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Monday, June 1 @ 2pm ET: Bob Regnerus
The Three Pillars of Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns

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Dear Marketing Professional:

Announcing the most immersive A to Z treatment of digital advertising in internet history… with “Better Than Live” interactive Zoom sessions with the sharpest minds in all of 21st century PPC.

Each session places you in direct contact with experts and fellow audience members via live discussion, idea-sparking Q&A, group screen sharing and in-the-moment knowledge.

Instantly upgrade your mastery of…

Search / Display Network / Ads / Audience Network / Instagram / YouTube / Amazon / LinkedIn / Bing / Reddit / Pinterest / Programmatic Advertising / More

Even if you hire your traffic out to an agency, you’ll be 1000% more equipped to ask questions and extract the most performance from your ad dollars.

You Get:
  • 20+ highly interactive Zoom sessions with world-class traffic experts on Google, Facebook, YouTube plus a dozen smaller platforms
  • Videos & MP3s of all sessions in the member’s area so you can watch later and share with your team
  • A LIVE in-person Planet Perry celebration seminar when it becomes available, no extra charge
  • 6 Months Membership to “New Renaissance 12” which includes our 24/7 private member’s forum, office hours call-in days, special member-only events, my famous print newsletter and steep discounts on most Planet Perry offerings (automatically renews at $999/yr after 6-month introductory period; cancel any time)

Because this is a series that is currently in progress, some of these expert presentations are immediately available.

Here’s the list of the “Instant Access” modules:

  • *3* Traffic BOMBSHELLS: In the Definitive Traffic Intensive keynote session, I’m dropping three bombshells. Bombshell #1: A Machete for slicing through the miasma of 20+ PPC platforms and 60+ targeting methods. By the end of the first hour of this session, you will have the means to isolate the very best choices FAST. For you – and for your clients. Bombshell #2: The New Future of Agencies. PPC management is a business that is about to change DRASTICALLY in the next five years. I’m going to show you the future – and how to dodge an armageddon that’s gonna catch a lot of unfortunate people by surprise. Bombshell #3: What the NEXT Pandemic is gonna be. (Hint: Has nothing to do with biology or medicine.) Imagine if you knew Coronavirus was coming in November… what would you have done? I’m informing you in advance what the next one will be and how to position yourself for it.
  • MASSIVELY Scale Your Leads on GDN: The kickoff with Justin Brooke is an actual, factual case study on “How to generate 10,000 leads per day on Google Ads.” His “nuclear bomb” secret: How to “trick” Google into letting you pay per lead instead of per click. It actually unlocks a bidding method that isn’t in your current interface. If you want “best practices” advice about how to scale your leads fast, don’t miss this one.
  • The Linchpin of YOUR Sales Funnel: Your opt-in offer is the most important element of your sales funnel. Why? Because if nobody opts in you don’t have a funnel. Period. Selecting, crafting, and positioning your opt in offer is $1,000….$10,000….perhaps even $100,000 per hour work. Don Crowther shows you how in this session.
  • 15 mins to Lower CPC: How Load Time Chokes Your Traffic: Most advertisers know that website load time can have a dramatic effect on their ad cost and conversion rates. But they don’t know HOW MUCH it’s affecting them. And they don’t know where to start to find out. Dan Wilkinson will change all that for you in this module, so you can stop sacrificing big dollars to the Google and Facebook machines.
  • A Direct Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the world’s largest virtual networking event…running 24/7. And LinkedIn activity is BOOMING, with traffic is up 44% since the shelter in place orders started in mid-March. If you do it right, it’s never been easier to get leads, customers, and clients from LinkedIn. And Ted Prodromou knows how to do it right. If you need clients, customers, or students fast…LinkedIn should be on your traffic “to do” list.
  • Your Playbook for Bing Ad (and GOOGLE Ads!) Success: Microsoft has been working hard on their ad platform over the last year. They brought more traffic onto their network and enabled new targeting options and ad types. Yet most people can’t get Bing Ads to work. The reason? They just import their campaigns from Google Ads and let them run on the defaults. If they only took 10 minutes to follow a simple post-import checklist, it would make a huge difference to their results. Alex Makarski will give you the checklist and playbooks you need to make Bing Ads work for you. (BIG BONUS: Alex will show you how to use Microsoft Advertising data to improve your Google Ads campaigns.)
  • Your Guide to Winning During the Crisis: Agility trumps survival. In the news, you hear about businesses closing and how many are hoping to merely survive. What you don’t hear about are businesses that are not only surviving; they are thriving via fast, smart moves. Learn from Rob Sieracki and Nick Morgan of Ox Optimal what it takes to win and win big during a pandemic. They’ve got dozens of cases, small to large, of companies that beat the pandemic. You’ll get: First-hand insights on moves that actually work; Tangible strategies to guide you through the pandemic; The data behind what’s working and what’s clearly not
  • Profitable YouTube Ad Campaigns…from the Start: YouTube advertising has been around for quite a while now, but there are still online advertisers who wonder: How do I get started the right way on YouTube? That’s why I asked Tom Breeze to do a special “How to Go from 0 to 1 on YouTube” tutorial. Tom’s going to show you what you need to do to give yourself the BEST chance to be profitable from the start on YouTube. AND he’ll show you all the tools he uses day in, day out to create profitable “start-up” campaigns in his agency.
  • More instant-access sessions being added every week!
All for only $999!

