“Seventy-one days from being some outside consultant to running the entire company…”

– Mark Ingles, Immersion 451 alumn
YES! I Want To Apply for Immersion 451!

You’re in a Burning Building.

Time is Racing Against You.

Rank and file marketers are taking their signs down, returning to former jobs and resigning in frustration…

Even though their “marketing chops” are JUST FINE.

And the problem is, it’s not ONE thing that’s wrong. FIVE things are wrong. And they’re oblivious to at least three of them.

Dear Marketing Professional:

Your very existence is threatened by five assassins. Their rifles are pointed at your head as we speak.

Assassin #1:

Death by 1000 fishing puddles. Once upon a time you fished in a boundless ocean of advertising. Google and Facebook campaigns ran for months, sometimes years with relatively little tweaking or adjustment.

Now, you run a Facebook ad and it gets great ads for about… two days. Then it starts to fatigue. Cost per acquisition begins to rise… within two weeks it’s double; by week five it’s doubled again.

Thus you are on a constant treadmill of innovation, of product development and desperate advertising trials.

Sure, you can get a good initial response with one very particular new audience (IF you have a new message for them to consume) but it’s like roaming through the woods with your fishing net, finding ponds, dredging fish out of them until they’re all gone, then having to find another pond. And another. And another.

You ask: “Where are all the big lakes? Is there anything around here besides tiny little ponds?”

The answer is that a monopoly of large advertisers has completely over-fished the big lakes.

Most advertisers at this point in time can only buy small limited pockets of traffic which quickly fatigues. You are constantly on a hamster wheel of having to come up with new ideas, new content, new products, new promotions, new launches, new ways of enticing joint venture partners to cooperate.

As you lose ground, you start to get nervous because you know that competitors would love to eviscerate your sorry carcass and leave you for dead. And they will, too, if you don’t pull the rabbit out of the hat.

You experience creative fatigue from the constant pressure to generate newer, more exciting, better ideas.

Assassin #2:

The Unrelenting NOISE of the 21st Century.

The problem with it, it doesn’t seem like noise. It just seems like you’re being pulled apart and dissected, drawn and quartered in every direction. You are assaulted by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instant Messages, Snapchat, phone calls, texts, television, radio, Skype, Kindle books, webinars, and Trump.

All of it is interesting to an extent (even though it’s annoying) but it’s slicing your brain into unimaginably thin ribbons. You just feel so diluted.

Every time you open Facebook you know you’re running skewers through the heart of 80/20 but you can’t seem to stop yourself.

You have all these plans, but two days out of three, some crisis intervenes, and you never quite seem to get back to the main gig.

A few days ago I talked to a friend. I asked her, “What are you reading?”

She looked at me with a blank stare as she tried to remember. She’s very smart, she’s inquisitive, she’s a thinker, she’s a reader. She said, “I can’t remember. I’m just so upset by… all the stuff that’s going on… Trump’s tweets, immigrants being separated from their children, tariffs, North Korea, the supreme court, um, I guess I just can’t remember what I’m reading right now.”

And she’s not even an entrepreneur or marketer! She can barely imagine what happens when you add deluges of product launches and 557 URGENTLY NECESSARY tactics for your Facebook account. (But you know exactly what it’s like.)

Assassin #3:

Thrashing madly through the rushing current, but only treading water.

Glenn Livingston said, “Most people think they tested 20 ads, but they’ve really just tested two ads 10 different times.”

The bane of testing is optimization gets you stuck. You end up with a particular kind of ad that you can’t improve, and the problem is: All the other things you try are inferior. Eventually you get gun shy about testing anything because it just compromises your Quality Scores, ups your bid prices and leaves you scared.

Most people try to solve this problem by surfing for ideas online. They look at competitors’ ads, hunting for an angle, but the problem is it’s incestuous. There’s a million things you COULD say but you can only think of one right now.

Assassin #4:

Death of Thinking: The reason there’s so much “fake news” and clickbait headlines is because most people have no common sense, no discernment, no ability to think critically.

That might seem OK if you’re ‘only’ making pizzas for a living. It might be OK if you’re a Lyft driver and all you have to do is approve the next ride and follow the GPS to wherever it leads you next.

It’s suicide if you’re an entrepreneur.

Thinking… critical judgment skills… intuition… knowledge of the world… all those things are HARD WON and involve blood and sweat and razor wire.

Ever sat in a hotel lobby during breakfast and watched people stare mindlessly while CNN spews garbage into the room? People eat their Cheerios and boiled eggs and English muffins and nobody ever dares to say HEY PEOPLE DONCHA THINK THERE MIGHT BE A BETTER WAY TO START YOUR DAY THAN THISSSSS?????

Assassin #5:

Headtrash. A Story That Re-Occurred for me WAY Too Many Times…

I’d been working at my first “real” sales job for a couple of months. Totally wet behind the ears. My boss scheduled a trip to Detroit to get me some sales training.

The morning of my trip I woke up with a start. It was 8:00am.

My FLIGHT was at 8am.

I lived 40 minutes from O’Hare airport.

I bolted out of bed frantically. I jetted in and out of the shower, pulled my pants on and Laura drove me to the airport.

Don’t you HATE that thick, sticky sensation of panic and adrenaline coursing through your body? A feeling almost like narrowly avoiding a car accident. Liquified stress throbbing in your veins. My head was numb.

Reactions to 30 Day Reboot

“Once I started the 30 ­Day Reboot, I made a commitment to give it all I had. I’m glad I did. I am more focused than I’ve ever been, more organized, more calm, less stressed, happier, not wasting any time in the “matrix” with social media or the news, grateful, mindful of the people I associate with, mindful of where I’m going in life, thinking more about my dreams and putting some action behind them, more conscious of my strengths and weaknesses, more productive, and more forgiving.

My company’s revenue went up during the reboot, as well.

We were averaging $15­20k/mo prior to the Reboot.

In August, we did close to $40k in sales. Our sales more than doubled.

The best part is the higher revenue was achieved with LESS time in the office, LESS stress,

MORE time with family, MORE time to myself, and MORE happiness.”

— Chris Belote
Belote Investment Group LLC Rockwall, TX

“Reboot helped me de-barnacle, and get back on track. Removing the Facebook app from my phone got me at least 45 minutes of extra work time each day.

I even purchased internet blocking software to force myself to confront and solve challenging problems instead of avoiding them for hours while reading “news” on Yahoo!

Reboot put me back on track to getting my workload under control.

It also helped clear up mental bandwidth so I could work on recognizing the bigger, less obvious, problems that I can solve for my clients, which should lead to a big jump in taxplanning revenue in November/December.”

— Joshua Jordan, CPA
Bend, TX

Hi, Perry! Your 30-day reboot last year was hugely transformational. It caused 100s of micro and macro changes in my life. The biggest one of the all — I’m receiving memos from head office. They are pouring in and they are transforming everything in their way propelling me forward with an ultrasonic speed. As a result, I have achieved more in the last 3 months than in the last 3 years. What a ride so far!

— Vladik Solovetski
Quebec, Canada

Reboot has shown me my hidden door to a different path. I feel more in control, more productive and even lost a bit of weight. I even created a new marketing campaign on a Saturday night which bought in $340 of new revenue in just over 3 days. As the profit have covered half the course costs already I could potentially have unplugged from my Matrix for free!

