COVID 80/20: A Plan for Easing Out of Quarantine

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If we follow 80/20, most of us can return to (almost) normal. We just need to go out of our way to accommodate those in peril. 1% of people carry 50% of COVID risk. China’s Center for Disease Control issued this age chart: 80% of COVID deaths are people over 60. Half are over 70. So the #1 COVID 80/20 … Read More

Husband has COVID; Ex-Husband Living in Basement

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You CANNOT make this stuff up. What follows is 100% REAL. I’ve got this dear friend. Let’s call her “Lisa.” Lisa has an ex-husband named “Bob.” Bob walked out on her while she was nursing their third child a dozen years ago. Bob left her in the lurch. Their relationship as “woman and her ex” has hardly been rosy, shall … Read More

COVID-19: Not a Sprint. It is a Marathon.

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The world you knew is gone. And it is not coming back. You can take one of two stances: 1) Try to cling to what was before 2) Eagerly welcome the revolution and embrace the future unknown. Those are your choices. What was before is now flotsam and jetsam. And we do not know what follows. Even if a vaccine … Read More

The Virus that Shattered the Bureaucracy

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In the last 12 hours I’ve had a surprising number of conversations about how bureaucracy is being broken down by the coronavirus. The FDA began relaxing medical regulations to speed detection and inoculation efforts for COVID-19. Regulations in the mortgage industry are being relaxed to allow electronic loans to be processed; inspectors do not have to necessarily go inside of … Read More

How to Add a ZERO to Any Business?

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I have a history of doing seminars that change the direction of businesses. Rosetta Stone was my Magnum Opus. I showed the entrepreneurs at that seminar to quickly see how to add a zero to business. How to take it from $1 million to $10 million. Or $10 million to $100 million. More importantly I showed them how to quickly … Read More

Why Marketing is a “Dead Man Walking”

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I believe the Golden Age of Marketing is over. Why do I believe this? And what do I believe will replace marketing as the key to success in the 21st Century? It’s what my Rosetta Stone London Seminar is all about. And I shot a short video to explain… Register for my 6-7 FebruaryRosetta Stone London event! Perry Marshall  

When Ninja Marketers send out a Christmas Gift

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Wanna knock your clients’ socks off with a Christmas gift next year? Travis Miller and Jimmy Vee of send out Christmas Boxes like nobody else I’ve ever seen. They are the founders of Rich Dealers They sent me this gorgeous and immensely creative package, which was built with great care. In the video, I invite my son Cuyler … Read More