New Renaissance 12 members in good standing pay just $499.

GUARANTEE: If you’re not SLACK JAWED by the advanced content you’ve received by the end of the third Definitive Traffic Interactive presentation you attend/watch, email [email protected] within 60 days of purchase and my team will issue a full refund.)

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Not only will you discover the absolute latest, up-to-the-minute, “May 2020 updates” on this fast-changing world, we are also ELIMINATING:

Zoom Doom

No bleary-eyed monologues. This is interactive like you’ve never seen before, spaced for maximum uptake and execution. This is NOT NOT NOT just another “online summit.” Why? Because Tom Meloche, coauthor of my Facebook guide, called me right after COVID hit:

“Perry, I would be the last guy to be easily convinced that you could experience a more productive meeting over Zoom than you could have in person. But my colleagues have demonstrated to me that you can!”

Tom took us through a training which proved to my satisfaction that this is indeed true. Zoom meetings can be BETTER than in-person meetings! But… you have to approach the training much, much differently than you did before. Tom said:

“First you eliminate the travel time. Travel time is one of the big reasons people have all-day or multi-day conferences and seminars. If you’re flying from Dubai to Chicago, you can’t have a 3-hour conference then turn around and go home. It has to be worth the trip.”

“Second, humans aren’t optimized for all-day learning. Our brains don’t work that way. We are optimized for learning for about 30 to 60 minutes.”

That’s why we have re-designed the meetings themselves. Not only are we providing the most comprehensive tour of every major online ad platform, we have re-invented the online Zoom experience to deliver it in discovery-maximized chunks.

These sessions will be the most stimulating professional action you took that day – that week – or even all month!

THE Master Road Map for Paid Traffic

Is there a model that brings it all together? A road map for implementation that covers EVERYTHING, such that you can plug-and-play all the different traffic sources?

For the first time in the world, now there is. It’s never existed before now. It is now under development. It will be my keynote at Definitive Traffic Interactive at 12pm Eastern Time on Wednesday May 27, 2020.

All these platforms interlock in an ingenious way – which means there is a unique 80/20 for YOUR business. Reddit may be THE most interesting topic at the entire Interactive… for six people out of the hundreds in the audience. It has a supplemental role to play for perhaps 30.

Chances are, you need to competently utilize four of these platforms and expertly use one of them. Specifically, you need to be razor sharp at (for instance) two of ten different audience targeting methods on Google Display Network.

Or perhaps you need a very specific combination of Google Search ads, Facebook and Instagram.

Or you may find that a very particular combination of YouTube pre-roll videos, combined with Pinterest placements and Amazon ads.

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Last year
Google DECIMATED alternative medicine,
IRS negotiators and debt management firms.

(And before we go any further, don’t you dare think, “But that’s not my niche…”) Erased utterly from organic, gone from paid ads. Dissolved. Done. Scorched. Dead as tumbleweeds blowing through the Mojave. Most people were decimated. Top Planet Perry members (including a Roundtable member who performs tax negotiation) were unfazed. Why?


is the DEADLIEST of all Numbers

Cliché… yet it’s true. And 2 isn’t much better. Diversify your traffic sources… or else. If you’re dependent on one traffic source, one customer, one niche, one product, one employee, one keyword, one ad, one audience… it’s not a question of whether, but WHEN.