— Andy Palmer
Web Marketing Kent
Kent, UK

As Laura drove, I booked a later flight from my cell phone and I stumbled to the gate just in time for a 9:55 takeoff.

I wasn’t the only guy who was frantic. Fred, my boss, heard from one of the other reps that I was missing. He couldn’t get me on my cell and he thought I’d gone AWOL.

I got to Detroit, rented a car and navigated the I94 expressway. I arrived at the firm (I was a commissioned sales representative for this company, you understand) at Noon Detroit time – just in time for lunch.

I had to know what had gone wrong with my alarm clock. When I got home late that night I carefully examined it. Yes, the alarm had been set. Yes, it had been set to the right time. Yes, the volume control was “up”.

So far as I could possibly tell, my alarm clock HAD gone off at 6am, just like it was supposed to.

And I hadn’t merely hit “snooze.”

I had hit the off button and gone back to sleep.

I NEVER did that on ordinary days.

Nope. Just on days when it really mattered.

Why did I do that? What was going on?

Have you ever done that?

If you’re constantly on the edge of success and you suddenly miss a key appointment like that, it’s just like that compulsion to stand in front of the refrigerator and eat ice cream and destroy yourself.

If you compulsively gamble or have anorexia or financial self sabotage; if you cut or pull hair or drink or battle food or sex addictions, willpower will eventually fail you. You have to re-write your inner software or you’re doomed to stay on the same treadmill.

Yeah, I know. This seems really depressing. But I’ve gotta start by telling you the facts. I resolved to get to the bottom of this.

It was abundantly clear to me that this type of problem is THE #1 reason why people fail in business. Even though they know, in theory, how to succeed, and spend tens of thousands of dollars on education. Even though they invest hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars starting businesses. Because financial demons are really no different from anorexia or compulsive eating or alcoholism.

Business Transformation lags Personal Transformation. Or, if you have a business transformation that runs ahead of your personal transformation, you’ll experience a correction. That’s exactly what my slept-through-alarm-clock-for-Detroit story so perfectly illustrates.

Do you find yourself rescuing defeat from the jaws of victory again and again and again? Headtrash strikes again.

David Nadler runs a marketing agency in the Midwest. David tells this story:

I do marketing for marketers, so staying ahead of the curve is a all-the-time problem. In the agency, it’s a “what new idea have you shown me lately”. I have to stay sharp to keep my credibility. 

My battle is: finding and keeping my vision for my family and my agency in the midst of being the owner, salesperson, Infusionsoft pro, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc, etc. 

Bigger issue: I “felt” in my bones, or my DNA, that it was time for something new for me in my business. Some sort of rebirth, metamorphosis – whatever you want to call it. I didn’t want to arbitrarily decide what that change was . . . but I did want to incubate it.

I knew that it was a business problem, but that it was bigger than just “what marketing tactics should I be doing here”. It was more a “what should I be doing when I grow up” question. 

So David signed up for Immersion 451 a year ago. 90-day sprint. Short, daily assignments. Enforced accountability and regular check-ins. Culminating in an incredibly intense 2-day live immersion with me and the other nine members.

Fix Your Sales Machine,
Fix Your Daily Routine,
Fix Your Financial Head Trash
…In 90 Days

Dave Nadler reports:

In Immersion 451, a Merchant fee arbitrage recommended early in the course saved my client $25,000.

Day 16: a simple exercise gave me a ~100%+ bump in Click Through Rate.

Day 29: The Beta Swiss Army Knife tool enabled me to beat my control again by over 50%.

Day 40: 80/20 execution assignment for a product line and customer. I performed the assessment for MY client. They were thrilled, able to cut multiple product lines without any financial pain. Huge credibility bump for me.

Day 50: Transformed a $27,000 launch into a $350k+ launch for my client. Almost got myself fired for being too successful (“we don’t need any more marketing, we’re drowning here”).

The “Fahrenheit 451” part: I found the Pre-Gutenberg reading assignments tremendously thought provoking. It was purifying to read great/deep literature first thing in the morning. This in turn provoked lots of great conversations with my wife and kids. Frankly made me a more interesting person. Also kick started lots of good conversations in my business.

Renaissance Time: First time I’ve done this. Revolutionizing. Had the experience of “my day going to sh*t” if I didn’t do it, like so many others. Staying on track. Focus and separation of important vs urgent. Student of this concept vs actually implementing it. Captain and commander effect, but at a deeper level. Not just work tasks, my whole life was more orderly.

Day 75: The in-person retreat was an affirming, enlarging experience; confidence and life giving, not sure how else that could have happened. Completely unique experience. It broadened my thinking – as an entrepreneur I can get very myopic. Helped me keep my eyes up. Family, friends, etc.

Group & Live Event: Caliber and quality of people are kind of astounding. Planet Perry peeps are the folks I want to be around. So many other marketing events/groups are a chest-beating experience. “How big is your list?” would determine whether people want to talk with you. Planet Perry people are just more substantive than the general marketing public.

Most importantly, came away with a sense of real and renewed confidence. Not ‘pump you up’, ‘fire-walking’ confidence, but the type of confidence that flows from knowing you’re in the right place, surrounded by “your” people.

My live hot seat was super valuable. Left with not one but several new business models superior to the one I was in.

Great, encouraging experience with older (10+ years) biz owner. He instructed me: “Keep your head down, don’t let yourself be discouraged by looking at other people. Don’t judge yourself based on other peoples’ measuring stick.”

It’s no wonder that when we dine together at night, nobody even starts to think about leaving the restaurant for 2 1/2 hours. The exchanges are so engrossing. And it’s not just the ideas, it’s the transparency and lack of pretense. I don’t know any other place where you have the kind of conversations we have here in Planet Perry.

From $7-8 per Email to $1.76



Sharon Herrman
Zelda’s Song
Fairfield, CT
(From her 80/20 Mastery Contest Submission)

Before now, everything in Planet Perry was always ‘a la carte.’

It was: Take what you want, buy what you want, do what you want. Pick & choose. Nobody twists your arm, nobody ‘makes’ you do anything.

Last year beta-tested an exception. I said to 10 people:

“For 90 days you’re doin’ the whole enchilada. It’s the entire regimen or it’s nothing at all. Every single day. I’m asking you to trust me on this. Then watch the results and see what unfolds for you.”

We called it Immersion 451. Here’s what happened next.

In 2016 Mark Ingles was in phase transition. Making a living serving a few clients. Had just finished up a very long-term commitment. Was feeling adventure in his bones… itching to produce a magnum opus… but rather than leaping into something like most people, was biding his time. Waiting patiently. And being a passionate estudiante.

I started doing City Tour 1-day events around the USA. Mark Ingles started coming to every single one, no matter where it was. Even if it was in California, Mark would come all the way from Florida.

Mark would come and spend the day with us. The day after, he would spend the next day reviewing his notes, collecting his thoughts, really taking the time to provide quality thinking to his business, instead of jumping on a plane and rushing off to the next thing.

He shows up in New Jersey. Then Austin. Then Phoenix. And Denver.

Mark would meet me for breakfast at these meetings. In Denver he told me: “I started doing Renaissance Time every morning, religiously, just like you say. Found that my day goes extraordinarily well when I do it. But if I skip it for whatever reason (like the baby starts screaming at 4am), my whole day goes to sh*t.”

