Memos From The Head Office: Appendix III

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  Is it Ethical to Pay for Memos? In some of these stories, people make references to “Memos from the Head Office” calls and live events. Members of my New Renaissance Club are invited to these calls. I charge for club membership, and we charge an additional fee for the live events. This money is used to pay my memos … Read More

Memos From The Head Office: Appendix II

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  For Christians Who Are a Little Freaked Out by This When I was nine years old, a musician named Dino Kartsonakis came to my staid, buttoned-down, ultra-conservative church in Lincoln Nebraska. Dino was a master of the piano and performed a concert that had everyone rocking and swaying and even, occasionally, dancing in the aisles – something you never … Read More

Memos From The Head Office: Appendix I

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  Warning About the Dark Side: From Driving to Flying My friend Jeff Tideman once took me for a ride in his Cessna 172, and for most of the trip – except take off and landing – I was the pilot. It was scary – and exhilarating! When I took the controls the plane became wobbly and unstable at first. … Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Memos from the Head Office: Channeling the Muse in Business & Life, Featuring Perry Marshall on The Entrepreneur MBA Podcast

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  Listen to the Podcast HERE Perry Marshall, one of the most expensive business strategists in the world, has come out with his 8th book, Memos from the Head Office: Channeling the Muse in Business & Life. Host Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions talks to Perry’s about his book. The book covers 13 stories of unbelievable instances where divine intervention … Read More

Welcome to the Waldorf Quarantine Astoria

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If you think COVID-19 is bad, let me take you on a trip back to 1665. (The book referenced here “A Journal of the Plague Year” can be found on Amazon.) Video transcript follows: Hi, this is Perry Marshall, and you shouldn’t watch this video if you’re squeamish. But I’ve got a real serious message for you that, if you’re … Read More

How to Add a ZERO to Any Business?

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I have a history of doing seminars that change the direction of businesses. Rosetta Stone was my Magnum Opus. I showed the entrepreneurs at that seminar to quickly see how to add a zero to business. How to take it from $1 million to $10 million. Or $10 million to $100 million. More importantly I showed them how to quickly … Read More

Why Marketing is a “Dead Man Walking”

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I believe the Golden Age of Marketing is over. Why do I believe this? And what do I believe will replace marketing as the key to success in the 21st Century? It’s what my Rosetta Stone London Seminar is all about. And I shot a short video to explain… Register for my 6-7 FebruaryRosetta Stone London event! Perry Marshall  

When Ninja Marketers send out a Christmas Gift

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Wanna knock your clients’ socks off with a Christmas gift next year? Travis Miller and Jimmy Vee of send out Christmas Boxes like nobody else I’ve ever seen. They are the founders of Rich Dealers They sent me this gorgeous and immensely creative package, which was built with great care. In the video, I invite my son Cuyler … Read More

Best way to stop stupidity spasms?

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Being in a high-level mastermind group where you are NOT the smartest person in the room, is the best way to avoid stupidity spasms. We all have stupidity spasms. I have them too. That’s why I wouldn’t be caught dead NOT in a high-level mastermind group. They call you on your spasms and hold you accountable. Not only am I … Read More