Jay Abraham preached Diving Board vs. Parthenon. Diving Board makes it easy to shoot up fast, but you always fall.  Parthenon's many pillars have stood for millennia. You need a traffic Parthenon.

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ANTIFRAGILE: If you're over-dependent on one or two traffic channels, your business is waaaaay more fragile than you think. You must develop a meta-level mastery of traffic to build an anti-fragile business. 

As soon as Google or Facebook or whoever starts killing off players in your niche, all your competitors lose their access to the market… and the buyers come to you (just through a different channel).

PREVAILING players ultimately benefit from the earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis of paid traffic. Every single time Google did a big Google slap, 1-2 months later my best students would confide in me: We’re getting more visitors for less money than we ever have before… and most of our competition has vanished!

Those who do not market online might say, “Then don’t use Google. Boycott them. Use somebody else. And organize a protest march. Surely some Social Justice Warriors will stand with you while you wave placards in Mountain View.”

Easier said than done, amigo.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” – that’s how Bill Gates described his relationship with dudes like Steve Jobs. Competitor? Certainly. Doesn’t mean he didn’t create Microsoft Office for Mac anyway.

In 2020, we have no choice but to do business with Google…and Facebook… and Amazon… and Apple… even if they are evil.

Consorting with tax gatherers and sinners as readily as priests and professors. Wise as serpents. Gentle as doves.

We must be shrewd, wise, cunning. And sleep with one eye open.

If the hackers don’t vacuum out your bank account, the robocalls from Facebook will…. all you have to do is answer your phone.

This is why I am organizing my first traffic event in nine years: Definitive Traffic Interactive. I know, that seems like a long hiatus from traffic for the guy Entrepreneur Magazine called “the #1 author and world's most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising.”

And yes, I’ve sold 200,000 marketing books including Ultimate Guide to Google Ads (6th edition coming in late 2020), Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising (4th edition coming late this year), Ultimate Guide to Local Business Advertising. And 80/20 Sales & Marketing which authorities like Brian Kurtz, Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker and Richard Koch say is one of the greatest marketing books of all time.

I wrote the forwards for Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising by Timothy Seward… and Ted Prodomou wrote his Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business because I told him to… then introduced him to the publisher.

My last major traffic event was Maui 2011 and it was already clear by then that, contrary to popular belief, traffic wasn’t the real issue. The real issues were in Conversion, Economics and 80/20. So I engaged in deep exploration of those strategies. That’s why I introduced 80/20 Sales & Marketing in 2013 and The Star Principle Seminar with Richard Koch in 2014.

Rosetta Stone of 2018 is already legendary for its unique treatment of Network Effect, the #1 moat around any business. I’ve now presented Rosetta Stone in Europe and Australia, enthusiastically received by international audiences.

I am far more interested in longevity and tenacity of businesses, than merely starting them. I’m extremely proud of the growing number of clients who have built and sold their companies for $10 million, $100 million and more. Ed Harycki sold Loan Builder to PayPal for a large sum of money. That is now a billion-plus dollar business that you see every time you log in.

FanDuel and InfusionSoft were in their proverbial diapers when I first met them; many other empires quietly chug along, earning their owners enviable livings and lifestyles without anyone having to sell to a 3rd party.

Also during the intervening years I founded the world’s largest prize for basic science research with judges from Harvard, Oxford and MIT. My Swiss Army Knife tool is derived from concepts in evolutionary biology; the 80/20 Curve was published in Harvard Business Review Italy and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs uses it as a productivity tool for their in-house staff training.

All during that time, we have continued to sell the world’s best books on Google and Facebook; my co-authors are among the most respected people in the traffic space; we’ve conducted smaller trainings and workshops and we’ve taught our students that traffic alone is NEVER sufficient to build a solid business.

Everybody in the traffic business takes my phone calls. I can bring together the smartest traffic guys in the world, all under one roof. I have assumed the role of the Elder Statesman and that is what I am doing in Definitive Traffic Intensive.

Since my Maui 2010 and 2011 events, traffic changed completely

Ten years ago, there was no complex, strategic choreography between 3-6 paid traffic platforms; it was just spray and pray. But as you move down this page, you’re about to make a major discovery. Because none of these platforms will perform at its best in isolation. In fact each has a specific, optimal relationship to all the others.