He started taking Planet Perry even more seriously than he had before. Doing everything.

Which seems like a prelude to what happened next – because he embraced the total mindset.

Fall 2017, he joins Immersion 451, along with his wife Robin. They both do the regimen. Every day.

They both came to the 2-day session in LA in January as well.

That was early 2018. In the short time since, he secured his relationship with a client, in whom he has taken equity (stock options). The client just asked him to become CEO.

I put him on stage at the Rosetta Stone seminar, where he showed how they are building the foundations for what could become a $10 million, $100 million, or even $1 billion company. I predict they will utterly transform their entire industry. I predict Mark and Robin will be one of the wealthiest couples in Planet Perry in the next five years.

When people do EVERYTHING I teach – instead of picking and choosing – amazing things happen.

So I’m running it again.

Perry Marshall did NOT 3X my investment. In less than two months I have generated $15,113 DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTED to 80/20 Mastery. So, no, I didn’t 3X my investment; I 15Xed my investment.”

I’ve already surpassed my April revenue and I still have half the month left to go!

I enrolled in the 80/20 Mastery program because Perry promised in 40 Days and 40 nights I’d 3X my investment. His big promise. Was he right? Nope. Not even close. Here’s what happened…

My kids, Connor and Emily, RARELY agree on anything (except mint chocolate chip ice cream). If Connor says red, Emily says blue. If Emily wants to go to the beach, Connor wants to stay home and read. However, for months, they’ve BOTH agreed on one thing: wanting to see the Statue of Liberty. In honor of this momentous occasion, I decided to do my best to make it happen for them.

I calculated that I needed to gross $16,000 in April to cover my monthly expenses AND take the trip. I needed to come up with a plan QUICK.

As I was in the middle of panicking strategizing, up pops this email from Perry. The 80/20 Mastery program. Triple my investment? A money-back guarantee? What the heck? I didn’t have anything to lose at that point.

His big promise was that in 40 days and 40 nights, I would 3X my investment. So I planned to make $3,000 during that time, right? Wrong.

I’ve read Perry’s book a few times, and I love the material, but I’ve never really figured out how to implement it so here was my chance. I enrolled.

I created 36 ads. Most of them were flops. But as Perry says, “All it takes is one”. I found that one.

That ad generated a 1,219% ROI:

I’ve never gotten results like this before. There are two specific reasons for this success: Perry’s ad templates and his strategy for scaling ads. Perry’s targeting innovation was a game changer for me because I found 2 highly profitable audiences that I never would’ve found on my own.

This one ad to this one funnel has generated $13,209 since the program began. That’s an additional $281.04 each day as a direct result of the 80/20 Mastery Program. That might not sound like a lot to some of you, but it’s making a huge impact on my bottom line.

Out of the 36 ads I created, 6 of them were successful “out in the open ocean”. This resulted in 1,396 new leads.

After all of this, how did I end up for April? We’re going to New York! I closed the month with $16,364 in revenue. I can’t wait to give my kids this experience, and to know that I created this success. And it’s within my power to do it again.

My goal for 2017 was to scale my business. I wasn’t quite sure how to make that happen until 80/20 Mastery. I finally learned how to make 80/20 work for me. What I learned was that by trying enough things and focusing on the top 20%, I’ll land upon a few winners that put me in the top 5%.

Jennifer Sneeden
Thriving Therapy Practice
Delray Beach, Florida
(From her 80/20 Mastery Contest Entry)


  • You get a major boost to your Google or Facebook advertising [Traffic + Conversion + ROI] within days or weeks. Double or triple digit improvement guaranteed.
  • The pace of your life slows down. It’s almost like time itself slows down because you’re in a new mental space. You experience a SIGNIFICANT increase in sanity with the daily regimen (which we hold you to).
  • You enjoy an EXTRAORDINARY experience when we gather for 2 days, that is unlike anything you’ve ever done, anywhere you’ve ever been (to the point where words may not adequately describe it).
  • You get a thorough audit of your testing, conversion tracking and Google or Facebook accounts by my best people.
  • You get your business worked on personally by Perry with close supervision by Perry & Staff during the 90 days. Grounding in Planet Perry New Renaissance thinking.
  • You experience a tangible and obvious release of head trash and new level of clarity. You’ll be able to say “It’s like a layer of film was peeled away and I now experience the world with greater clarity.”
  • Course entirely pays for itself before the 90 days is up or money back – with you as sole judge and jury.

There’s a 3,000 year old story about Daniel and his friends. Jewish guys who get carted off to Babylon.

After the king notices their SAT scores, they get selected for government service. Now they’re getting trained by top level functionaries in the king’s court. They’re getting the best Babylonian education, the best Babylonian athletic training, the best Babylonian wine, the best Babylonian cuisine.

Daniel asks for a special exception:

“Can we please just eat vegetables and water?”

The official gulps and says “The king will have my head if this doesn’t work.”

Daniel says, “Just give it a try. This is going to work. I promise.”

Ten days later Daniel and his compadres are stronger, faster, wiser, more handsome, and sharper than the regular estudiantes from Babylon. So they start giving them all the BIG jobs.

And putting them in charge of the Star businesses.

“So they entered the king’s service. In every matter of wisdom and insight the king asked them about, he found them to be ten times better than any of the magicians and astrologers that were in his entire empire.”

That’s what Immersion 451 is. It’s a mental, psychological, spiritual and business CLEANSE. 90 days. For ten people.

A very small group so I can give you the WHOLE spa treatment.

The result, at the end, was ten absolute raving fans – wildly enthused about the focus, the vision, the action and the results.

I’m inviting you to get on and ride.


Created 22 ads, Invested $753 & Made $7,500

Before 80/20 Mastery, my strategy to productivity looked like a long list of massive action steps that proudly labeled me as an OVERACHIEVER in the eyes of everyone and an exhausted, unaccomplished UNDERACHIEVER in my eyes. In the solopreneur world, I felt accomplished and I could always show off how much I had done in one day, in one month and in one year.

I looked “good” to most, but inside I knew I was tired and burned out. My great skills were just that… great skills… mostly in hiding and massively underpaid, because I was trying to do it all.

80/20 Mastery came to my life as an “answer to prayer.” Silently, I had been hoping to work smarter and not harder. I knew my end was near, but what I feared the most is that it would not be my hard work that would come to an end, but my family. I had been “smart” enough to trick my husband and kids into believing my hard work was necessary, but I knew I was committing suicide. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could take this game of “Rushing” roulette. I knew there had to be an easier way.

Little did I imagine my answer to prayer would come through a Facebook ad writing course! Ha!

Looking ahead, this course will probably be the reason I get my entire life and family back… while working less and loving life more. And looking back, this course will probably be the most significant thing I have done in the last year to move my personal and business life forward… like REALLY forward.

After a few years of following the “gurus,” my copy had become dull and I thought ads were dead. “Retargeting ads were useless,” I thought. From Day 1 of the course, I started writing copy and liking it. This was work I could get used to. I was no longer building funnels; I was finding out new ways to engage my audience, doing what I loved- writing. I created 22 ads, invested $753 dollars and made $7,500. Ads are not dead… and retargeting ads are imperative!

