1,001 Industry Gurus
of Jesus

… Or Ghandi, or Nelson Mandela,
or MLK, or...


Level 1 Influence makes you rich.

Level 2 Influence does that
AND changes the world.

For the first time ever, I’m opening my Level 2 Influence playbook. There will be no recordings and there will be no repeat performance.

Limit 12

On October 5-7, 2022 I’m hosting the

Influential Writing Retreat

We have reserved space for a dozen people.


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IWR 2021 Participant Scott Schang
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I got laid off from my engineering job. Laura was 3 months pregnant, so I transformed myself into a pavement-pounding, phone-dialing sales rep.

18 months later I’m….

Floundering helplessly

Leaving the house at 7am & coming home at 11pm

Drowning in credit card debt

STILL not earning commission above my base

New credit cards with “balance transfer” offers are no longer arriving in the mail

Waking up in the middle of the night, sheets SOAKED in sweat

Suffering from a case of mononucleosis - a reaction to S-T-R-E-S-S

One morning at work my bosses are having a vigorous discussion in Fred’s office. I can’t hear anything they’re saying, but I know they’re talking about me.

But I don’t have space in my head to even think about what this means. I’m so saturated in stress I can’t feel anything.

They come out of their meeting. Wally summons me to his office. “Perry, your position isn’t working out. You’re a good guy, you’re trying so hard but we just aren’t seeing results. I’m sorry but we need to let you go.”

I plead with him: “Wally, I KNOW I can do this. ALL the people I admire have figured out how to SELL in some way or another. They’re influential. They move the masses. They make stuff happen. I know I have this in me. I promise to try harder.”

Wally is a big-hearted empathetic guy. I know I’m twisting the knife. He winces visibly, but doesn’t relent. “Sorry Perry, we’ve already tried and it’s just not going to work out. When I hired you I thought ‘This guy’s is a sales guy waiting to happen’ but now we’re still… waiting for something to happen.

“You seem really good at solving problems. Maybe you can find some product manager position somewhere. Sorry… we’re done.”

- Stop the camera -

TWO worlds were colliding that day:

1) Young sales punk trying to make a living

2) Young influencer who feels a palpable sense of destiny and knows he must leave his mark on the world.

My frustrations ran for miles. My inability to pay the bills only rubbed salt in a far deeper wound. Because every day I felt like the Invisible Clock was calling my name with every tick, urging me to do something significant with my life.


The worst possible thing that could happen would be getting stuck working for some insurance company cuz I needed the benefits.

And yes, even though I was only 27 and someone could legitimately say, “Dude, don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re comparing yourself to guys 20 years older than you” there was nothing anyone could do or say to stop the relentless sound of that ticking clock, the tapping on my shoulder, that inner drive.


TODAY I’m not here to talk about problem #1. Today I want to speak to you about problem #2, The Invisible Ticking Clock:

The ache to achieve something Truly Great.

The drive to move the earth.

The pull to do something that matters.

The longing to move the masses.

The desire to heal the sick, comfort the grieving, set the captives free, resurrect the dead.

The thirst to make history. 

The aspiration to leave a legacy… whether you’re 27 or 67.

If you sorted out the income problem a long time ago, but now there’s something burning inside of you… I’m talking to YOU.

Problem #2, Level 2 Influence, Legacy, is urging you, driving you forward… with your name on it.

Problem #1, Level 1 Influence, is earning bread. It’s a marketing problem more or less. Solutions are formulaic.

A lot of people assume problem #2 is a marketing problem too. There’s a grain of truth there. But if you see it for what it is, it’s far more.

Problem #2 is INFLUENCE.

INFLUENCE is far larger than marketing. Influence is far greater than mere “popularity.”

Let me ask you a question:

Could ANY ad agency, PR firm, marketing book or click campaign create…

Nelson Mandela?

Winston Churchill?

Shanyn Stewart or Chris Buffalo? (both infamous members of Planet Perry)

Bob Dylan?

David Bowie?