Indeed, “ONE” is the world’s most dangerous number and you must diversify. But the exciting part of diversification is that you can extend the reach, depth and conversion rate of your content strategy. While simultaneously making your business antifragile and self-healing.

Definition of Antifragile: Systems that become stronger after they are broken. Nassim Nicholas Taleb never says this in his book but all antifragile systems in existence are living things or their derivatives.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to make a supple, living traffic strategy instead of a dry, mechanistic, brittle 2015 traffic strategy. Organic. Not “free search engine rankings” organic, but organic the way that healthy soil thrives with fungi, algae, microbes, moisture, fauna, plant roots, organic matter, ants and earthworms.

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Traffic Anti-Fragilistas in Planet Perry

Shanyn Stewart, an accountant and tax strategist, joined Roundtable at the beginning of 2018. One of her major objectives was to diversify her traffic. We went to work. As of late 2019 she had an admirable flow of leads from Google Ads.

Then the Google Guillotine dropped. IRS negotiators were banned from Google paid AND organic listings.

Even her attempts at YouTube were met with futility.

So yes… she was negatively affected.

But this development was FAR from disastrous. Why?

Because she still has Facebook, Direct Mail, industry referral sources, email lists, podcasts, speaking opportunities and billboards.

Bill McClure was banned from Google. Bill was violently Google slapped because they detected previous affiliate activity in his account. He was convicted of Treason by some nameless, faceless person at Google Headquarters. He owned and his previously thriving business was deeply imperiled for a time.

But he flew into action and built out banner ads, online yellow pages listings, links from other sites, upsells, cross-sells, direct mail, referral incentive programs, loyalty programs and affiliate partners.

Two years later after Google suddenly switched his ads on again, he said, “Even now, Google is only 30% of our business. We’re not vulnerable like we were the first time. I will never allow that to happen again.”

I MYSELF was banned from Facebook for 12 months. Their ad review people took offense at my claim that you could 80/20 to make twice the money in half the time, so they booted me off. No recourse. Not only that, a few years ago I had a MAJOR setback on Google’s organic side. After one of their infamous updates, 90% of my organic search engine results for keywords related to Google advertising vanished. (The irony of these injuries is not lost on me. Who knows how many billions of dollars I have helped these companies make.)

Both of these injuries hurt – A LOT - but neither was catastrophic. I still had Google paid ads. I still had considerable traction on Amazon. I still had bookstores (even including airports) as well as referrals, affiliates and speaking opportunities. The immediate impact on my bottom line was only incidental.

Most online marketers get 70% of their leads from one traffic source and 85% of their traffic from two. Most web businesses are incredibly fragile and vulnerable to the slightest hiccup.

Are you?

The Master Traffic Source Roadmap

Below is one of the most strategically important graphics that you will ever see in this business. This is my “Maze 2.0 Media Map” and it is a breakdown of nearly every form of media in existence… from eBay to text messaging to newspapers and Wikipedia to Google Display Network.

This map 80/20’s the dizzying array of traffic sources – there are over 50 listed here – and helps you pinpoint the three to five appropriate sources that will attract and nurture the quality traffic you demand.

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So I’ve broken the massive complex of traffic sources into four simple quadrants:


The upper half is live – like phone calls and instant messages. The lower half is recorded, like direct mail letters and YouTube videos.

The left side is text. The right side is audio-visual. The center is your customers ‘inner sanctum’ and the outer edge is the periphery of their awareness.

If you can touch your prospect once in each of these four quadrants – for example Google ads (recorded text), YouTube ads (recorded a/v) Facebook Instant Messenger (live text) and webinar (live a/v) you activate all the major selling modalities and you seem as though you are everywhere. Even though you are only working in 4-5 media – and you’re only “pretty good” at two of them.


Quality paid traffic in quantity is the best magic carpet ride ever. When it works, it is thrilling.

You say to yourself, "People are coming to my website and they're looking at what we do and taking action. We're dialing in our sales funnels and we're testing completely different, fascinating psychologies and radical alternative offers. It's getting better every day. The numbers keep rising higher.

I like logging into my shopping cart because every day the numbers are uplifting. (As opposed to when they're going bad and you’re like, "I don't even want to know. I don't even know how to know how bad today was. Yesterday we only sold $900.")

