“If You Give Amazon $16.47 And Commit Just 10
Minutes A Day To Reading My Book The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords – Then 30 Days From Now You’ll Be Smarter Than 98% Of All Other Google Advertisers!”

(Not Only About AdWords – But ALL
Essential Online Marketing Skills.)

Dear Online Marketing Professional:

Whoever invented the piano surely gave the world a great gift. But I seriously doubt he’s the best person to teach your kids how to play.

Likewise, Google AdWords may be the greatest innovation in advertising in the last 50 years. But heaven help you if you rely on Google’s free online help (or worse yet their staff) to lead you through the minefield.

Google employees get a lot of perks – free lunches prepared by 5-star chefs, complementary child care, free haircuts, oil changes and laundry done for them. Google is a luxurious place to work. Good for them.

But Google employees do NOT have their ass on the line every day trying to make a small business succeed. Not like you do.

Because they are not spending their own hard-earned money to drive traffic to their own websites, they cannot and will not show you the best way to squeeze every drop of performance out of your Google campaigns. Any more than the casinos in Vegas will teach you how to win against the house.

After all, it’s your advertising dollars that are funding the 5-Star lunches and free childcare. Right?

I’ve never pretended that success online is an easy day at the beach. The Pay Per Click game is more than five years old now, and there are hundreds of thousands of advertisers duking it out, trying to out-bid and out-smart each other. If you’re just getting started, I’ll warn you now: You’d better sharpen your pencil, pal, ‘cuz it ain’t as easy as it looks. A lot of people have poured a lot of money down the AdWords Money Pit with nothing to show for it.

That’s why Bryan Todd and I both took our five years of AdWords experience and poured it into a new book that’s now hit the bookstores, Amazon and BN.com: The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. At a list price of $24.95 with a generous discount from many retailers, I dare you to find any marketing book anywhere with more practical, business building advice for less than three or four times its modest price. Bryan and I mastered this game on our own dime, we’ve helped literally tens of thousands of people win at Google, and we disclose secrets Google will never tell.

“If This Book Is Such A Steal, Why Did
You Guys Write It In The First Place?”

(Hint: We didn’t do it for the money)

For a five-figure advance and a couple bucks royalty per copy, we ain’t gonna get rich just ‘cuz we wrote this book. Heck, I make more money than the advance I got from the publisher, just doing a 2-day training seminar right here in my office. In fact I seriously wondered if this would just cannibalize the sales of my other products. (I know you’re wondering how this compares to my e-books like the Definitive Guide, I’ll get to that in a minute.)

The reason we did it is: The mainstream media doesn’t take you seriously until you have a book in the bookstores. You can be literally world-famous on the Internet with 80,000 hits on Google itself. You can charge $9,000 a day for consulting, and you can speak at $5,000 seminars, you can have $14,000/year coaching programs, all of which I do… but you still won’t get interviews with USA Today and Wired Magazine and the Post and the Wall Street Journal unless you’re a trade-published author.

And that, my friend, is why Bryan and I are giving away $100+ of information for sixteen dollars and forty-seven cents on Amazon. Because that’s what you’ve got to do to get the brick-and-mortar guys to take you seriously.

We didn’t do no hack job with this book either, ‘cuz we don’t do things
half ass. You wanna make your AdWords account vibrate with joy? Apply the wisdom in its pages. Here’s what’s inside:

  • A fast start guide, which takes you by the hand and leads you through basic and advanced keyword research, writing your first ads, setting sensible bid prices, and getting instant traffic to your website
  • Safely navigating the Google minefield, not paying a penny more than you should for content traffic, avoiding the ‘happy clickers’ who give Google your money but don’t buy, and finessing their system for max performance
  • The art of crafting Google ads that attract eyeballs, clicks, and earn you money
  • How to triple your Click Thru Rate – no genius required
  • How to triple your traffic with Site-Targeted AdSense and Google Image Ads
  • Local ads on Google: Beating the Yellow Pages
  • The most-ignored secret behind the most profitable marketing campaigns: How to formulate a killer marketing message that begins with the very first click
  • How to use e-mail to transform those expensive clicks into profitable customers – including personality and pizzazz that makes you ultra-persuasive, and your list ultra-responsive
  • The winning method the world’s smartest marketers stole from the Wright Brothers
  • Google’s Conversion Tracking Tools: How to use them for max profitability, and a counter-intuitive way to tweak your numbers and save even more money
  • Stepping into the ring when it’s most brutal
  • Grinding down your competition: A Google lesson from Han Solo
  • Strategies for AdWords account managers with multiple clients
  • An extensive Frequently Asked Questions section that covers the trickier aspects of playing this game right

Special Supplemental Chapters

That Make This Book Totally Unique

For people who already own our Definitive Guide – and also for beginners who are trying to get their arms around the complexities of Tangled Web 2.0 – we added some additional material to sweeten the deal:

  • In my new chapter “17 Things Yo’ Mamma Never Told You About Google” I teach you the tell-tale signs of good and bad markets, little known realities about Impression Share, and the one critical insight I learned from infomercials. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book.
  • Untapped AdWords copy ideas – totally out-of-the-box approaches that can make stale ads sizzle. Bryan and I developed an entirely new approach that makes breaking out of your existing mindset literally formulaic. If you’re stuck on a certain ad formula, this will inject your imagination with new inspiration
  • Stephen Mahaney of Planet Ocean publishes what I consider to be the #1 Search Engine Optmization resource out there. When you go to an Online marketing conference and talk to the grizzled veterans, you’ll find they all study Stephen. I coaxed him into writing a chapter for this book on Search Engine Optimization – the organic free Google traffic that eludes so many people. It’s simple, direct, and easy to apply
  • A couple of vitally important chapters on using e-mail to build solid customer relationshps long after the very first click. In my opinion, skillful use of email is absolutely critical for the success of today’s Internet marketer
  • John Carlton, the world-class copywriting legend, contributed a chapter on writing sales copy, seductive bullets and astonishingly effective hooks.

