Rob Berkley, Compassionate Business Genius – Part 2

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Do you hate it when you look out your cockpit window and see you’re about to SMASH into the side of a mountain – and you’ve got only 500 feet to jerk your airplane into a whole new direction or else you die?

Me, Susan Kruger and Rob Berkley

That’s what I was experiencing when I first sought out Rob Berkley. It’s what happens when you’re flying a machine that *should* run by instruments but you’re piloting by sight instead.

Flying by sight is fine when skies are clear and your business is at $200K a year… but once you pass $2 million, it’s a guaranteed kamikaze mission.

The first time I met Rob Berkley, I was on the tail end of my long dark night of the soul. We bumped into each other at a seminar somewhere. I had heard about Rob MANY times from my late mentor Tom Hoobyar.

We shared a meal. I began describing my life. “I’ve been going through emotional recovery, Rob. I’ve been puking my guts out. It’s flat out the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life.”

Rob had a ruddy, weathered face that conveyed years of battles, losses and victories. He smiled knowingly – just enough of a smile to convey warmth and compassion.

Rob said, “Everybody goes through this. But if you stay in the game and hang in there – and remain 100% honest with yourself… once you emerge on the other side you’re immensely richer for the experience. Then, nothing short of death can take you out.”

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The temp outside could be 60 degrees below zero, but if Rob was around, you felt warm inside.

Rob had walked LOTS of people through gale-force winds and hurricane conditions. His hand was steady. From 2013-2016 my own business experienced a very rough transition.

On the surface it was going from “Google AdWords guy” to “80/20 guy.” But that was only the surface level. The deeper level was going from crisis management and “idea of the week” to running this thing like a real business.

This involved far more than just business advice. It was a total change in the family dynamic of our team and daily habits. Painful decisions had to be made. Replacing staff members, discontinuing product lines, prying my control-freak fingers off of stuff and facing up to my own limitations as a leader.

Rob just passed after a 16 month battle with cancer. I miss Rob. Rob and I spent HOURS of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and mastermind gatherings, navigating changes together.

The recording below has a SIZZLING piece of uber-practical advice: “Circle of Commitment.” Watch out for when Rob says, “If I had to do one thing to turn an organization around” because he’s delivering an incredibly simple yet profound set of steps that stops chaos in its tracks.

“Going from Entrepreneur to CEO”

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One Comment on “Rob Berkley, Compassionate Business Genius – Part 2”

  1. Dear Perry,
    Rob gave me the same incredible experience. Rob help me take control of my life by teaching me to say “no”. I was overcommitted and losing my freedom because of unimportant tasks that I put on plate. Rob deftly and masterfully navigated through these to give me the space to enjoy things again. Our journey was cut short by his passing, but the knowledge, experience and words of wisdom live on in all of the VisionDay materials, blogs and videos that Rob graciously left us. My hope is that we all keep interacting in order to keep his mission moving forward….

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