Katalin Kariko**

How about Katalin Kariko, the Hungarian immigrant demoted at the University of Pennsylvania in 1995 and kicked out of her lab in 2013… never awarded a single major grant from National Institutes of Health…

Then suddenly last year, her 25 years of work became the backbone of the COVID-19 vaccines.

How about her? Could you say that Katalin Kariko became influential?

How about Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux operating system? It runs the majority of web servers – probably yours. To most people Linux is a collection of software. But Linux is really a culture and you probably use it every minute of the day without even knowing it.

Influence takes many forms.

I have one question for you:

Do YOU know deep down that YOU are a David Bowie, a Nelson Mandela, a Katalin Kariko, a Linux Torvalds… a Shanyn Stewart or Bob Dylan?

If not, ignore this and move on with the rest of your day.

If the answer is yes… I’m talking to you.

INFLUENCE in this degree is not a thing you ‘decide’ to do one day while you’re eating a sandwich and reading a sales letter. It is something that has risen up inside of you and refuses to be tamed.

You contend with it every day of your life. It awakens you at night. It drives you crazy. It’s you knowing certain things. It’s not about being right or wrong. It’s about being true or false.

Tick-tock, Perr-y, tick-tock, Perr-y

There was a prophetic guy I once knew named Ivan. Ivan was a “Memos from the Head Office” guy like Vivian. Ivan said, “Some people are SO easy to give words for, because you can feel their destiny pouring out of them.”

That destiny is the fire raging in your bones. Some days you feel like it’s almost unmanageable. You can’t always manage it. As often as not, it manages you.

The trouble is:

Just cuz you feel that destiny burning inside of you doesn’t mean the outcome is guaranteed. Oftentimes you say to yourself: Dude… whatever you do, don’t screw this up. People are depending on you to get this right - some of ‘em aren’t even born yet.

You can scarcely talk to anybody about this cuz if you try, they’ll think you’re a delusional self-obsessed narcissist. You’re better off going to the church picnic complaining about your $400,000 tax bill than revealing your True Aspirations of Level 2 influence to muggles.

So you guard it. It’s your secret. Maybe only you know. But… you know.

Tick-tock, Perr-y, tick-tock, Perr-y

There are three aspects of INFLUENCE as I have defined it here:

1) It’s not a button on some control panel that you decide to push. It’s your inner calling and destiny.

2) It’s NOT the same as being a “thought leader” or an “expert.” Knowing more than anybody else about bass guitar or Google Analytics or cryptocurrency or tennis or open heart surgery is only the tip of the iceberg.

The world has plenty of formulas for becoming the world’s #1 YouTube expert on Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs. That is not what I’m talking about.

U2’s Bono is not just a “singer.” He’s a cultural force. I’m talking about creating CULTURE with your speaking and writing. Not expertise. Management guru Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Switch “strategy” out and replace it with technique or know how or expertise. How will your expertise multiply after a culture becomes the driving force behind it?

3) It begins with IDENTITY not action. Now I’m not even beginning to suggest anything like that video “The Secret” from 15 years ago where you just ‘wish’ things into existence. INFLUENCE might require you to be the busiest beaver on the block; the specific actions you take are incredibly important.

But this is not primarily formula. It overflows from your destiny engine.

A couple years ago I was talking to the late Rob Berkley. It may have been the last time I saw him. I made some comment to the effect of I’m not in the same league as Peter Diamandis or Elon Musk.

Rob looked at me with his dark gaze and said sternly: “Yes you are, Perry. You are fully qualified to play at that level. I don’t ever want to hear you say otherwise.”

Rob was not one to throw around platitudes or pump people up with false confidence. He was serious as a heart attack and I knew it.

If you’ve had people like Rob say things like that to you… I’m talking to you.

You know who you are.

So… what are doing about this fire that burns in your bones?

