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Perry Marshall’s City Tour
18 April 2019

In April, I’ll be in Singapore conducting one of my legendary “Intensives.” (Click here if you’re interested in that event.)

But the day before that begins, I’ll be delivering my “Advanced Lead Generation” presentation.

I’ve given this presentation in the US and Ireland, and now I’m bringing it to the other side of the globe.

If you live in India, China, Malaysia or Australia this might be your best chance to catch this business-transforming presentation.

Dear Entrepreneur:

If you are trying to generate leads in 2019, you face FIVE pressing problems.

PRESSING PROBLEM #1: The ever-accelerating treadmill of Google and Facebook, with click prices spiraling upwards.

I talked to Greg this morning. He’s a very educated marketer, with a work ethic that would choke a thoroughbred racehorse. He says to me:

“In the first quarter of 2014 I was slaying on Facebook. I was getting 1,000 opt-ins a day. Some days, I was getting ALL my money back within two weeks. It was just amazing. Since then it’s just gotten harder. Steadily, steadily harder ever since.”

Greg continues:

“I’m only getting 1/3 the traffic I got then and it’s four times as expensive. I’m using Google, Facebook, YouTube, email. I’m segmenting my lists. I craft my webinars with precision. I’m dropping postcards. But I’m still falling behind.”

“Perry,” he says, “I’ve been on your list, I’ve heard this. I know should be split testing all my ads. I know I should roll out alternate offers. I know I should be keeping up with the latest PPC features. But let’s face it, I’m not doing it be-cause until now it hasn’t been easy. It’s been very difficult to pull all this off.

“Perry, I read your newsletter and it’s like, oh, I’m so dumb. I’m not doing split testing. And it prods me to do a little bit of it for awhile… but then I kind of get away from it. How can I jumpstart my split testing system?

“Dang, it’s a hell of a lot of work. Like pulling it all together and executing it is just more than I can manage. Plus I’ve had problems with retargeting audienc-es even getting big enough to get impressions on Facebook at times.

“Where I’m at now, I’m like, I used to make more money with less effort, and now I’m working harder than ever, you know. And I’m more time stressed than ever and it’s gone from… maybe I didn’t realize that the wind was at my back. But now the wind’s in my face. You always feel like the bear is always chasing you.

“And there’s more competitors. More, more, more, coming into our space. Every, every day I go onto Facebook, there are more smart competitors out, trying to steal customers.”

PRESSING PROBLEM #2: The free line has moved past free! Books used to cost $14. Now authors spend $14 just to put a book in your hands. Some of ‘em will even pay you to read it.

This means that your free report, white paper, free software download, free video, free 30 day membership… IS MEANINGLESS.

It means your free consultation, your free evaluation, gets nothing but a snoooooze reaction from most people.

PRESSING PROBLEM #3: Both Google and Facebook have crafted a web of deception. (All you have to do is take Google’s phone calls, read their emails and obey the advice of their reps, and your campaigns will descend into the murky swamp never to appear again.)

Asia Intensive

Date: April 19-20, 2019

If you’re thinking of attending the Singapore Advanced Lead Generation workshop, you should also consider attending my Asia Intensive (it includes free attendance to the Singapore Advanced Lead Generation workshop).

I’m taking a team of six people (max) who will come to a special location in Singapore and get personal help from me. You and five other entrepreneurs (no more than that) will get together here and I’ll help each of you – and you’ll help each other – execute and perfect your business strategy.

We’ll meet for two days. We’ll hone in on anything you want to talk about. We’ll work on any project you bring with you. We’ll sharpen your DSP, explore how to leverage network effect, craft sizzling copy with my Swiss Army Knife… whatever it is that you need to move ahead at maximum speed, so that this coming year is a killer year for your business.

You can attend as a hot seat participant or as an observer (view other participants’ hot seats). Both observer and hot seat buyers get to attend the Singapore Advanced Lead Generation Workshop for free! You can read more about the Asia Intensive here.

Your Telephone Just Rang.
Google is calling.
If You Pick It Up, It’ll Cost You $30,000.