If you get caught between the wheels, life only gets worse. A long horrific fall to the bottom.

The Top 1% Advertisers are years ahead of everyone else and continue to prosper even as others languish. 95% of advertisers are too lazy to tune their campaigns for the highest possible performance.

If you’re one of the 95%... too bad for you.

Yes, there was a span of time in Google Ads where all you needed was a bigger, badder keyword list and a bunch of quotes and brackets and you could scoop up all kinds of traffic other people were missing.

Those days have evaporated like morning mist. But there’s a hidden advantage: Your competition is considerably more distracted right now. Planet Perry member Eric Lewis put it this way…

How Google Thins the Herd:


Google is calling your clients. They are calling your client's boss. They are calling the CEO too. (Notice they’re not waiting for those guys to type their question into the search box… Google is picking up the phone and dialing.) More sophisticated reps dress their sales pitch as a special invite only "Acceleration Program" - and they make big growth promises.

Consultants who don't stay ahead of this are making a HUGE mistake.

Personally, I don't find Google ads terribly complex. The basics are more important than ever - mostly to sort out BS and hype from Google's direct reps and agency partners.


If you're talking to Google or a PPC consultant and their shtick includes the following buzzwords:
  “Machine Learning”
“The algorithm”
“Invite Only”
“Alpha and Beta Tests”

…you're talking to someone who only knows PPC as taught by Google. They’re a “mark” – and they’re trying to make you a mark too.

Reactions to the 2018 Rosetta Stone Seminar

“DEAL with the HARSH realities or they will deal with you.” That, after comparing an 80/20 world to the 95/5 frictionless world, hammered it home for me. We simply cannot afford to be sleepwalking, avoiding conflict or dragging head trash from our past along, period.

— Bradley Schmidt, New Zealand






And reactions to the 2019 Truth Seminar



One Year from Today, Your Traffic Strategy Could Look Like This:

This is the fabled “Tactical Triangle” invented by Jack Born. It contains everything that matters in marketing: Traffic, Conversion and Economics, with 80/20 in the center.

You get traffic, then you convert the traffic, then you collect money from the traffic, then you re-invest your profits back into traffic. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create an unstoppable virtuous circle.


12 months from now, you’ll have not merely one traffic source of brand-new prospects… but three.

As you see here, you also a fourth major source of remarketing / retargeting traffic. It plays a major role in converting tire-kickers into customers – affordably and profitably.

You have small, low-budget, 5th and 6th platforms that work to enhance your customer conversion numbers with very low cost and low maintenance.

ONE of these traffic sources, you watch like a hawk. You constantly test and tweak, as all 21st century marketing professionals do.

The other sources run reliably with fairly little fuss.

And if one breaks – you’ve still got 2-3 viable choices, with spare tires in the trunk.

You will conclude Definitive Traffic Interactive with a blueprint for achieving all of this. Using ONLY the platforms – and parts of platforms – that are directly appropriate to YOU.

You may be the only person in the room who uses your particular, customized combination. You and you alone.

No Need To Do All At Once:
You Get To Do It In Stages

You don’t have to do this all at once.

Phase 1: Toehold. You safely and economically test traffic sources, mostly using remarketing / retargeting and branded terms.

Phase 2: Foothold. Once you have established your baseline metrics and profitability with low-risk traffic, you venture out into the more treacherous and opportunity laden waters of cold traffic.

Phase 3: Expansion. The “expanding universe theory” I spoke of in my original Definitive Guide to Google AdWords in 2003 – except now it is across multiple scalable platforms and Paid Social Media.

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Definitive Traffic Interactive is the grand synthesis of all the paid traffic sources above, and especially the glue that holds everything together – retargeting.

Google Search – Eric Weinstein Manages Peter Thiel’s Venture Capital group, is a podcaster and progenitor of the Intellectual Dark Web. Eric has a theory he calls DISCDistributed Idea Suppression Complex. Weinstein proposes that universities, science publishing, “journalism” (if you can even use the word journalism with a straight face in 2020) exist not for the purpose of disseminating great ideas… but preventing them from reaching the mainstream.

