The 80/20 Curve: Where All the Real Productivity Comes From

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The familiar old bell curve is the wrong curve to be paying attention to in business.

There’s a different curve that gives you a far more powerful way to look at the world. It’s the 80/20 Curve.

Perry Marshall illustrates this and shows why almost everything meaningful that you can measure in business is actually on the 80/20 Curve, not the old bell curve. (The extremes are where all the productivity actually comes from.)

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Also: What the 80/20 Curve teaches us about entering new markets. Namely, the ease at which you can go get a new customer, how to get market share, and what happens once your share of the market exceeds 20%.

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5 Comments on “The 80/20 Curve: Where All the Real Productivity Comes From”

  1. From now on, whenever I feel I need to argue with someone, I’ll pull out my phone, text them a link to your video, say “check your phone” and walk out.

    Dead serious — this is THE solution to so many thinking errors.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve been promoting 80/20 or Pareto as it is sometimes referred to (after the French mathematician) for the last 20yrs. It has been the single most prominent factor to success I have enjoyed in business. However, although it is a very simple principle many people struggle to understand it and prefer to stick to the false prophet of averages.

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