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Which Is Better For Your Business?

“Google Search” Or “Google Display”?

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Take this short quiz and get an instant Score Card on how appropriate your business is for 1) Google AdWords for keyword search and 2) Google’s Display Network. Your Score Card will also gauge the competition level and priority you should place on AdWords compared to other advertising opportunities.

It only takes a minute – Answer these 10 short questions:

1) My best customers are usually long-time enthusiasts & devotees who have been “into” this topic for a long time.

Somewhat True

2) Which best describes your product(s)?

People only need my product in very specific times or circumstances and there’s no point in trying to sell it to them at any other time.
Anyone in specific groups and a range of circumstances will probably be receptive to what I sell.
People with no awareness of my product and who were not even looking for a solution still buy it when they see what it can do.

3) Lots of people are searching, but only a very specific small subset could ever actually buy my product. Most people in my market are buying and selling something completely different.

Somewhat True

4) People who buy my product were actually looking for something different, but I persuaded them this is what they really need.


5) Which best describes your product(s)?

You can buy the exact same thing I sell literally at Wal-Mart, Amazon, big box store, grocery store.
10 other stores or specialty websites sell my product or something very similar.
My product definitely has distinct features but still I often go head to head with competition and battle price and delivery and make concessions.
My product is distinctly different from every other product out there. It’s hard for customers to price shop.

6) People often search for a solution like mine on their smart phone.

Somewhat True

7) Which best describes your experience in explaining your business and your products?

Every household (or business) owns something like what I sell.
The average “man on the street” more or less understands what I sell when I describe it to him.
In a crowd, there’s usually 1 or 2 people who ‘get’ what I do.
Only a tiny fraction of people have any idea what I’m talking about – only people in certain “tribes” or industries.

8) My Customers Are

Local (City)
Regional (State)

9) In your business, is it possible or sensible to give away something free to a prospect on their first visit to your website (catalog, free guide, book, ebook, tool, software download, DVD, membership)?


10) My Monthly AdWords Spend Is

Less than $500
$500 to $5000
Over $5000