Band-Aid vs. Permanent

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I have a client who sold his southern plantation house on 2 acres. He moved his family into a one-bedroom apartment. Has been driving a beat up GMC van with 350,000 miles.

His daughter sleeps on the couch in his living room. His wife hasn’t bought new clothes in 3 years. He has plowed EVERYTHING into this business.

Guess what… right this minute, he’s trying to figure out how to get his bank to accept a $30 million wire transfer!

First order from a major overseas customer.

Normally, once these customers start buying, they buy for years. There will be more. And more.

I stopped in to see him over the weekend. He picked me up from the airport in his beat-up GMC van. He explained to me how he’s taken a completely different approach to making his widgets. He found a way to make them with a $2,000 machine instead of a $100,000 machine, using a special retrofit.

It might just sound like a convenient “hack” … but it’s a fundamental improvement for making widgets.

On the other hand…

I have never seen a time when more people were strung out by band-aid quick fixes, and less focused on permanent solutions.

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* Most salvos at buying web traffic last days. (Weeks if you’re lucky. Especially on Facebook.). A month later you’re starting over from scratch.

* Most people saturate their brains with news and current events that will be completely irrelevant 2 weeks from now

Band-aids beget more band-aids. Eventually you can’t see your way out of the morass.

Are you tired of it yet?

You become like your friends. If your friends are solving problems permanently, like my soon-to-be wealthy client, you will too. The Truth Seminar is a culture of permanent problem solvers.

In the past few months, I’ve reached new clarity on how I solve problems.

May 21-23 I’m teaching my method – it’s applicable to anybody anywhere… and I’m also drawing out the REAL stories of people who likewise generate permanent solutions to hard problems.

This simply does not exist anywhere else. I’ve used this over and over to great success and I’m teaching it for three immersive days of brain stimulation.

I haven’t put the sales page isn’t up yet, so you can get the super-early-bird price if you order before I do.


Perry Marshall

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