Rob Sieracki did the webinar recently with me on Google’s deceptive practices and how they stack the deck against the average business.

Get a load of this, below. Whoa.


Perry and I talked on Tuesday October 9th, 2018. Did a webinar with sky-high attendance. Talked about advertisers getting manipulative, deceptive phone calls from Google. Google telling people that dumb ideas are smart and smart ideas are dumb.

Our Ox Optimal email addresses got a version of this email below in THREE places the following day from a clueless Google rep.

Can I tell you what’s wrong with this email?

(No, I do not mean to put your attention to the fact that the word “Hi” is spelled wrong, nor that “I am your Google Accounts Strategists” makes not 1 but TWO singular/plural mistakes in a mere six words.)

What’s wrong with it is that it’s needlessly alarming.

It’s attention getting, sure.

It’s getting your attention for faulty reasons, though — so this woman at Google can get you on the phone and push Google’s agenda on you, because she needs a high % of you to adopt practices that make sense to Google, that may or may not make sense for you.

The phrase “that may or may not make sense for you” is me being generous, as more than half of what they want you to adopt is probably bad for the average advertiser and certainly bad for the smart advertiser willing to put time in.

I passed this email below past a private equity friend of mine who’s a veteran of some “business situations with legal angles” as I would call them, and he said this…

Whoa. They may have a Department Of Justice / Federal Trade Commission issue on their hands there.

That, by the way, is more likely once the rep tells me it was just a template email, in a later correspondence. True! One of her excuses is that she was just using a template. (The trouble they may be or not is my unexpert armchair musing, not some legal opinion, of course.)

Talk about missing the mark.

The rep has some problems when she presses the button that sends that email, not only because she sends it to me. The problems have to do with facts and numbers. The account and that campaign in particular are doing wonders.

This is one of our very smallest clients. The backstory is that they are friends of friends, and they’re a sizable business in the Midwest that sells one type of product but mainly sells it through distributors at places like Target and REI– and not online themselves, not primarily.

They’re in a small town. They employ good people. Their existence makes a difference to people I care about. I do not want to see them screwed. A good friend of mine owns the company that does their website work, which is sub-stantial because their brand is substantial even if online commerce isn’t their focus. This is a company people naturally rally around.

You can’t imagine a place where pointing your finger accusingly is more off-base. Not only because it’s unsportsmanlike to be coercive to these nice guys, but because that campaign being pointed at went from being kinda meh to a real money maker in the last year, incredibly so. All kinds of facts make this Google woman’s message screwy…

  • The cost per conversion she points at may be up slightly, but I cannot find any way to slice and dice the time that it’s up anywhere near the amount she says
  • The ratio is fine, it’s at 6.95 ROAS and that matters — by ratio I mean the amount of money they make off adspend, which is about the same as be-fore, within 0.30% of before — so they’re making incredibly money on this traffic
  • The difference in what they make in a month on this campaign alone is staggering compared to before
    • YOY income is 393.21% of what it was last year, so high that the extra two decimal points there seem silly to include
    • YOY income being up 393% isn’t because it was only a single dollar last year — that’s an increase where the delta is in 5 digits, meaning over $10,000/month up and on minimal ad spend
    • YOY income is up, remember, at the same excellent ratio of return-on-ad-spend, where for every $ spent, about $7 comes back

And you’re going to send my client a warning in bold, red text saying immediate action needs to be taken?

Maybe to buy my staff a gift? Send us chocolates?

But that’s not what’s intended. “This needs to be fixed immediately.”

I laughed. Then I took my task to figuring out who her supervisor was, which was not easy, as asking her directly 7 times didn’t even get it (but connecting with someone at Google that is willing to act more responsibly did).

This rant is mostly amusing, but it’s funny and it’s memorable and it serves as a example to couple with this warning:

Be very open-eyed with Google because their agenda is more self-serving than ever, and they are more dramatic and coercive than ever. They have quotas to hit of how many accounts they get on the phone at least once a quarter, in addition to getting you to adopt the latest initiatives.