I resisted the espresso machine assignment, because I thought I was going to get distracted. Nonetheless, I went for it… the results? 7 people signed up for a one day VIP group coaching day for a total income of $3,500. The cool thing is one of those people agreed to host me as a speaker in their karate school next week… so more business to come from there! I’ll take “coffee” like this any day!

The coaching business is full of people who want to make a quick buck. But your company is not like this. You genuinely add massive value and then keep adding value until it rips the seams. What’s fascinating is that in the midst of the value delivery, you caution us to discern for the 80/20 that will make a difference in our business. You give us permission to not do it all, but to do only what matters. You are the only company that TRULY cares about the whole person.

Shirley Solis
Homstead, Florida
(From her 80/20 Mastery Contest Entry)

We are going to do five things during that 90 day sprint:

  1. We’re going to apply a very special, proprietary version of Swiss Army Knife and we are going to totally transform your advertising. This is like nothing you have ever seen before anywhere. Even if you own the Swiss Army Knife product that we sell, this is still a quantum leap beyond that. With generous help and hands-on assistance for whatever ails or challenges you in your business.
  2. I’m going to put you in a daily REGIMEN for mental conditioning. And you’re going to do it every day. You’ll be accountable to me, to my team, and to your fellow action group members.
  3. I’m going to put you on a READING regimen, of very specific pre-Gutenberg literature. Organic Food and Grass Fed Beef for the mind.
  4. I’m going to serve up an absolutely spectacular, first-class “Memos from the Head Office” experience – absolutely deluxe.
  5. I’m going to apply absolutely world-class Financial Head Trash removal, done in person with some of the best Sozo people in the world.

These five things, together, compressed into a 90-day sprint, will have an absolutely catalytic and exponential effect on your business and your life. Just like David Nadler. Just like Mark Ingles.

It starts Tuesday, August 28th.

Innovations almost NEVER come from the inside of any industry. Innovations flow from outsiders.

Industries become incestuous as they age. They resist change. Change threatens the status quo. Since all professions are run by good ol’ boys clubs, innovations almost never come from the inside.

Bill Gates was a complete outsider to the computer business. Larry and Sergey, founders of Google, were newcomers to the search engine game.

Fred Smith, founder of Federal Express, was a virgin in the shipping industry. Ray Kroc of McDonald’s wasn’t a restaurant veteran; he was a milkshake machine salesman. Lou Gerstner, who engineered a turnaround at IBM, had come from Nabisco and American Express. Before Jack Welch transformed GE, he was a chemical engineer.

Benjamin Franklin, a printer and statesman, discovered that lightning comes from electricity. George Simon Ohm, who discovered “Ohm’s law” of electricity, was a schoolteacher. Charles Darwin was a medical school dropout studying for the ministry when he took his famous trip to the Galápagos Islands on the HMS Beagle.

Mathematician and quantum physicist Barbara Shipman, a University of Rochester researcher, noticed that the shape of the honeybee’s dance closely mimics something in physics called the flag manifold. Bee experts had never noticed this before a physicist came along.

Novel approaches usually come from outsiders. All these people had an outsider’s point of view that enabled them to see something to which insiders were blind.

I have noticed this inside of Planet Perry as well. The biggest innovators in Planet Perry have brought expertise from the outside, imported it and appropriated it – creating huge breakthroughs, slicing through impenetrable problems like butter.

EXAMPLE: Glenn Livingston has a PhD in psychology. Before he got into online marketing, developed an exhaustive, rigorous market research method for large corporate clients. When he started building websites and selling ebooks (which he did because he’d had a huge financial disaster and refused to declare bankruptcy), he adapted this to researching online markets.

It was enormously effective.

It was also hideously complicated. You literally needed to hire an intern from grad school to do all of it. (Regression analysis and stuff like that.)

One day I asked him: “Glenn, is there an 80/20 version? In particular, what is the ONE PERCENT of his massive set of procedures that produces FIFTY PERCENT of the results?”

“Let me think about that,” he said.

A few weeks later, he circled back to me with the “Glenn Livingston 80/20 method” which is now Chapter 21 of 80/20 Sales & Marketing with more extensive resources in the bonuses included with the book.

Now the point is, Glenn had completely developed that method ELSEWHERE and he imported it into our world. It continues to be extraordinarily effective and quite unique.

Glenn was an outsider.

A recent rising star in Planet Perry is Megan Macedo. She came to a 4-Man Intensive in 2013 as a guest of client Michael Arnold. Later that year she turns up again at a City Tour event in London. She spends the money on a hot seat.

(I get the impression that she’s spending way more than she ‘should’ given the size of her business… but sometimes the pistol students do that, then punch way above their weight class… and hey, at least she’s spending British Pounds and converting them to American Pesos.)

But anyway, she says to me, “I want to be the Brené Brown of Marketing. I don’t believe people have business problems. I believe people with problems have businesses. So the business is the window into the soul of the person – if they’ll let you in. Can I do that?”

[Brené Brown gave one of the most popular TED talks of all time. It’s about vulnerability and shame. It’s DEEP.]

I say to her, “YES you can do that. You just have to confront the fact that you’re selling broccoli and not cheesecake.”

Well… fast forward five years and this girl is really cranking up the engines. She has accomplished much… and she truly is an outsider, someone who has imported completely foreign material into a calcified industry.

In her case, she imported a very odd thing into the marketing world:

Growing up on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

She lived right on the razor’s edge of that. When she was 11 years old she asked, “Mom, can I go the mall?”

“No, there’s a burning bus on the road three miles away. It got blew up by a bomb. No… you’re not going to the mall today.”

Megan thought this was normal. When you’re 11 years old you just think whatever is around you is normal. Now for most people this is not normal. But her experience of growing up in Derry Northern Ireland, 20 miles down the road from Dunfanaghy (Republic of Ireland) gave her a perspective on conflict and family dynamics and dysfunction and storytelling that was very unique.

She completely owned that world, and when she came into the marketing world she said, “I’ve got something unique to contribute.”

Ari Galper did the same thing. Ari went through a whole gauntlet about trust-based selling and he figured out something really, really center, really core. It’s called Unlock The Game. He figured it out and then he brought it into our world.

David Bullock did that too. He was in manufacturing and he took the Taguchi method (a matrix for multi-variate testing) and a bunch of other engineering stuff and he injected those things into the marketing world.

I too an am outsider. I don’t read all that many business books. I read history books, psychology books, science books, biology books. Spiritual books, mystical books, engineering books, mathematical books.

I intentionally make myself an outsider in marketing every day and I intentionally put myself in situations where I am the outsider. (As I write this, I’m heading to a meeting in Boston. American Scientific Affiliation. 90% of the people there are professional scientists. There’s ONE marketing guy in the audience and it’s me.)

Then I integrate that new, outside information into marketing. It’s one of the reasons the stuff I come up with is so radically different from everybody else.

And just as Megan Macedo imported deep insight into family dynamics into storytelling for marketers, I’m importing three things into Immersion 451:

  • Natural Genetic Engineering, which I picked up from the NEW evolutionary biology (the new version from systems biology that’s quietly killing old-school Darwinism), and:
  • Perry’s “Memos from the Head Office” prophetic channel with head trash removal and Sozo. (Remember the Vivian story at the end of the 80/20 book? Immersion 451 members last year got their own personal private versions.) And:
  • The Pre-Gutenberg channel of wisdom vetted by fifteen, even thirty centuries of wars, cultures, scholars civilizations.

