Stop Doing What You Do Best

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80/20 Liberation is not about eliminating the tasks that you don’t do well.

80/20 Liberation is not about eliminating low-skill, low-value tasks from your daily to-do list.

80/20 Liberation is not about hiring a personal assistant or a cook or a house cleaner.

80/20 Liberation is not about spending more time doing what you do best.

All those steps are 80/20 kindergarten.

80/20 Liberation is not about DOING at all. Here ‘s an example…

Writing copy for my business is a task I do very well. I enjoy writing copy. Writing copy is a highly-skilled, high-value tasks on my “to-do” list. I can’t hire an assistant at $15/hour to do this work. According to most time management methodologies, writing copy is something I DO best and should DO more.

But that’s 80/20 kindergarten. Or at least 80/20 elementary school.

According to Richard Koch, (who should know, since he works one hour a day and is worth over a quarter of a billion dollars, and attributes his success to systematically DOING less), if you’re focusing on DOING anything, you’re DOING it all wrong.

So, I’ve trained John Fancher to do something that most time management experts would tell me I should do myself: Write a lot of copy for me.

And if you think that training a few people to do the tasks that you’re not good at, and the tasks you don’t want to do, and the tasks that aren’t highly-skilled or highly-valued enough for you to do has made you more productive…well, all I can say it, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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Because eliminating the tasks that most experts say you should DO more…that’s the real power of 80/20 Liberation.

Everything you DO should be DONE by someone else. Period.

Is that hard to swallow? Yes. It is for me too. I’m not there yet, but I’m working my way there deliberately and steadily. I’m convinced it’s the only way I (and entrepreneurs like me) can take our businesses to where we want them to go. I’m looking at everything I DO and asking how I can train someone else to do it.

Because real 80/20 Liberation has nothing to do with DOING. It’s not about reducing your workload by a few hours a week so you can get more done (although that’s a happy by-product of the first baby steps). It’s about liberating you so that your business works better when you’re not even there. Works better when you take 2 weeks or even 2 months off and nobody can reach you.

That may be hard to swallow too, but that’s how profound 80/20 Liberation is.

So, if you thought 80/20 Liberation was just another time management seminar, think again.

Everything you do should be done by someone else. Period.

This is just one of the secrets that I’ll teach you in my foundational 80/20 training, 80/20 Productivity Express, to help you graduate from 80/20 kindergarten to 80/20 Liberation.

It usually sells for $299, but you can get it at no extra charge with your New Renaissance membership.

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