Geo-Scores, Netflix, Image Ads … & a Chance Encounter at a Stanford Geek Party

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First off, is this old news? It’s actually been around in some form for awhile:

Google is counting geographic performance as part of your Quality Score (QS). At least, they’re now announcing it. Meaning, in the regions you’ve chosen where you happen to be advertising, they grade you on the curve of other advertisers who are aiming there too (Google ALWAYS grades you on the curve) and determine your QS accordingly.

A Cool AdWords Tip

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I want to alert you to a very useful technique that I’ve used for a long time to improve my Google ads. We talked about this during a 2-day 4-man intensive and again at Gladiator Club last month, and I wanna make sure you’re aware.

At first, improving your Google ads is easy. The first time out, anything you try is 50% likely to be better.