The levers were NOT where you thought

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I can’t count how many Private Client consults and Intensives where people thought they were coming to get their Google campaigns fixed up… and they went home in a different business than the one they came in. 17 years ago, a struggling software developer Clate Mask was hustling for clients. He came to me for help. I told him what … Read More

“Solve this… or get your tires slashed”

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Suppose I asked you this question: “Go to Starbucks for two hours. When you return, you must bring home three options for re-inventing your entire product line and service offering. Your team will cast a vote. And in six months have new products on the market. “Oh, and by the way… incremental tweaks won’t cut it. Radical re-inventions only.” Could … Read More

The Biggest “Axis Shift” in *all* of Business

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Axis shift pulls the rug out from under your rivals – by changing the rules. You’re in a televised debate. Hot lights. Sweat. Pressure. You hope you eviscerate him before he feeds your flesh to the birds. Moderator throws out a question. Your opponent replies. His answer is predictable; you’ve heard it all before. So then you say, “Moderator, that’s … Read More

What does a “Truth Culture” look like?

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In today’s “Post-Truth” world it’s more important than ever that you immerse yourself in a truth community, a truth mastermind, a truth culture. What does a truth culture look like? I shot a quick video to show you.   Don’t miss this. Can’t attend in person? No problem–Live Stream access to my Truth Seminar is now available. Register for the … Read More

*EXTREME WARNING* Google is Editing Your Account

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*EXTREME WARNING* Google is Editing Your Account and Writing Ads for You without Your Permission. Rob Sieracki of Ox Optimal Testifies: Google is at a new level of aggression, forcing their will on accounts. Google is making changes to accounts without real notice. I’m not talking about those auto suggestions that raised a stir. This is new. This stuff goes … Read More

Blunt and impotent at the crossroads

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Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr, says that, if you want to mature as a human, you must pass through two halves of life. The First Half of Life is where we learn the rules. We learn the traditions. We learn the steps. We (hopefully) learn how to think. That’s all good and necessary. It’s standing on the shoulders of giants stuff. … Read More

What I’m ALWAYS thinking in consultations…

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Reserve your seat at the Truth Seminar!   There are many methods, gurus, checklists, and analyses you can leverage when trying to solve your business problem. I’ve probably used them all at one time or another. I have my own hacks, checklists, tools, and analytics. But those will only take you so far unless you’re have an anvil. Without an … Read More

This is getting really old really fast, Sisyphus

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Reserve your seat at the Truth Seminar!   I believe there’s no industry where Band-Aid fixes are more prevalent than Internet Marketing. But they exist in every industry to some degree. Here’s what a Band-Aid fix looks like… You exhaust yourself – pushing your poor brain cells until they’re gasping for oxygen – to build…something. Then, a year later, six … Read More