At this point be very open-eyed even with agencies and consultants who are certified with Google, as they have adoption rates and criteria to meet to keep their certifications, including Premier partner status, and some agencies are better than others at resisting Google’s pressures and keeping your interests in mind.

Many agencies have good people.

Not all are run by good people.

And, trips to California or Seattle or New York to Google’s lavish events are genuinely enticing giveaways.

-Rob Sieracki

———- Forwarded message ———
Date: Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 2:15 PM
Subject: Google Ads(High Cost per conversion) {Client Name Here Which Rob Re-dacted}
To: Rob


I am Harshita, your Google Accounts Strategists.
I’ve reviewed your account and I see the cost per conversion for the campaign Brand[Core] had gone up by 24% and this needs to be fixed immediately.
To get started, let’s schedule some time for us to chat. I’ll share the action items, and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions.


If the above thread doesn’t convince you to sleep with one eye open, I don’t know what will!

When you’re pursing solutions for lead generation you must be very very careful about who you listen to.

PRESSING PROBLEM #4: The universal expectation that everything should be free. Podcasts, YouTube videos and social media – and universities like MIT and Harvard putting their lectures online for free – continues to work against you.

They don’t have to enter their email address to watch two hours of Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson or TED talks, so why should they reveal their identity to YOU?

I will deliver a series of tools, strategies and approaches for overcoming this resistance at Advanced Lead Generation.

PRESSING PROBLEM #5: Hardened, cynical customers who have paid LOTS of money for stuff and have been burned. EXAMPLE – I got an email this week from a member, whom I will keep anonymous:

I was working a gig, It was going fine but the work was taking a toll on me. I didn’t feel like I had a vision there. I dropped it to start a job in sales, honestly, I had been looking for a way out for quite some time. That also led to a lack of attention to my business which in turn was causing a lack of money in the bank, Squeeze!

I jumped on board with [coaching firm] to get rich in real estate, so far I’ve done one deal (which was really fun) in six months. I put $25,000 on a credit card to get in and thought It would be paid off in no time. (As though people who want to get rid of their house are just everywhere.)

Turns out to be a lot harder to find them. So… add another couple thousand dollars in wasted ad expenditure (after all, just a few deals will have us rich, so its a smart in-vestment) and now I’m really feeling in the hole. I would like to turn this ship around somehow.

My friend, this is what you’re working against – even when all you want to do is collect a name and email address.

This is why, in Singapore April 18, I’m doing an Advanced Lead Generation Presentation.

I will deliver:

  • The best lead generation magnet examples and strategies I’ve ever seen in my entire career of marketing. (These far exceed the usual free reports – white papers – consultations – books most people try to give away. One hour of this will easily pay your tuition for the whole day.)
  • An “invisible lift factor” that I’ve observed in my own marketing, with a very particular strategy that I’ve hardly ever talked about. (There’s a hidden synergy with this which, in my case, doubles the value of my leads and cuts the payoff time in half
  • What to do about the fact that leads take longer and longer to “pay out” – you used to hit break even on the first day, now it takes you a month, or two months…. And sometimes never

I will be delivering all of this in an action-packed day of insights.

After the workshop we will all go out to dinner and we’ll talk until the bar closes down and sends us home. That is where you get the really FANTASTIC conversa-tions, the “meeting after the meeting,” the nuggets of gold. It’s where people kick their shoes off and relax and become real human beings.

Most gurus, most seminars, most coaching groups, people show up in their gladiator suits and preen.

Planet Perry members show up as real human beings.

You want leads. You want deal flow. You want more customers to walk up and say, “take my money, please.”

WARNING: Seating is limited to 40 max, so save your spot today.

Admission: $999.

* Members of Roundtable, Private Client or Jet Propulsion can attend for just $100. Email our support team to get the discount pricing.

YES the Singapore city tour is “expensive.” Yes, you can go to $300 weekend seminars. But you get no personal TLC at those. They’re pitchfests. And they don’t tell you the truth. The immediate guidance and non-pitch atmosphere pays for itself with ONE golden insight.


If you have questions contact Tiffany at: