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–Dan S. Kennedy, legendary direct marketing advisor and author of the No B.S. book series,


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Here’s a Sneak Peak Inside the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising…

Chapter 1 – Facebook’s Move to Rule the World

  • It All Started in a College Dorm Room, and Why It Matters to You
  • One Tool to Rule Them All
  • Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It, Moves to Facebook

Chapter 2 – Is Facebook For Me?

  • Can Every Business Benefit From Advertising on Facebook?
  • Are You a Local Business With a Physical Location Where Consumers Regularly Come to Purchase Your Goods and Services?
  • Are You a National or International Business?
  • Perry Marshall’s Facebook Quiz
  • Should You Advertise on Facebook First? New Rules for the New World Order

Chapter 3 – Fundamentals

  • How a Measly Dollar Bill Almost Got Me Fired
  • Learn the Vocabulary to Understand the Tool
  • Ads Basics

Chapter 4 – 10 Minutes to Your First Ad

  • 10 Minutes to Reach 250,000 People
  • Facebook Can’t Afford to Take 6 Billion Questions This Year
  • Set Up Your Account
  • Find the Ads Manager
  • Create Your Ad

Chapter 5 – Selling on the Front Porch, Party and the Coffee Shop

  • Where Selling Meets Social
  • Clone Yourself and Crash Any Party in the World
  • How Do You Really Make Money With Facebook and Social Media?
  • Playing With Customers: A New Way to Engage
  • Being Friendly, Truly Friendly
  • The Three-Layer Facebook Funnel
  • 80/20 Your 3 Layer Facebook Funnel Budget

Plus 16 More Chapters Including…

  • How to Create Offers That Make Customers Salivate and Pine for More
  • Blow Away All Other Media Channels with Strategic Facebook Targeting
  • Superior and Counter Intuitive Bidding Strategies in Facebook
  • The 5-Second Lizard-Brain Landing Page Test
  • One Simple Video Can Turn a Loser into a Winner
  • Power Words to Trigger Emotional Response
  • The Power of Hidden Psychological Triggers
  • Free Traffic & Free Impressions vs. Paid Advertising

And much more. Plus your free instructional video to walk you step by step through the Facebook Checklist!


Does Facebook OWN Your Market?

Facebook Owns the Mobile Phone. Facebook Wants to Own the Entire Internet. In Some Markets, Facebook is the ONLY Way to Reach Customers…Ignore them at Your Peril…

The majority of internet use is now via smartphones and tablets. This is bad news for all the old-school internet companies. But it’s good news for Facebook. And could be good news for YOU.


Because Facebook is the only company that is putting FULL-SCREEN DISPLAY ADS in front of mobile phones users and getting away with it on a daily basis.

All the other online ads are either in apps or tiny, inconsequential banner ads. Facebook puts display ads and videos right in the middle of the news feed, and many people see dozens every day. Plus, many times those ads don’t really seem like ads. Above the ad, the post says “Suzy Smith likes ACME corporation” so the ad has implied endorsement.

This works. On a massive scale.

As exciting as all this is, it is important for advertisers like you to remember that Facebook did not build the site for us, the advertisers. They built it for themselves.

Please know that even despite Facebook’s massive gains in the ad department, the company doesn’t exist simply to send you customers.

Regardless of why Zuckerberg built Facebook or what high ideals his staffers may hold, the personal demographic information Facebook collects is tremendously valuable to us advertisers.

Facebook is not stupid.

It is more closely connected with its advertisers than any other platform on the planet. Facebook visionaries already have years’ worth of additional ideas to implement. How do we know this? We see the ideas publicly volunteered every day on Facebook pages by Facebook advertisers.

Adult supervision at Facebook is minimal, which is probably why it is so absolutely brilliant. The company almost exclusively hires fresh, college graduates. The brightest college grads on the planet, but still fresh, college graduates.

These are the smart kids, smarter than you, smarter than us. They have never had a “real” job outside of Facebook.

They have never tried to live off revenue generated by an ad. They do not feel your pain.

Remember that. It is really important.

To use Facebook’s paid advertising tools effectively, it is important to understand just how much its creators and designers are not really trying to help you.

Fortunately, they do need cash, and you do need clicks, so we can get some great work done together. You focus on the clicks, and they focus on changing the world.

Facebook has the potential, the real potential, to be highly relevant for decades to come. Our rule of thumb is the founder’s rule: when you have a dynamic and visionary founder running a business, better to bet on that business continuing to be a success for as long as you see that founder at the helm.

We suggest that at long as you see Mark Zuckerberg engaged at Facebook, you should plan on Facebook being a dynamic and growing, competitive place to advertise.

Oh, Mark was born in 1984.

He will probably be around for a long, long time.

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One Tool to Rule Them All, and in the Facebook Bind Them

One Tool to rule them all,
One Tool to find them,
One Tool to bring them all
And in the Facebook bind them.

The poem should haunt Google. Facebook is actively creating one tool to bind the entire internet together. And Facebook, not Google, is in charge.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Facebook built Facebook Mobile and smartphone users log in an average of 14 times a day.
  • These users are connected to Facebook nearly 24/7.
  • The Guardian reports that four out of five users log in via mobile.
  • Facebook reports that mobile users are more than twice as active as non-mobile users.

No one owns the phone like Facebook. Facebook is the only way to reach some of your customers. “Come on over for a 10% special discount. Good for the next 30 minutes!”

Facebook Places lets Facebook users announce where they are and see where their friends are. Friday nights in the big city need never be lonely again. Friends share where they have been, what they have liked, and where they will be, so you can meet up while the night is young.

But wait, there’s more.

Facebook is extending the social graph even deeper into their partners’ websites, so your website pages can be “liked” like a Facebook page. These likes automatically enter the news feed of your Facebook community.

Not at all obvious to most people is the fact that Facebook is now a major source of search engine optimization (SEO). Social media likes and tweets are a major influence on search engine rankings.

One tool to rule them all, and in the Facebook bind them.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Your mission is to buy a click for $1, turn it into $2, and then make more profit than your competitors from your $2. This is your mission, and it has moved to Facebook. It is a new platform but a very old mission.

The rest is just strategy and tactics. Many existing strategies and tactics that we have taught to over 100,000 Google advertisers work directly in Facebook. You need to understand your sales funnel, craft a compelling ad, have a focused goal for your landing page, and track and follow up with your leads and your customers. More important, you want to do this automatically.

We will teach you the strategy and tactics required to fulfill your mission: to get those clicks, and to turn them into customers.

Some tactics, especially those built around keywords and bidding strategies, have changed dramatically for Facebook. Don’t worry, we will show you the secrets we have found to be successful in Facebook.

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