Do NOT Come to Rosetta Stone Down Under if…

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At my Rosetta Stone Seminar in 2018 and my Truth Seminar last May, I gave the attendees the “antidote” to the modern marketing education. Why do you need an antidote? Because the “education” you get from a lot of gurus and “experts” will only TIGHTEN the noose around your neck. And yet, most marketers CRAVE this kind of education like … Read More

Why Marketing is a “Dead Man Walking”

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I believe the Golden Age of Marketing is over. Why do I believe this? And what do I believe will replace marketing as the key to success in the 21st Century? It’s what my Rosetta Stone Down Under Seminar is all about. And I shot a short video to explain… Register for my 11-12 NovemberRosetta Stone Down Under event! Perry … Read More

How to Add a ZERO to Any Business?

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I have a history of doing seminars that change the direction of businesses. Rosetta Stone was my Magnum Opus. I showed the entrepreneurs at that seminar to quickly see how to add a zero to business. How to take it from $1 million to $10 million. Or $10 million to $100 million. More importantly I showed them how to quickly … Read More

The levers were NOT where you thought

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I can’t count how many Private Client consults and Intensives where people thought they were coming to get their Google campaigns fixed up… and they went home in a different business than the one they came in. 17 years ago, a struggling software developer Clate Mask was hustling for clients. He came to me for help. I told him what … Read More

“Solve this… or get your tires slashed”

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Suppose I asked you this question: “Go to Starbucks for two hours. When you return, you must bring home three options for re-inventing your entire product line and service offering. Your team will cast a vote. And in six months have new products on the market. “Oh, and by the way… incremental tweaks won’t cut it. Radical re-inventions only.” Could … Read More

The Biggest “Axis Shift” in *all* of Business

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Axis shift pulls the rug out from under your rivals – by changing the rules. You’re in a televised debate. Hot lights. Sweat. Pressure. You hope you eviscerate him before he feeds your flesh to the birds. Moderator throws out a question. Your opponent replies. His answer is predictable; you’ve heard it all before. So then you say, “Moderator, that’s … Read More

What does a “Truth Culture” look like?

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In today’s “Post-Truth” world it’s more important than ever that you immerse yourself in a truth community, a truth mastermind, a truth culture. What does a truth culture look like? I shot a quick video to show you.   Don’t miss this. Can’t attend in person? No problem–Live Stream access to my Truth Seminar is now available. Register for the … Read More

*EXTREME WARNING* Google is Editing Your Account

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*EXTREME WARNING* Google is Editing Your Account and Writing Ads for You without Your Permission. Rob Sieracki of Ox Optimal Testifies: Google is at a new level of aggression, forcing their will on accounts. Google is making changes to accounts without real notice. I’m not talking about those auto suggestions that raised a stir. This is new. This stuff goes … Read More