Consider for example that cancer treatment has scarcely made a stitch of progress in 40 years despite 100 billion dollars of government funding… never mind the charitable donations and private sources of research money. But the people who gave that money and did the research had such righteous intentions…

None of these are conspiracies so much as they are bureaucratic systemic parasites that exist for the purpose of maintaining the status quo and reinforcing cherished assumptions.

Consider for example that alternative medicine, debt management firms and IRS negotiators were eradicated from Google search last year. Ask yourself why large institutional behemoths like Medline and WebMD are the only sites left when you search terms like “knee pain.” (Go ahead. Try and see for yourself.) Ask yourself why newspapers and “journalists” never seem to write stories about the security problems of IOS.

One could certainly make an argument that slaves powering 19th century galley ships made a substantial and valued contribution to the world economy in ways that still benefit us even today; and were simply necessary collateral damage which nonetheless produced a positive net economic result.

Similarly, if your advertising dollars are the resource that ultimately teaches Google’s AI robots smart bidding strategies, you can at least pat yourself on the back knowing that you made a net contribution to the world… even though you filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Maybe we could make “Entrepreneur’s Day” a national holiday in your remembrance. Sort of like “Veteran’s Day” for failed business owners.

Meanwhile when the music stops, we need to make sure you’ve got a chair to sit down in.

Reactions to the 2018 Rosetta Stone Seminar

We used the scalability tool and, to my surprise, it came out that we need to 100X our business, and we can 100X our business. Perry has actually pointed this out a few times before. It’s nice to see how that all works, and it’s all logically worked out. It’s not just a sort of “out of the air” figure.

One of the really valuable things about being here is that there’s a whole load of tools that Perry’s developed that are really, really useful and help you to analyze your business. What you can do is use them and then tweak something and see if it has any impact so you can actually work out what the most useful thing to do is, and sort of prioritize what’s going to help you the most quickly. There’s a whole range of tools that he’s got that all tie together and, with the whole model, it’s really useful.

— Nancy Slessenger
Birmingham, UK

As a marketing consultant, an unexpected use of the Simplify Scorecard & Scalability Scorecard, is as a rack the shotgun tool for potential client engagement. Those two tools cut through the fuzzy stuff real quick.

— Bradley Schmidt, New Zealand

Google’s reps are incentivized by getting advertisers & agencies to lean into the AI & spend more money. Good for Google’s shareholders, possibly not so good for your profits. The AI is still a toddler, and toddlers require supervision.

The old understanding is not enough. Most people make technology their slave. In paid online advertising you must always be the master. Automation must be your servant. If you submit to it (like a dog rolling over and urinating on itself) Google owns your business even though you take all the risk.

Mike Rhodes, my Google Ads co-author will detail most surefire means of maximizing impression share, quality score, Retargeting Lists for Search Ads… the latest psychology of search. How to monitor Google’s AI to make sure it’s working for you not against you.

We’ll reveal multiple ways you can sleep with one eye open, yet keep two eyes firmly on how the AI is behaving & what it’s doing for you. Mike will also give away a script his team has created to do some of this automatically.

All Instructors are on the Leading Edge of Paid Media:

Justin Brooke will present an actual case study of building a business from zero to ten thousand leads a day.

Mike Rhodes runs the largest Google Ads agency in Australia. Co-Author, Ultimate Guide to Google Ads, 6th Edition.

Rob Sieracki operates a selective, waiting-list-only, boutique digital agency in Milwaukee.

Kevin Milani manages tens of millions of dollars a year of clicks and is revered for his knowledge of YouTube and Google.

Ted Prodromou is one of the top LinkedIn experts in the world.

Joey & Jamey Bridges have managed close to a million dollars a day of ad spend across almost every network you can think of.

Fred Vallaeys is an ex-Googler who plays the game with consummate skill. Was employee #400ish & spent 10+ years on Google ads team. (He helped invent Quality Score for example.)

Tom Breeze is revered for his ability to elicit magic from the YouTube platform.

Bob Regnerus is my co-author of Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising and is a master technician of integrating video with Facebook ads.

Mark Ingles has built multiple companies on the back of paid traffic and sold those companies multiple times. He's one of the primary brains behind my Facebook book.

David Nadler is a systematic genius who runs an agency and is expert on building Facebook funnels that reliably and profitably convert traffic.

