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3. Are you buying traffic and advertising with at least one currently-active Google AdWords campaign? How long have you been advertising with Google AdWords?

4. What is your total monthly advertising / web traffic budget right now, including pay-per-click, paying affiliates and other online marketing costs?

5. What forms of media do you regularly use to generate new business for your business?

6. Is your primary site or source of online revenue an affiliate program where you're promoting someone else's products or services? If so, do you have control over the advertising copy on the site, along with the authority to collect contact information and maintain your own ongoing communication with visitors and buyers?

7. What is your monthly sales volume in dollars?

8. What is your #1 goal with this coaching program? What result would you consider to be a success?

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 Chicago: June 10th, 2021 - June 11th, 2021
 Chicago: August 12th, 2021 - August 13th, 2021