• Perry Marshall
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  • Adam Kreitman
    President of WordsThatClick

Q&A: How to Know if You’re Getting Screwed by Your Online Marketing Agency

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Is Your Local Advertising Rep a
“Bernie Madoff in Sheep’s Clothing”?

Are you wondering whether the AdWords results you’re paying for
are the results you deserve?

Or are you being played for a sucker?

An AdWords Lesson from Bernie Madoff

Dear Local Business Owner:

Adam Kreitman’s cousin, Neil, invested a good chunk of money with the poster child of white collar crime, Bernie Madoff.

Now to be clear Neil is a smart, savvy and successful businessman. He built up a big insurance company from scratch… bought a house on the beach in Malibu with a couple of Ferraris in the garage… and could flip through any issue of the Robb Report and find stories about his friends!

You don’t reach the stratosphere of wealth like that without managing your money well. Yet Neil (and many others like him) got bilked by Madoff and collectively lost billions.

What made this massive swindle possible?

It largely came down to bad (in this case fraudulent) reporting.

Neil and other investors would get statements from Madoff’s company indicating everything was just peachy. Yet as we all know now – that wasn’t the case.

These people trusted Madoff with their money. But they did not and could not verify what was actually going on behind-the-scenes.

The Dangers of Flying Blind in AdWords

When it comes to PPC, most local business owners don’t truly know what is going on behind the scenes of their AdWords account.

Sometimes it’s because you don’t have time to look at or understand the overwhelming amount of data in your AdWords campaigns.

Or sometimes your rep tells you, “We can’t let our clients access our proprietary technology.”

That’s a problem.

Because it leaves you COMPLETELY in the dark about what’s really going on in your account…

  • You have no idea where your money is really going (how much goes to Google for clicks vs. the management company fees).
  • You can’t tell what, if anything, is being done each month to optimize things.
  • And puts you in the situation where you have to rely on the PPC agency’s highly filtered (yet very pretty!) reporting to get information about the keywords, performance, etc. of your campaign.

You have to TRUST but you can’t VERIFY.

Now it’s unlikely any PPC management firms are running Ponzi Schemes like Madoff.

However, when you – the client – are flying blind about what’s really going on behind-the-scenes in your AdWords campaign, you are at a SIGNIFICANT disadvantage.

In fact, the reason most local business owners like you aren’t as successful as they should be with AdWords is precisely because of this lack of transparency.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Meanwhile, all you know is that your waiting room chairs are empty, your sales guy’s phone ain’t ringing, and your lead bucket seems to have a hole in it.

What’s the answer?

Adam Kreitman and I are going to show you…

  • How to determine if you’re local advertising firm is “ripping you off”
  • How to wrestle back control and verify your advertising ROI
  • How to hold your rep’s feet to the fire until the cash register starts ringing
  • How to determine if you’re even advertising in the right media. Yup…maybe AdWords isn’t for you at all…better to know now than wait until you’ve poured thousands of dollars down the drain.

All without spending half your day plugged into the AdWords “Matrix”!

Who should be on this free, live presentation?

If you’re wondering…

  • What the heck am I paying for?
  • Am I wasting money?
  • Should I just do this AdWords stuff myself?
  • Should I even do it AT ALL?
  • How do I get more customers in the door and more leads in the funnel?

Then you need to be on these free presentations.

To your success,

Perry Marshall

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