451 is a Triple-Espresso blend of OLD OLD OLD with NEW NEW NEW. Tradition and Evolution. Age-old erudition and Innovation. Conservative and liberal. Bedrock and bleeding edge. Moist, dark earth blends with new inventions. Ancient melds with future.

Why? Because The Center is the Edge.

Meaning: If you want to extend the edge of what is possible, you must attain even higher mastery of underlying core principles.

Immersion 451 gives you both. I’m blending 1500 to 3000 year old wisdom with cutting edge evolutionary tools for Google and Facebook advertising; I’m blending hard, action-packed street savvy and numbers and rigor with ethereal, numinous spiritual experiences. Such that the two become seamless.

Nobody else does this. NOBODY.

What I’m asking for is…


Have I earned it?

Yes or no?

Have I ever lied to you? Have I shown wanton disregard for the dollars you invest in your business education, the way others do?

Have you ever seen me treat my customers like they’re just an ATM machines with dollar signs on their foreheads?

The world is burning its books right now. All over the planet.

In front yards and back yards. And barbecues and church basements and parks and landfills and cars and airplanes.

It’s just that you can’t SEE the books burning. But they’re in flames alright. Combusting, even as we speak.

Ray Bradbury predicted this 60 years ago.

In 1953 he issued his prophecy in a sci-fi novel called “Fahrenheit 451.”

451 degrees is the temperature at which paper catches fire and burns.

In the book Fahrenheit 451, books are outlawed. “Firemen” hunt them down and burn them.

It’s not because the people are afraid of the books. It’s not because the books are politically threatening. It’s not because there’s a dictatorship. It’s not some religious or political extremism.

No…. people burn books in Fahrenheit 451 simply because they’re IRRITATED by the books. The books annoy them.

The books encroach on their “freedom.” The books tell them they’re sleepwalking.

This makes them uncomfortable. Fahrenheit 451 is about Americans who don’t want to be made to think anymore; they’d rather lounge in front of their giant wall-sized TVs watching soap operas and humming toothpaste jingles.

Bumbling along in a happy mediocrity with their heads stuffed in a cloud.

Bradbury wrote: “Our civilization is flinging itself to pieces. Stand back from the centrifuge.” 

In his book, a contrarian band of men and women, renegades, have memorized passages of those vanishing books and they gather in the woods, away from civilization, and recount sections of great literature to each other.

Fahrenheit 451 is a statement against the political correctness of the 1950s, where careers were ended because people were labeled as “communists” and free speech was in danger of being snuffed out.

Bradbury wrote: “If you don’t want a man unhappy, politically, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him only one.

Better yet, give him none. If the government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those things, than have people worry about it. Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year.

Cram them full of noncombustible data, chock them so damned full of ‘facts’ they feel stuffed, but absolutely ‘brilliant’ with information. Then they’ll feel they’re thinking, they’ll get a sense of motion without moving. And they’ll be happy, because facts of that sort don’t change.”

Bradbury’s prophecy came true.

And we are living it now.

It’s called Social Media.

The skimming culture where everything is 100 miles wide and a quarter inch deep.

My Engine for combating this is this program, IMMERSION 451. The “451” comes from the title of Bradbury’s book.

In IMMERSION 451 I’m going to put you on a massive Social Media diet, with Renaissance Time and accountability.

How do you start YOUR morning?

Most people set themselves up to urinate their day away from the very first 5 minutes after they open their eyes.

The WORST thing you can do when you wake up – absolutely positively THE WORST way to start your day – Is to reach over to the night stand, grab your cell phone and start browsing.

Or checking emails.

And part of starting your day right is putting your mental and spiritual “armor” on in the morning so that for the whole rest of the day, you gain the upper hand.

Long-time member Mark Ingles started incorporating my daily regimen a few months ago. Immediately he noticed that if he skipped it, his day would spin out of control and the entire day until bedtime would be bedlam, chaos and interruptions.

But whenever he adhered to The Regimen of Renaissance Time with almost religious consistency, his day possessed a remarkable level of cohesion.

This, despite the fact that he had a newborn baby who wasn’t sleeping through the night and a series of clients, all with their unique dramas and crises and challenges.

Mark discovered that you can make the world bend to your will – and that when external forces pack a wallop, you have the flexibility to bend, then spring back.

Renaissance Time is time to think. Meditate. Free flow. Free write. Explore.

And an essential element of Renaissance Time is making technology your slave – instead of YOU being technology’s slave.

In the 90 days that we do this course, we’re going to massively transform your daily habits, we’re going to transform your traffic and bring you more leads and along the way you’ll feel more SANE and connected to your true sense of purpose than you have in a long, long time.

  • Is or is not Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords a revolutionary book?
  • Is or is not 80/20 Sales & Marketing a revolutionary book?
  • Is or is not Evolution 2.0 a revolutionary book?
  • If you were at Rosetta Stone… was it or was it not a revolutionary seminar?
  • Was or was not the Star seminar with Richard Koch a revolutionary seminar?
  • If you took 30 Day Reboot… was it or was not a life changing experience?
  • If you’ve ever attended our “Memos from the Head Office” webinars for Renaissance Club members… were those or were those not life-changing for you?

I’m asking you to trust me to take you on this precisely crafted journey; for you to follow every footstep. I’m asking you to eat the whole enchilada.

If you do, the results will be revolutionary. You’ll never want to go back to the ‘old’ way of doing things. You will never accept humdrum again.

This is why Financial Head Trash Removal is a MAJOR component of Immersion 451. You’ll get a special private session when you join us in Chicago.

“What is this, anyway?”

Immersion 451 is a fusion of six things – each of them having been world-changing for MANY Planet Perry members. This time we’re blending them together.

1) An absolutely unbeatable formula for beating controls. If your ad is getting 2% CTR, this will get it up to 4%. If it’s getting 10% CTR, this will get it up to 15%. No matter how many copywriters, split tests or ideas you’ve thrown at your sales funnel, we will BEAT past controls in Immersion 451. We are using my fabled Swiss Army Knife – but this time, using brand new software that’s 100X more powerful than the course we’ve been selling (NOT available to the public at this time)

2) “80/20 Mastery” which is a boots-on-the-ground advertising course that generates breakthrough results. It works in Google ads. It works even better in Facebook ads. It delivers pay dirt in any paid online advertising medium.

This is not a “training course” or a “coaching course.” You’re NOT signing up for a series of webinars that are going to teach you a bunch of stuff (only 10% of which you ever even learn let alone do)

This is a DAILY regimen with SHORT assignments (via email) where you make tangible progress every single day. 100%.

People LOVE the daily doses. Dean Davis from Alberta reports: “I more than tripled my leads by just simply doing the ads Perry recommended.”

3) 30 Day Reboot (except this time it’s 90 days not 30, extended and enhanced). There is NO course I have offered that has been more life-changing for more people than 30 Day Reboot. I have gotten RAVING testimonials like none other. Like this one:

4) Pre-Gutenberg: When I started preaching “You should read something written before Gutenberg every day” I didn’t think people would actually do it.

After all, Cicero and Moses and Plato and Virgil are about the most un-marketable things in the whole entire world.