Dan Wilkinson is a verrrry long-time Planet Perry member who succeeded 10+ years ago, experienced Armageddon in his life, and made an arresting comeback. He will singlehandedly show you a secret strategy (which is invisible to competitors) that makes ALL your traffic convert 10-30% better. I am not exaggerating, not joking. And you will not be disappointed. Dan is the secret weapon of top agencies I work with in Planet Perry.

Alex Makarski is a polymath born in Russia. Lives in Toronto, will be covering the BING platform – often overlooked, and he will deliver the shortcuts. Bing has saved many a Google slapped advertiser from extinction.

Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier are multi-media alchemists with particular expertise in paid Podcast promotion (podcasting doesn’t get nearly the attention in Planet Perry that it probably deserves) and mixing in “long tail” sources like Reddit – and getting the traffic to convert.

Don Crowther came within inches of being the Google guy instead of me. Had he been perhaps two months ahead of me, he’d be the King of AdWords instead of Perry Marshall. And he would be worthy of the title. He is a ruthlessly systematic strategist who will show you how to make your offers convert.

Dennis Yu is a Facebook genius and just the other day over Haitian food told me about how he re-invented the inner workings of American Airlines… in a manner that has everything to do with “laws of unintended consequences” in Facebook advertising. He has trained thousands of independent agencies to use Facebook profitably for their clients.

Timothy Seward spoke at one of my very first seminars and taught my customers Google Analytics. He has since gone on to build a very successful digital marketing firm called ROI Revolution that manages both Google and Amazon advertising accounts. He's author of the book Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising.

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Google and Facebook are not out to help YOU get rich. They’re here to help themselves get rich. The will to power.

Google’s job is to THIN THE HERD.

Let me remind you that I am here to help you get rich. It’s my job. If you’re a member of my herd, my M.O. is to fatten MY herd. That’s YOU.

YOU are not Google’s customer. Google’s customer is the lady who’s searching.

To Google, you’re just another cow they’re milking on the Larry and Sergey Dairy Farm.

To the gal in the Facebook department, you’re just another phone call in her cubicle, another email in her support queue. Another check box on her list before she goes for a massage and a chai latte.

Google makes you skinny.
I make you fat.

If you’re going to survive and thrive in the new Online world, you need friends. Every successful businessman or woman has a good ol’ boys club. Self-help is not enough. Being lost and alone in cyber-land is not enough. You need a cartel. Advocates and connections and private sources of intelligence.

The Google FAQ ain’t going to tell you why you just got slapped at 9:27 on Monday morning. They don’t care that the business you spent the last 2 years meticulously grooming and crafting just got slammed into a cement wall.

I know, this is not happy-happy joy-joy. But it’s the truth. And it’s my role in this industry to tell it.

There is no better place than this Zoom Intensive to arm yourself to the teeth with every possible advantage.

Who Should Attend Definitive Traffic Interactive?

  • If you used to buy traffic and you got sucked under by the riptides and couldn't afford it anymore… but you still really need traffic… this is the training you need to attend.

  • If you are spending $1,000 a month on traffic, you need to be here, because you are hanging by your fingernails.

  • If you're investing more than a few thousand dollars a month in paid traffic, you're foolish if you don't attend… because you're throwing money in the Facebook Fireplace and Google Stupidity Tax.

  • if you're a business owner and you've got staff buying traffic, then at the very minimum your people need to be in Definitive Traffic Interactive because they're burning your money and they don't know it.

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Your dinero is burning. These platforms love to stick the vacuum hose in your wallet. Once they have it, it never goes back the other direction. You really must sharpen your pencil.

When you sit in on the sessions and watch what's going on, you will know what questions to ask.

Imagine hiring an accountant or bookkeeper not knowing how to talk to them about debits or credits or accounts receivable or income tax.

Without knowing basic things about money management and accounting, how would you ever know which accountant is good?


Yesterday I heard from a guy who's been working on a film for four years. He raised $150K on Kickstarter and spent over $100K of his own money to boot.

I watched his film last night. It was gorgeous. He's not from my business circles. He goes, “What do I do now?”

I said, “You're about to get very, very, very good at Facebook advertising.”

I did not advise him to hire somebody else to do that, even though he’s never done marketing in his life. I told him he needs to be in the saddle, in the cockpit, seeing the traffic flow, watching the dials in the gauges, the spreadsheets and the conversion reports. That for him is $1000/hour work. If he doesn’t think so, he can urinate away all of his money.