Across the last two decades I’ve popularized a wide range of ideas:

Planet Dan [Kennedy]

Planet Perry

“Sell information about holes, not drills”

“In the land of the blind, the man with one eye gets to be king”

80/20 as a VERB

95/5, 99/1

Fractal 80/20

Google stupidity tax

Marketing DNA

Peel and Stick

“Rack the Shotgun”

Star Principle & Simplify

Memos from the Head Office; “Memos”

“One long shot and three fish in a barrel”

Network Effect for Mere Mortals

Swiss Army Knife for ads

Swiss Army Knife for evolution

Tactical Triangle

Tactical Triangle Takeover

Maze 2.0 and Deep Funnels

Renaissance Time

Each is a sophisticated idea expressed in a simple phrase. All are shared by tens of thousands of people. Some are used daily by hundreds of thousands. Many times, the ideas were not even mine. They came from people like Richard Koch or John Mendocha or James Shapiro or Jack Born.

The ones in BOLD are not mere labels, or names of activities that people do. They are cultural forces. Because many will OUTLAST me. Long after I’m pushing up daisies, people will still be doing Renaissance Time every day - and still calling it Renaissance Time.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Culture also eats terminology… and expertise… and thought leadership. EVERYONE is teaching strategy, terminology, expertise and thought leadership. But influence via healthy culture is a black void. Especially now.

This is why on October 5-7, 2022 I’m hosting the Influential Writing Retreat. We have reserved space for a dozen participants.

It is not a seminar. Not a mastermind. It’s not a horseshoe table in a hotel with white pens and notepads and little bowls of candy.

It’s not a brain dump of power point presentations. It’s not a sequence of swipe files or social media case studies.

It’s pulling OUT of you as much as a pouring in.

In Influential Writing I will isolate and convey the most important things I have discovered about:

CULTURE via the written and spoken word

The other day I overheard someone asking John Fancher where his clients come from. He said, “I get lots of clients from outside of Planet Perry, but it’s way harder to work with them because they don’t share the common ethic or language. When people already share the same terminology and unstated assumptions and beliefs, we get things done so much faster.”

Planet Perry is an effortless place for people to birth important achievements because it is far more than a community, or repository of technical skills. It is a culture where specific values have been planted, fertilized and grown.

You can take lots of copywriting courses, and copywriting can earn you a lot of dinero. But copywriting alone does not make you influential. It does not acquire a huge following, it does not confer to you a sustainable advantage. In fact some of the best copywriters in the world are completely unknown. Worse yet...

Half of everything you’ve ever been taught about copywriting and
persuasion has already sown the seeds of your own destruction.

Most marketing courses teach you to think like an automaton, treating customers like walking ATM machines, pulling levers and pushing buttons like the Wizard of Oz. Which is why most marketers secretly dread being found out.

That is why it’s a huge mistake to believe that simply converting or selling is the real answer to your question.

Toto tugs on drapes and insecure man bellows into the microphone: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. I am the great and powerful OZ! It eventually stops working. Influence is lost. You have to start over with new peeps. Ugh.

Wizard Of OZ, MGM, 1939

Hustling and starting over and doing things over and over again might seem normal when you’re 30. You’ll be friggin’ weary of it by the time you’re 50. It’s like getting remarried after divorce #4. Or starting all over playing bars late at night, lugging drums and equipment up and down rickety flights of stairs, trying one more time to kindle an eager following.

Have you ever asked yourself why some authors, speakers and thought leaders’ legacies extend long beyond the physical span of their life? Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill, Peter Drucker, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar all possess influence that extends for decades.

Let me ask you a question:

Did these men achieve their tremendous influence by being....


Was it because they knew how to write punchy headlines and sensational bullets?

Was it because their material survived the rigors of The National Enquirer and the next direct mail drop?

Remember, this is just a list of business guys who influenced people in the late 20th century.

What about Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird? Or Alex Haley, author of Roots? Or Charles Dickens? The framers of the U.S. Constitution? William Shakespeare? How about Charles Darwin or Adam Smith?

How about St. Thomas Aquinas and Augustine? St. Paul and St. John? Solomon and Moses? Homer and Aesop and Plato?

It may seem strange, perhaps even otherworldly, to be talking about Aesop and Saint Paul and Charles Dickens in a piece that’s about doing something in the 21st century that moves the masses and outlasts YOU.