But a lot of people grabbed on to this.

In fact there’s a whole cadre of Planet Perry members now who consult the sages, prophets and philosophers on a regular basis – and they report to me that they love it.

Why “pre-Gutenberg”?

Gutenberg built his printing press in 1440. Suddenly it became easy to disseminate information. Today you can post something on Twitter, and in 0.3 seconds the entire world can see it.

“Hey everybody, I had sushi for lunch!!!”

This has become a very serious problem. People are DROWNING in information and stimuli. Deluged. And worse, addicted.

99.999999% of what’s going on in the world, you don’t need to know.

99.99999% of what’s going on in the world is more harm than help.

So how do you “Rack The Shotgun” on information? There’s a super-easy way:

Read something before Gutenberg every day. Ancient works, written pre-Gutenberg, had to be meticulously copied by hand.

No copy/paste. No automation. No mass production.

Just hundreds of hours of scrutinous, pain-staking labor.

Anything written before Gutenberg that we still have today survived the sacking of Rome, the burning of Alexandria, cities being destroyed, armies, pogroms, genocides, plagues and stupidity spasms of countless emperors.

Only the REALLY REALLY REALLY good stuff made it through.

Works like that only survived because they inspired the kind of dedication and care necessary for successful preservation. Because they contain timeless truths.

Principles, not techniques. Truths that will be just as true a thousand years from now, as they were a thousand years ago.

Pre-Gutenberg stuff is NOT as “exciting” as Facebook or the latest Trump scandal. It doesn’t have near as many clickbait headlines. You have to s-l-o-w your brain down to absorb it.

But it changes the way you think about everything. You see a Trump story and say to yourself “The same exact scenario has been replaying for the last five thousand years, it’s just that most people are so hypnotized and illiterate that they think it’s all fresh and new.”

In Immersion 451, I give very specific pre-Gutenberg assignments. They’re easy, they’re manageable, and they get the whole group on the same page.

5) Memos from the Head Office – LIVE, in a very small, intimate group setting.

Hardly anybody knows the extent that “memos” have guided my career and life.

Vivian will be giving memos to you at our live workshop. Vivian alerted me to the great importance of the 80/20 Curve, which became the backbone for 80/20 Sales & Marketing. The formulas behind this curve just got published in Harvard Business Review Italy.

6) Financial Head Trash from the best people in the world

Who is this for?

‘Tis not for most people.

REQUIREMENTS: Your business must be able to accommodate a high rate of A/B ad testing. Almost any business with a significant amount of FB traffic is a good match. If you’re doing Google ads instead of Facebook, then you need enough traffic to test new ideas every single day. If your audience consumes a lot of content (emails / blog posts / social media) then it will fit. Recommended minimum advertising spend $2500 per month.

Who is this NOT for?

  • If you’re a linear, engineer-like, logic-only person with Spock-like tendencies and you detest anything mystical or numinous… you shouldn’t sign up for this. It will be too ‘out there’ for you.
  • If you’re a touchy-feely, subjective, “feet never touch the ground” person and the same hard core blocking and tackling and execution above that Spock likes is really hard for you… you shouldn’t sign up for this. It will be too ‘boots on the ground’ for you.
  • If Perry’s spiritual stuff rubs you the wrong way, don’t do this.
  • If you don’t have a real business doing at least six figures in gross revenue, don’t do this.
  • If you can’t commit to a 90 day game plan (which includes a lot of subtraction and elimination) don’t do this.

I will insist on total compliance. 

I have never in the history of my business done a program where I literally demanded that people trust me and do everything.

Everything we have ever sold, from Bobsled Run ten years ago to Roundtable to the books we sell and everything in between, operated on the 20% principle:

We gave people a whole lot of stuff and expected them to do 20% of it.

This is not a bad assumption. It’s how the world works.

But the problem is, people cafeteria their way through the course, they pick and choose what they want, and it’s almost necessary that we give them 5X more to do than they’ll actually do because otherwise they would not get anything done.

But in IMMERSION 451 I’m confining the assignments to something much more narrow and I’m demanding you to do 100%.

This will be stripped down to just the bare essentials. 100% is entirely do-able.

You will make a covenant with your Action Group members that you will do the entire course.

And your group will hold you accountable.

Your group will also help you if you get stuck.

But there’s more.

The “more” is that I’m going to demand that you fully comply with The Daily Regimen. The Regimen is similar to what I prescribe in 30 Day Reboot (the program that has produced more RAVE testimonials and life-change stories than anything else I’ve done in five years).

This also includes Financial Sozo (conducted by the very best practitioners in the entire world) and a private “Memos from the Head Office” workshop, also conducted by some of the very best in the world.

All of this integrates very beautifully because:

  1. If you combine The Regimen (my daily formula for mind focus, eliminating distractions and managing technology) with the New Design Formula for Facebook ads, the time you need to do the deep work in your business almost magically becomes available. In other words, we eliminate the bottom 20% of barnacles in your life so you can focus 20% of your time on top 1% high-leverage activities.
  2. Your ability to succeed or fail has far more to do with how clear your mind and emotions and beliefs are, than it has to do with your marketing or business education. I have found that if you do not have a strategy for squarely and definitively eradicating head trash, you will go round and round in circles for years. Having consulted and coached thousands of people over the last 16 years, I have witnessed every kind of drama, every kind of success or failure story you can imagine. Some of my students have gone from zero to net worths of tens of millions of dollars under my watch. Others incinerated fortunes with tragic stupidity spasms. IMMERSION 451 includes help from some of some of the most talented “headtrash eradication” people in the world.
  3. I will be asking you to GET ON THE BUS, and trust me to drive. This is not for everybody. This is not for you if you’re “not too sure about Perry Marshall just yet” or the things I do.

But if you DO trust me to guide you through my entire success formula, then I’m going to take you on a 90 day journey where we will dramatically increase your traffic by 25% to 250%, get you into a position where you can buy cold traffic and convert cold traffic AT WILL, eradicate financial self-sabotage, free your mind and supply you with a whole new way of thinking.

This is my guarantee:

IMMERSION 451 is not a buffet. It is an “all or nothing” program.

You are expected to complete every assignment and regimen.

For this reason, the course is also strictly streamlined, so as to be do-able.

100% is realistic.

And if you follow The Regimen, you will get the results you are looking for.


If you are accepted, and

If you complete at least 80% of the assignments, then if you are not able to:

  • Enter the Facebook Jet Stream, such that you can buy cold traffic, affordably and at will
  • Massively de-clutter your life, and
  • Eradicate significant “head trash”

(with you alone as sole judge and jury)

…Then we will refund your money. Plus we will give you $1000 for your travel and inconvenience.

* Refund requests must be submitted on/before day 90 of the program — Monday, November 26, 2018.

Immersion 451 is $7500. This includes a 48 hour immersion in a private retreat in Chicago, conducted by me, my staff and my hand-picked collaborators.

If you’re willing to get on the bus, this will completely change your life.

Why Is This Different?

This works because I am combining a blend of approaches together – elements of Swiss Army Knife… ways of doing Swiss Army Knife that are new and innovative… SOFTWARE that did not exist before late 2017, which is proprietary…

New ways of applying some ancient, tried and true gadgets from the “Scientific Advertising” toolbox… a TEAM approach to writing ads… a much more aggressive AUTOMATED method of split testing… hands-on help and resources that we’ve never been able to provide.

