This Is What Head Trash Sounds Like

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How cruel are you when you talk to yourself?

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Abi Stumvoll vividly illustrates at the Heaven in Business conference.

What does your self talk sound like?

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6 Comments on “This Is What Head Trash Sounds Like”

  1. Wow what an awesome message! I also find that when others around you, for example your spouse, bombards you with negative thoughts it only deepens the inadequacy that you feel towards yourself! All the more it is important to remind yourself that God created me to be awesome and that i CAN and WILL achieve great things! “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son” and that He did that for ME because I am worthy and loved by the very God that created me!!!!

  2. Wow. Have to admit that’s one relationship I’ve neglected for years. Sometimes I like to believe I get “fired up” and pushed ahead by my negative self talk…achieving in spite of it. But, if I’m honest, listening to that voice has done nothing but hold me back. Thanks for this share!

  3. I’d guess most people would admit to negative self talk but the recording shows actually how brutal it can be – if you saw that interaction just once between two people you would be disgusted. Truth is for many people it happens daily and is just as brutal as the speaker delivers.

    Food for thought on being mindful and learning to ignore/reject/fight back to what goes on inside our heads (and to raise awareness for those around us too!)

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Grateful for this video, such a great reminder it’s the enemy that accuses, it’s my part not to agree or believe in the lies I’m being told.

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