Blunt and impotent at the crossroads

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Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr, says that, if you want to mature as a human, you must pass through two halves of life. The First Half of Life is where we learn the rules. We learn the traditions. We learn the steps. We (hopefully) learn how to think. That’s all good and necessary. It’s standing on the shoulders of giants stuff. … Read More

What I’m ALWAYS thinking in consultations…

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Reserve your seat at the Truth Seminar!   There are many methods, gurus, checklists, and analyses you can leverage when trying to solve your business problem. I’ve probably used them all at one time or another. I have my own hacks, checklists, tools, and analytics. But those will only take you so far unless you’re have an anvil. Without an … Read More

This is getting really old really fast, Sisyphus

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Reserve your seat at the Truth Seminar!   I believe there’s no industry where Band-Aid fixes are more prevalent than Internet Marketing. But they exist in every industry to some degree. Here’s what a Band-Aid fix looks like… You exhaust yourself – pushing your poor brain cells until they’re gasping for oxygen – to build…something. Then, a year later, six … Read More

Band-Aid vs. Permanent

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I have a client who sold his southern plantation house on 2 acres. He moved his family into a one-bedroom apartment. Has been driving a beat up GMC van with 350,000 miles. His daughter sleeps on the couch in his living room. His wife hasn’t bought new clothes in 3 years. He has plowed EVERYTHING into this business. Guess what… … Read More