Fractal 80/20 in Harvard Business Review

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I wrote an 80/20 article for Harvard Business Review Italy. Harvard Business Review was also the first journal to publish my Fractal 80/20 math equation! This is the English translation: There’s an old version of 80/20 math called the “Pareto Distribution” – but if you don’t understand calculus it’s almost impossible to use. The 80/20 Curve is waaaay easier. … Read More

Nailing Jello to the Wall

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I read a book about building cabinets. It said, “When you put your panels together, you need to make sure you put your project on a solid surface, not a wobbly table. The symptom of a flimsy table is bent nails.” AMEN BROTHER. And… if that’s true in a wood shop, it’s 3X as true when it’s a business your … Read More

Rob Berkley, Compassionate Business Genius – Part 1

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My good friend Rob Berkley passed last night after a battle with cancer. Rob influenced YOU (whether you know it or not!) because he greatly shaped me. Plus if you’re at all plugged in to the entrepreneur / marketing community, Rob shaped you through many others as well. Me and Rob Berkley A few paragraphs down, I’d like to make … Read More

My Amway Pink Koolaid Wake-Up Moment

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Download the MP3   Perry Marshall spent 6 years in Amway and Multi-Level Marketing, eventually graduating to the world of real-world business and sales. In this conversation with Jaren Barnes, he describes: Why entrepreneurs aren’t “made”, they’re found Most “business opportunities” barely work at all – yet almost no one ever finds out Why Perry couldn’t simply walk away from … Read More

Conversations with Phil – 80/20 Sales and Marketing with Phil Gerbyshak & Perry Marshall

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Perry Marshall is a one-of-a-kind author and pioneer in the Internet marketing and advertising space like none other. I talked to him about 80/20 sales and marketing. Wow! About Perry Marshall: Perry Marshall is one of the world’s most expensive and sought-after business consultants. Clients seek his ability to integrate engineering, sales, art and psychology. He launched two movements in … Read More

Memos from the Head Office LIVE

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If you’ve read my book 80/20 Sales & Marketing, you may remember the epilogue titled “The Story Behind the Story.” I was at a church service. My mind was obsessed with the “80/20 skew curve.” I was trying to figure out the calculus behind it. Suddenly, a woman I had never met approached me and delivered a few sentences that … Read More

The *OTHER* $10,000/hour skill

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My friend Greg Timms runs a church in Chicago. Asked me to preach. Topic: “What’s the highest value skill you can cultivate?” I don’t get asked to speak on Sunday mornings terribly often. I think I’m too ‘Wolverine’ for most churches…. But this was my answer: How to Listen to God’s Voice Exercise (which was edited out of the video): … Read More

Josh Long’s Parabola Rant

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  My Advanced Mastery Network is off and running. It’s the most high-powered gathering of entrepreneurial fighter pilots and STAR business owners that I’ve ever assembled. And I want to give you a quick peek under the tent flap of our last confab. But be warned: strong language ahead. Josh Long watched Michael Jordan’s basketball Hall of Fame speech back … Read More