*EXTREME WARNING* Google is Editing Your Account

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Google is Editing Your Account and Writing Ads for You
without Your Permission.

Rob Sieracki of Ox Optimal Testifies:

Google is at a new level of aggression, forcing their will on accounts.

Google is making changes to accounts without real notice.

I’m not talking about those auto suggestions that raised a stir. This is new. This stuff goes live immediately.

Even if you are opted out of “auto suggestions” and have done everything you can to opt out of Google making changes to your account, we have 9 instances in the last week where they still are making changes.

It’s sinister.

They are going up via bulk upload. You go to look…. Who made the changes?… and there’s zero trace on it. Nothing. No change owner. Keyword additions and responsive search ads are the changes we’ve seen.

What’s going on is that Google does email you telling you’re going to do it. They proceed if you don’t say no. I’ve been saying they’re making these changes without notice because in every case the email was never received. Maybe some went to spam, but we’ve seen Google proceeds even if the email went to a dead email address and bounced back. They’re not asking permission; they’re telling you what’s going to happen, and you can tell them to stop or delete them, but if you don’t get through to them the changes are going in and going live immediately, and they’re sneaky to find in an account of any size. Change history doesn’t even reveal them, like I said.

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It’s not artificial intelligence, either. It’s naturally unintelligent changes. You’ll laugh — some of the ads Google uploaded broke Google’s own policy and got disapproved. One hand slaps the other.

Proactively tell Google you don’t want any changes. That’s what I suggest. Put it in writing. Also, check what email addresses are associated with your account and make sure only valid email addresses exist and poke your spam looking for Google Ads messages. Keep your eyes open in your account. They won’t appear in Change History, but they will in Bulk Actions.

-Rob at Ox Optimal

Perry says: Google is begging for a Class Action Lawsuit by advertisers but, meanwhile, you had better sleep with one eye open. If your ads are managed by an agency, do not assume that they are catching this stuff because 98% of them won’t.

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