The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Includes a set of online bonuses worth $85.00, including extended chapters that we couldn’t fit into the book. Some of those bonuses include:

  • Tools for keyword research, sales tracking and Search Engine Optimization
  • MP3 audio & handouts from Perry Marshall’s seminar presentation in Las Vegas (attendees paid $1500 to attend)
  • The Handy “Google AdWords Success Cheat Sheet” (delivered to you via good old-fashioned snail-mail)
  • Timely Email Updates on Google’s ever-changing rules
  • An extended, uncut version of John Carlton’s chapter on persuasive Copywriting for the web (it’s three times longer than what made it into the book, and a bit racier), turning those tire-kickers into buyers
  • Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins – the complete classic in Adobe PDF
  • Special reports of winning ads and marketing strategies from our top coaching students and clients
  • Perry’s Bonus Session for Renaissance Club Members at The System – 3-hour hot-seat session at a $2000 seminar – any question members wanted to ask. This covers a huge range of topics from branding and publicity to e-mail newsletters and niche marketing

And A Special Contribution From The Greatest Advertising-Genius Of All Time…

Claude Hopkins

Ever since Claude Hopkins wrote his landmark book Scientific Advertising in 1918, the world has never been the same. Every marketer who’s making money online is following the advice of Claude Hopkins whether they know it or not. The genius of Hopkins is, he’s all about the timeless principles, not the flash-in-the-pan techniques. So at the end of almost every chapter, we have a section on what Uncle Claude had to say about each particular topic. It’s a convergence of timeless wisdom with state of the art, nanosecond Internet technology.

Mark Hendricks said if this were an e-book it would cost $200. He’s dead right. Ken McCarthy, founder of The System Seminar, said on a teleseminar with 500 people listening, “If you’re not AMAZED by this book – and I don’t mean ‘yeah this book is OK’, I mean really AMAZED, then send it to me and I’ll refund your purchase price and give the book to one of my friends.”

In case you wonder if Ken really means that, buy the book and decide for yourself whether you are, in fact, amazed. Ken’s address is: Amacord, 14 North Road, Tivoli New York, 14583.

“What’s The Difference Between The Ultimate Guide
Bookstore-Book And The Definitive Guide E-Book
That You Sell On Your Website?”

There’s definitely overlap – both books will solidly teach you how to play the AdWords game. In fact you couldn’t go wrong owning both. But here are the differences:

  • The Ultimate Guide (bookstore book) is geared more towards beginners and people who are just getting familiar with online marketing. It doesn’t assume you know a lot of “Internet Marketer” terminology.
  • It includes the chapters on organic Search Engine Optimization, copywriting, email marketing and website psychology – because just knowing Google Adwords is NOT enough all by itself. These chapters alone, John Carlton’s copywriting section for example, are worth the price of admission.
  • The Definitive Guide (instant download ebook) comes a lot quicker, ‘cuz it’s instant, in Adobe PDF. You can start devouring it less than five minutes from now. It’s written for people who already understand online marketing, know the terminology, and who are laser focused on AdWords. The scope is narrower and deeper. It has a considerable amount of additional material covering specialized aspects of AdWords.
  • An example of the difference: The $97 Enhanced version of the Definitive Guide has “Jet Fuel For Google Cash” which is a step by step, blow by blow tutorial on how to begin as an affiliate marketer and eventually own your market. I would not dream of putting information this specialized and valuable in a $16 book. Nor would most bookstore buyers grasp the significance of this anyway.

If you’re a remorseless bargain-hunter, or if you have some kind of terrible aversion to e-books, the bookstore book may be the bargain of the century. At the same time the Definitive Guide goes deeper into a number of AdWords topics. If you’re playing this game for keeps, sooner or later you may want to own both. You may also to consider some of my other videos on sales conversion and consulting packages and coaching programs. Meanwhile either one of these books will get you off to an excellent start.

Please, don’t even think of doing Google AdWords without getting this kind of help first. You’ll squander hundreds, thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars, and wonder why you didn’t get more sales. You’ll feel disappointed knowing that you ain’t ever getting your money back… meanwhile, Google’s billionaire founders Larry and Sergey will gladly take your money and order themselves some five-star French Cuisine for lunch at Google headquarters. Or maybe they’ll buy a baseball team. Bon App?tit!

All I’m asking you to do is: Commit $16.47 once, and 10 minutes a day for a month. It’ll make a gigantic difference, long term. For many if not most advertisers this book will pay for itself every single day for as long as you advertise on Google, both in reduced click prices and increased sales.

Where To Buy: You can get the Ultimate Guide at your local bookstore, or on Amazon, or on the Barnes & Noble website. And remember, once you get the book, inside you’ll find access to $85 of online bonuses.

Now’s your chance to cash in on my insanity (maybe it’s my huge inflated ego that wants to get written up in USA Today) and get what I think will prove to be the best textbook on Internet Marketing of this year.

My best to you,

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

P.S.: It worked – Publishing a book did get me written up in USA Today. Read the whole article here

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