But it’s precisely the Saint Paul Factor, the Tale Of Two Cities Factor, the Aesop’s Fables factor that defines the difference. The difference between you being U2 vs. you being The Knack.

Precious few people even have a conception of this, let alone get it.

This is why, if you learn writing, copywriting and persuasion based on What cuts through the clutter in the National Enquirer or What gets a standing ovation at your next talk or How many dollars per head you close when you pitch on the platform, you literally are sowing the seeds of your own destruction. Because the most enduring acts are usually like U2’s Boy and often make their debut at #63 on the charts.

Rush is one of the most popular bands of all time, but their most popular song “Tom Sawyer” got no further than #44 on the Billboard charts. It took a year or two for that song to gain a full head of steam.

Do you want flash in the pan, or do you want staying power?

Who would you prefer to be: Chumbawumba or Rush?

Amazingly, as hard as it is to pick a winner before the game, it’s quite a bit easier to recognize the endurance runner after the very first match. I know this because I’ve played a part in the success stories of so many people. Planet Perry not only boasts numerous people selling their businesses for 8- and 9-figures, we also have many culture creators.

Megan Macedo turned her TICKING CLOCK – her insistent sense of destiny – into an utterly unique writing and consulting practice that defies categorization. The first time I consulted with her, she said “I want to become the Brené Brown of marketing.” That’s exactly what she’s become. She is the leader of a culture.

Glenn Livingston set out to cure emotional eating and his book Never Binge Again has 11,794 reviews on Amazon but more importantly has helped tens of thousands of people cure their binge eating habits. Glenn has created a culture.

Casey Graham sold “The Rocket Company” for a large sum of money and now has a company called Gravy. They do the most “boring” thing in the world: they recover credit card payments for companies that deliver subscription programs. But all of Casey’s companies are pulsating packets of throbbing cultural energy.

The #1 difference between Enduring Influencers and One Hit Wonders is: One Hit Wonders speak to the Lizard Brain. Enduring Influencers speak to the soul.

Now the thing is, lots of people speak to the soul. Would-be influencers who speak to the soul are a dime a dozen. And the problem is a lot of them are poorer than the folks who pander to the Lizard Brain, the Human Animal. The trick is to Wield Influence and Earn Profits AT THE SAME TIME.

You really must do both. Stephen Covey has to compete with the National Enquirer. Yes, you do have to hit your numbers in the next mail drop. Yes, you do have to get people to run to the back of the room and buy your stuff.

How do you do that and establish an enduring legacy, influence that perpetuates itself, content that sells to the lizard brain yet speaks to the soul?

Discover Your Voice As a Writer and Artist

All great writers are artists, and all artists have an artistic signature. The most valuable thing you’ll develop in our days of seclusion is a keen awareness of your own writing voice.

U2’s guitarist, The Edge, has a host of imitators but is utterly, instantly recognizable. Carlos Santana is an equally talented guitarist but sounds completely different from The Edge. Also instantly recognizable. Jimi Hendrix, singular in style. Alex Lifeson has his own signature. As does Eric Clapton.

As a fan and fellow drummer, I can listen to Neal Peart or Mike Portnoy or Gavin Harrison and even after only a few bars, they sound exquisitely like themselves and I can recognize them almost instantly. You can recognize my writing even when you don’t know I’m the one who wrote it.

You will manifest that singular voice too. It’s already inside you. The Venus de Milo is already inside the carving stone. In Chicago, we’re going to call her forth. And the key to your christening as a writer is the other members of the group. You will be astonished at how quickly they will help you hear and recognize your artistic, linguistic signature and bring it out so it can flourish.

Artists who have fully developed their voice attract fans who want nothing other than the sheer pleasure of hearing that voice one more time. This is the highest form of personal magnetism and it’s fundamental to your longevity and influence as a writer.

At the retreat; in private videos, audios and communications before the event; and via books we will send you in the mail, I am going to reveal common denominators of highly unlikely world influencers and probe into their beliefs, habits, circumstances; and relate this knowledge to the engineering of mass movements (which are the largest manifestation of Star Businesses). This retreat is 50% pouring in to you and 50% pulling out of you.

