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“Finally, an Affiliate Program that Generously Converts the Visitors You Send into Cash, Sells Hot, Rave-Review Products, and Puts a Hefty Commission in Your PayPal Account Every Month!”

Dear Affiliate Partner,

With the possible exception of Amway, I don’t think anything on earth has ever been over-hyped as much as affiliate marketing.

You soon discover that with most affiliate programs, you can send hundreds or even thousands of visitors to somebody’s site before anyone buys anything.


You may have spent a lot of money to get that traffic… but all you get in return is a skinny little commission check.

Have you ever felt like someone else’s guinea pig?

That might have been okay in 1999 – but this is the 21st century. Quality traffic is worth real money, and if the programs you promote don’t put cash in your pocket, then you need to promote something else.

If you earn money promoting affiliate programs, here’s a tip I hope you never, ever forget. It will save you hours of toil and earn you thousands of dollars: Before anybody even permits you to sign up and become their affiliate, you darn well better make sure they’ve thoroughly tested & proven their sales letter and their ordering process first.

With their own money, not yours!

Let me explain.

I’m not Mother Teresa, or God’s gift to business or anything like that. But I do take my affiliates and their hard work very seriously.

If you send visitors to my website, it is my duty as your marketing partner to do everything I can to turn those hard-earned visitors into commission dollars. You’ve got mouths to feed too, after all.

So before I ever even signed up my first affiliate, I took my own medicine. I bought traffic on Google AdWords with my own money (not someone else’s) and spent no less than three months tweaking, fine tuning and improving my sales letter, my price points and my product offer.

I even had it ruthlessly critiqued by a number of notorious, world-class copywriters, just to make sure it would attract new customers like a 480-volt electromagnet.

Why did I do this? So that when affiliates like you start sending me traffic, you can collect the fattest possible commission checks.

You Make More Money

Because I did my Homework First

What that means is now my affiliates are getting paid handsomely for the traffic they send me. If the visitors you send are looking for ways to get traffic to their site, then our products sell.

Now of course I can’t guarantee what YOU will make, because I have no control over the kind of people you send. But I can assure you if you send folks who operate real businesses and want to master Google AdWords (or generate more sales or sales leads) then I seriously doubt there’s a better site to send ’em to.

We Pay Commission Every Month

We pay you with PayPal once a month ($200 minimum payout). You don’t have to wait six or eight weeks for the dollars to come back to you!

Performance-Tested and Proven Headlines and Copy

In your affiliate startup info, you’ll get words, phrases and paragraphs that will compel people to click on your links and come to the site. You’ll get maximum traction on your website, your email newsletter and however else you choose to advertise.

We Support You with Hard-Coded “theft-proof” links

If you’ve got a large email list (in the thousands) and/or a Page Rank of 4 or more, let us know and we’ll give you a special, theft-proof hard-coded affiliate link that doesn’t look like an affiliate link. Helps you sell more.

So Here’s the deal:

  • You get a 15% commission on all products except consultation products and the 80/20 Sales & Marketing book. Commission for the book is currently $14.
  • You can promote my landmark 80/20 Sales & Marketing book, my Look Over Perry’s Shoulder email writing course, and my Swiss Army Knife ad-writing course.
  • I pour a lot of myself into these products. They have real, hard-core tips and advice. They have personality. You get to sell highest-quality, information-rich tools and books that all have a unique twist and identity – not like all those junky e-books.
  • More cool products are coming soon.

The Fine Print

Yeah, there are some formalities we need to get out of the way:

The details of this agreement may be revised at the discretion of Perry S. Marshall & Associates.

All affiliate applications are subject to approval.

Promoting via Email: Use of my affiliate program in conjunction with any form of spam, rented email lists or anything other than your own opt-in customers who have an established relationship with you, is absolutely, strictly forbidden.

Promoting via eBay: Use of my affiliate program or resale of my materials in conjunction with eBay or any other auction sites is also strictly forbidden.

Such use – either via auction sites or abuse or misuse of e-mail – will result in termination of your account and forfeiture of any commissions.

Also, we don’t pay commissions on products you buy through your own affiliate link. That wouldn’t be fair to the person who referred you.

We reserve the right to terminate, without notification, the affiliate account of any affiliate partners who have not generated commissions in the past 3 years.

Okay, enough preamble. Click here to get started!


Perry Marshall