Josh Long’s Parabola Rant

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My Advanced Mastery Network is off and running.

It’s the most high-powered gathering of entrepreneurial fighter pilots and STAR business owners that I’ve ever assembled.

And I want to give you a quick peek under the tent flap of our last confab.

But be warned: strong language ahead.

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Josh Long watched Michael Jordan’s basketball Hall of Fame speech back in 2009 and was appalled.

He shook his head and thought “This guy has every success you can dream of…but he’s not free…in fact, he’s ___!”

Well, I won’t use the word here that Josh used in his rant.

But his 2-minute “parabola” theory is something every entrepreneur needs to hear.


Watch the short video above and get free, not______.

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5 Comments on “Josh Long’s Parabola Rant”

  1. So true!! I love it. I’ve never heard anyone say that Tiger Woods is F*+€*=, but as soon as I heard the list I laughed out loud. I knew in my soul it’s true! No wonder people run from success and growing their set point, because those type of people are the role models! More like they are the examples of what NOT to do. Definitely write that book!

  2. Interesting thought as I watched this…maybe my “memo” from the head office…It seems like those on the (ahemmm) side of the parabola panic when their success is taken away. That was their validation. That was their proof. That was their identity.

    Not so for the free side…their success doesn’t equate to external validation. They don’t need the trophies. They don’t need the accolades. They already “know.” Maybe that’s the difference between confidence and arrogance. Confidence already knows internally. Arrogance seeks external validation.

    It’s all good though…I’ve been on both sides of the equation. And in some areas of my life, I’m still on the other side. ;)

  3. Thank you for sharing. There’s a lot of us that needed to hear that it’s true sometimes you can equate success to the wrong side of the curve when there are many to aspire to on the ‘Free’ side. Great post

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