Even if he hires somebody else to do that, it's still do or die time. With a film you got one chance and one chance only.

Most of us aren't in the film business… but most of us still get one shot. If you botch it, you're not going to get this shot again. You might be Dead On Arrival. This may be your only chance.

If you own a business, there is NO better place to shop for experts than Definitive Traffic Interactive. If you want to ask the speakers questions, if you want to hire my speakers, I've got the best YouTube, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Amazon advertising people on the planet, all in one Zoom Room. They're expensive but they're good.

But you also get the people they attract. 30 to 40% of the room will be people who run some kind of marketing agency or PPC firm. Which means between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will easily meet 10 or 15 different people who all have different skill sets… all on the first day.

You know somebody who's really good at Google display network, somebody else's really good at Google local search and Google maps. Somebody else's really good LinkedIn.

During the last 20 years I’ve spent about 7% of my life either attending, speaking at, organizing or running events and masterminds. I've been to lot of seminars.

And now, with some help from people in the Agile software industry, we have re-invented the online marketing event!

The Power of Interactive

The essential element of an interactive experience is IMMERSION. There is an emotional connection you make when you are speaking, live, in person, that CANNOT and WILL NOT be made on ordinary webinars, telephone calls, emails, PDF’s, e-books or MP3’s.

Most of the things you really need to know to build your business are not written in some book at the bookstore or some e-book on somebody’s website. The things you really need are inside the heads of the other people you meet at the interactive session.

On these sessions you will meet people who would be impossible to meet any other way.

You will find that almost everyone in the zoom room is some sort of serial entrepreneur. Many people are on their 5th business or more. Most have lost their ass in at least one of those businesses. Many have made millions multiple times. We all have those scars and battles in common.

There is NOTHING more valuable than your network

If Google, Facebook or YouTube were to shoot your account dead tomorrow morning at 6am, the first place you would turn would be your network. There is no better way to let other people know what your skills are right now than to casually help them solve their problem over virtual drinks on Zoom.

Date: First session May 8, 2020. Runs through June 18 with several sessions per week, spaced for maximum absorption and execution.

Price: $999 - only $495 for New Renaissance 12 members in good standing. Six month free membership in New Renaissance 12 grants you free access to otherwise expensive products, discounts, our private user’s forum, my newsletter and the inside track of traffic experts. It’s a huge no-brainer.

GUARANTEE: If you’re not SLACK JAWED by the advanced content you’ve received by the end of the third Definitive Traffic Interactive presentation you attend/watch, email [email protected] within 60 days of purchase and my team will issue a full refund.)

I will see you online in the most interactive online traffic event in internet history!

Seize the Day. And register before the next session comes and goes!

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Perry Marshall


Q: Who should attend Definitive Traffic Interactive?

  • If you used to buy traffic and you got sucked under by the riptides and couldn't afford it anymore… but you still really need traffic… this is the training you need to attend.

  • If you are spending $1,000 a month on traffic, you need to be here, because you are hanging by your fingernails.

  • If you're investing more than a few thousand dollars a month in paid traffic, you're foolish if you don't attend… because you're throwing money in the Facebook Fireplace and Google Stupidity Tax.

  • if you're a business owner and you've got staff buying traffic, then at the very minimum your people need to be in Definitive Traffic Interactive because they're burning your money and they don't know it.

Q: What do I actually get?

  • 20+ highly interactive zoom sessions with world-class traffic experts on Google, Facebook, YouTube plus a dozen smaller platforms
  • Videos & MP3s of all sessions in the member’s area so you can watch later and share with your team
  • A LIVE in-person Planet Perry celebration seminar when it becomes available, no extra charge
  • 6 Months Membership to “New Renaissance 12” which includes our 24/7 private member’s forum, office hours call-in days, special member-only events, my famous print newsletter and steep discounts on most Planet Perry offerings (automatically renews at $999/yr after 6-month introductory period; cancel any time)

Q: Where and when will the live Planet Perry "celebration seminar" be held? Is it really included free when I register for the Definitive Traffic Interactive?

A: Yes, your event ticket is included with your Definitive Traffic Interactive registration! The event will be held in the Chicagoland area. The exact date and location is to be determined. We'll keep you posted!

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