And when you combine this with eradicating head trash and The Regimen… along with dedicated, specifically engineered group brainstorming exercises and group accountability… you will be able to do IMMERSION 451 (including the spike in traffic and conversion and sales and profits) without significantly increasing your work load or your mental burden.

Remember that I am guaranteeing that if you are accepted, then by the end of this course you will be able to buy COLD traffic effectively and profitably.

This is no small achievement. Most PPC advertisers can only buy temporary bursts of traffic which quickly evaporate. You are constantly on a treadmill of having to come up with new excuses to have a sale, new ways of spinning the same tired story, new ways of enlisting the help of weary affiliates and sales channels.

Frankly that sucks and it’s not going to be any better any time soon. I can only envision that it will get worse. You either face the music or delude yourself into thinking that you can somehow keep doing the same thing and get different results (which is the definition of insanity).

October 18th-19th: The Crown Jewel

The crown jewel of IMMERSION 451 is a two-day retreat in Chicago. We will put you up in a luxury location and take care of everything.

The propeller is a 48 hour LIVE in person immersion experience where everything is taken care of in a luxury environment.

All your needs are attended to and we spend 2 days together, you and 9 other people.

All under one roof, in a private enclave.

On the first day, we do a hands-on direct response lab, using brand new Swiss Army Knife tools that have never been seen before outside of my private experimental space.

The goal is to achieve a breakthrough in response and penetration so you can convert visitors nobody else in your market can convert thereby making you the market dominator.

Day 1 of the retreat is full market domination. It’s positioning you so that all advantages accrue to you and nobody else can catch up.

Day 2 is MEMOS and Head Trash removal via Financial Sozo. Day 2 is the 1% that delivers 50% of the POW… Of everything you do in Immersion 451, this is the part that you’ll most fondly recall three or four decades from now.

I am bringing in some of the best “Memos” people in the world – and the best Financial Sozo facilitators in the world – And day 2 is exclusively dedicated to put your heart, soul, mind and spirit in tip top shape.

I also have a quirky, very unusual and special surprise planned for you.

Ten years from now someone who participated in this retreat is going to reach out to me and tell me that this ONE day shifted more things in their life than everything else they did in the last 2 years, put together.

How much time will this take?

On average, IMMERSION 451 will not add more hours to your work day than you already have.

Some of the people will find it does take a little more effort.

Some will actually find they STILL come out ahead by an hour a day even though they do everything the course requires.

If you completely follow the program, it will only modestly increase your burden.

In other words, even though you’re doing your assignments you will still have as much time as you had before.

It works because you’re placing yourself in the care of people who practice what they preach.

I do ALL of this.

I know this works, because I have taken so many people through the Renaissance process.

I have many who are saying, “Wow I can’t believe I was wasting two hours / three hours / four hours a day wrangling with BARNACLES!”

What Would Happen
If You CRUSHED Your Current Best Ad
And beat it by 25%, 50%, 100% or More?

Most people have NO IDEA the huge door that swings on this small hinge.

Here’s why.

If you beat your best ad by 25%, you will not end up with 25% more traffic.

You will end up with 50% to 100% more traffic.

If you beat your best ad by 50%, you will not end up with 50% more traffic.

You will end up with 125% to 200% more traffic.

If you beat your best ad by 100%, you will not end up with 100% more traffic.

You will end up with 200% to 400% more traffic.

In other words if you double your current best ad, you’ll 2X to 4X your traffic.

But in 2019-2020 it is not possible to double an already-good ad using “linear” methods. You need a secret weapon.


I have worked out the exponential ad writing formula.

5% of the advertisers get 95% of the traffic.

5% of the players get 95% of the rewards. You win or you lose.

Gold medalists get the accolades and endorsements. If you’re Silver or Bronze… forget it. Olympics is over and you’re back to working your desk job in Cleveland. Listening to the wall clock as it ticks the seconds by at 10:07 on a listless Monday morning.

“0.7 seconds and I would have won the Gold. Instead of HIM.”

(You’re the only one who cares.)

If you’re on the wrong side of 95/5, life is a drag.

If you’re on the right side of 95/5, life is a magic carpet ride.

I don’t make the rules. I only tell you what they are. Them’s the rules. IF YOU DON’T LEAD THE PACK, YOU MAKE MINIMUM WAGE.

Are you going to lead the pack?

Or can you be content with minimum wage?

You have two choices, only two. Those are your choices.


John Powell
Revelation Pets
Winchester, UK
(From his 80/20 Mastery Contest Entry)

One Last Thought Before I Go

Facebook is JUST LIKE UBER.


They need “all you guys out there”… but they don’t need YOU. As far as you personally are concerned… they’ll slice your balls off for a quarter.

Too bad. So sad.

Zuck does not run Facebook so you can make money. Larry and Sergey do not run Google so you can make money. They feed their hungry shareholders, thank you very much.

Are you going to be a marketing minion?

Or are you going to take charge of your destiny?

Is it worth 90 days to reverse your digital fortunes?

Will you invest an hour a day to enter the top 5% of your market?

Marketers who are NOT ahead of the 95/5 curve are speeding 80MPH towards an Uber Driver, Starbucks Barista future – a future where the market determines exactly how much money you can make per hour, per month and per year. Where most of the work is done by bots and you only twist the steering wheel.

Where you are subject to the whims of market forces and commodity prices… where managing PPC, writing copy and communicating for clients becomes as “market price” driven as soybeans, wheat and sorghum. Where Omaha Nebraska has a farm report on the evening news and Silicon Valley has a Digital Sharecroppers report.

Unless you’re AHEAD of 95/5. Unless you master 80/20. Unless you master it not once, but twice over.


This is NOT a time to be caught with your pants down. As Warren Buffett says (remember, Warren is from Omaha), when the tide goes out, that’s when you find out who’s swimming naked.

Perry Marshall

P.S.: If you sign up NOW, well ahead of the rush and the October 18-19 retreat date, my experts will engage and get you going right away. You will get a thorough sales funnel audit from my hand-picked experts who will identify IMMEDIATE releases of new cash flow with minimal work.

P.P.S.: It’s raining. Water level is rising. You need an ark. IMMERSION 451 is your “95/5 Armageddon” way-out escape clause. 90 days. Then the rain stops and the sun comes out. You nod your head all the time when people say 80/20. You love 80/20. You talk 80/20. Today it’s time to STOP stroking your beard and DO something!


“We may triple last year’s revenue!”

It’s not really about Facebook …or Google, or whatever channel you’re using. It’s about revealing the glaring holes in your business.

1. I revised our job price calculator to add some margin for error into each job. I’ve already saved over $5k since I started 80/20 Mastery and I’ll save another $30k by this time next year.

2. I realized every job one of my subcontractors was on, there were issues I had to smooth over with the customer. I fired him and hired a much better crew who also happens to cost less! I’ve already saved $3k from this and will easily save another $15k this year not to mention the lost opportunities from referrals that the old sub was costing us.

3. Customer satisfaction has gone through the roof, and I’ve already sold 4 jobs (average $9k each) without even meeting the people JUST because they were so impressed at our response time! This will change my entire business I think and the extra $36k in revenue so far is a pittance compared to the overall effect this will have. This is HUGE.

