we’d show the same successful ads over and over at Adwords?

        1. You generally can’t count on running the same Facebook ads for many months or years. They fatigue. Sometimes fast. You rotate various offers through Facebook in succession.

      1. Wow! Would love to hear more about this, which I am sure you will elaborate when you know more about the differences in results between this system and your Fanalytics FB program.


  2. We have been dabbling in the Facebook marketing recently, after being awarded a credit by starting a Facebook page for our real-estate site. Still waiting to see how it turns out. However it seems to be only showing up for people that have “real estate agent” as there current job position

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