4. Based again on the strategies for cutting costs, I am saving about $150 on each job on materials which is already about $3k since I started and will be another $20-$30k this year!

5. Because of the same cost cutting exercise I renegotiated with our canvassers who knock doors for storm damage work and made a deal that gives them a little more cash upfront but HALF as much on the backend. They were thrilled because they like getting the money quickly and I’m thrilled because I’m saving $200 on average per job. Which is savings of about $20k over the year.

6. We’ve gotten $10-$20k in new jobs just because we improved our call response times.

7. I’ve also sold $10k from doing about 8 of the Facebook ad assignments.

This is our 3rd year in business and we may very well triple last year’s revenue! A large part of this has been everything we’ve done since starting 80/20 Mastery.

I estimate that just doing the 10% or less I did from 80/20 Mastery and opening up all the holes in my business and making improvements consistently, we’ll do an extra $250-$500k this year. This has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I can hardly believe how far we’ve come in just 40-50 days.

80/20 Mastery has been the best $1k I’ve EVER spent! Even with Planet Perry! With some focus and consistent effort you can do more in 30 days than you’ve done in years to improve your business and it doesn’t even take that much time!

M. Joseph “Joe” McShurley
Roof Simple Inc.
Front Royal, Virginia
(From his 80/20 Mastery Contest Entry)


90% Increase in Order Value
64% Reduction in Cost Per Lead

Even better than the near doubling of average order value – or our 64% reduction in Cost Per Lead (vs AdWords) – is this:

Big venues are seeing my ads even though we’re not necessarily targeting them. They’re also calling up saying, ‘we’re seeing you everywhere’ and they’re referring people to us.

Two 5-Star venues have contacted me wanting to set-up official partnerships which is awesome. My experience tells me that these partnerships will usually be worth a minimum of £30k per annum.

Many people have been calling us up and going straight to enquiry saying ‘every time I go on Facebook, I see your stories’. This pleased me – stories NOT ads! My head starts to spin with the glorious possibilities that Facebook can present when I really get my act together.

My staff are freaking out but that’s a good problem to have. They’re freaking out in good way and they’re excited too cos of the bonus possibilities.

The way you set-up the ad writing process is top notch. I rarely struggled for ideas. Basically, I have the attention span of a newt and struggle to focus on one thing for any long period of time. But I thought you got the structure of this bang on and it really helped with my particular marketing DNA.

Marc Samuels
88 Events
Glasgow, Scotland
(From his 80/20 Mastery Contest Entry)


19.45% more leads and 34.5% increase in sales!

Hello, my name is José Jesús González. I live in Guadalajara, Mexico. I have my wife and two kids. I am in what Perry calls “The Compression Zone.”

At the beginning of 2017 I was very worried about Mexican economy; we had very bad signs in the economy, but I decided to do something about it. I applied for the 8020 Mastery Program. I really like the program.

In the beginning when I was applying I told John Fancher that my goal was to increase the number of leads by 15%. Actually we got better than that. I tried to write as many Facebook ads as possible. We got 19.45% more leads. This was amazing for me! Sales went up by 34%.

For me, Facebook, before this program, was just about retargeting. That’s all I did–retargeting. Now, I try to get new leads from Facebook, and I have been getting incredibly good results with this program.

For example, I took 4 weeks in May 2017 and compared them with the same 4 weeks last year, right? In May 2016 I have 5,141 leads. This May I had 6,141 leads. So it’s exactly 1,000 more leads.

We sell an online program to prepare people for a test. If they pass this test they have the high school diploma–something like the GED but here in Mexico.

Writing all those ads I have 2 new ads that are killing with great results. One of them is “The Negative Promise.” I didn’t think that was going to work for me, but it has worked perfectly.

Profit is up because the Facebook leads only cost 1/3 of what I usually pay on AdWords.

So I’m really grateful for this program. I really recommend this program.

It also opened my eyes to new things that I am trying to fix. For example, I did the survey, and I found 2 bleeding necks with my customers. One was “time,” the other one was “math.” So, I’m fixing my message to get to those bleeding necks more efficiently, but so far the results are great! 19.45% more leads and 34.5% increase in sales! This is amazing, and I really recommend this program.

Thank you, Perry. Thank you, John Fancher. Thank you all for the community because I got good feedback also from the Mastermind forum.

José Jesús González
Instituto de Aprendizaje en Línea S.A. de C.V.
Guadalajara, Mexico
(From his 80/20 Mastery Contest Entry)


Our lead cost dropped from $147/lead to $52/lead. That is a 65% drop in lead cost. This is very significant!! (In case you are surprised at the high lead cost, this is for a $17,000 service).

The 80/20 Program scientifically and systematically pulled us out of our assumptions so we were able to test the most effective marketing angles. Much to our surprise, two ads performed better than our assumptive ad we had been running.

We agreed to follow the program ‘as is’, learn from the experts, not take shortcuts, and let the numbers decide on the best results. We knocked out $3,540 per year of extraneous expenses. This exercise alone gave a return at more than 3X the program cost.

I’m also taken aback at the results of just Perry’s initial “reclaim your life” exercise alone for a couple reasons. On the surface, I must be saving two hours a week. 2 hours per week x 4.3 weeks = 8.6 hours per month. Two hours per week is not that long but it adds up. It’s only 17 minutes per day. What was much more beneficial than the actual full extra day per month was the mental clutter we eliminated.

Bill Crawford
Rainmaker Internet Marketing
Chicago, Illinois
(From his 80/20 Mastery Contest Entry)


“I found exactly what I was looking for by the time I hit day 12 and day 13!”

It’s been 40 days, and to be honest I kind of backed off after 20% of my way into the program. Not because I didn’t want to pursue it any further, but because I found exactly what I was looking for by the time I hit day 12 and day 13!

The most amazing part of that was that 20%, those 12-14 days into the program actually filled the biggest gap in my sales funnel that I did not have one properly designed at all.

I took those ads and I changed the call to action to move people into a workshop. Those were one thousand dollar tickets. I started just publishing and re-pushing those ads again and again. Eventually I ended up with about 30 people in the workshop, so I made about $28,000 in that workshop.

I pivoted everything that I had learned into a different offering which was a 2-day weekend workshop. I just came out of that this last weekend, and it’s been absolutely successful. There had been about 7 strategy sessions from those 28 people so about a 25% conversion on that, and I’m pretty sure that about 5-6 of those will convert into my $50,000/year program.

It’s been an amazingly successful thousand dollars that I had invested in this. More than its weight in gold. Super, super grateful. The 20% itself was enough for me to get the 80% outcomes that I was after.

Mihir Thaker
Victoria, Australia
(From his 80/20 Mastery Contest Entry)


355% Boost in Subscribers
I more than tripled my leads by just simply doing the ads Perry recommended. While I didn’t even keep pace over the long haul, I still was able to put out a lot of ads and I never would have done that without the daily prompting and support.

4.7X Better Landing Page
Immediately upon starting it was obvious that I needed a better landing page. It took me a full day, but I developed a landing page that rocks.

The week before I was anywhere from 3%-11% opt-in rate:

The week after I averaged a 22% opt-in rate:

Dean Davis
Calgary, Alberta
(From his 80/20 Mastery Contest Entry)