21 years ago, I attended Dan Kennedy’s “INFO RICHES 2000” seminar. It was my first serious investment in a marketing seminar. I still had a day job. It was in Phoenix in July (which I suspect was Dan flexing his own influence muscles, getting 100 people to come to a seminar in 115 degrees F weather). I still have the 3-ring binder Dan gave everyone, and I still remember key realizations that I continue to use to this day.

In Phoenix I met people like Yanik Silver and John Paul Mendocha, connections that continue to deepen to this day. How much has my connection to John been worth? I don’t think 80/20 Sales and Marketing would have sold half as well without his Rack The Shotgun story.

I hosted the Rainmaker Alchemist Seminar in 2012. Josh Long, Tim Francis, Robert Michon, Adam Libman, Justin Ekrich and Adam Kreitman all “came from” that seminar and established their presence in Planet Perry.

An absolutely first-rate scientist introduced me to Denis Noble of Oxford in 2015, but it went nowhere. I went to his 3-day conference in London in 2016 and Denis became one of the five most important “critical links” of my life.

How much is a strong network worth to YOU?

Influence relies on an X-Factor: Personality. Chemistry between leader and audience that defies formula or categorization. I can’t give you personality, but I can help you identify it and re-orient your efforts to match it to an audience. I did not have the right personal chemistry to be an Amway Diamond (if I did, I would have gotten somewhere in that business), but I did have the right personality to write about a technical subject like Google advertising. For a very long time I had known that an audience that would listen to me was lurking out there somewhere.

We are preparing the Influential Writing Retreat for maximum interaction and community. The X-factor of personality is best explored in the presence of other people and this community will help you dial in your voice and audience.

I will also reveal a particular orientation, which nobody else teaches: How to segment the truths you teach into relations that consist of particular components that cannot be dismantled or disassembled by others. This simultaneously makes your ideas more digestible and comprehensible to thousands or even millions of people.

I’ve only taught this to a handful of people. A UK client who really “got it” six months ago is closing clients at an unprecedented rate. I believe he has begun to Axis Shift his industry and because of this, he will take over a major portion of his market during the next five years.


  • FOR: Those who own their mandate to lead and shape the world in crucial, permanent ways and know this at a primal level.

  • NOT FOR: Those who still vague about their mandate or mission; those for whom $12K will unduly stress their finances and/or are not really sure where to start or who or where their audience is. It’s not for those who simply need the mechanics of social media, platform or exposure. A marketing expert told me about guy who was thinking about coming to his seminar. He said to the guy, “I feel uncomfortable about you coming to this because it’s expensive and you’re pretty early in your development. Except that I believe you when you say you’ll do whatever it takes.”

  • WHAT THIS IS: Extracting and clarifying your calling, your signature sound, your artistic voice, your destiny, and a road map to the obstacles that inevitably come against such an enterprise. It’s a guide to the habits, rituals, priorities and actions of the person who permanently changes the languages and beliefs of the world, especially those that go against the grain.

  • WHAT THIS IS NOT: Gary Vee “Crushing It” strategy or slinging mud against the wall and courting media; in fact it’s not a seminar at all. Nor is it an “Ultimate Guide to Google Ads” or “Facebook Ads” course; not a copywriting course. Such things are available in plenty of other places, including our products page.

  • I have an application/approval process; I reserve final right of refusal and will not accept attendees who I do not believe are a perfect fit for this special experience. It’s not just about getting your money, it’s about helping you bring out your gifts.

The Power of the Strong Persuader

Soft as a mother’s breast, yet hard as nails. The Strong Persuader possesses both attributes, speaking to the chambers of the human heart with art and nuance, yet possessing a command of realities that are unmovable and unshakable, even those invisible to the naked eye.

Your communication needs to be as resilient as... a live human being. Consider what human beings are, what we’re made of, what we’re like. We can be scarred for life by one harsh word; yet we climb Mount Everest. Lovers flare up over the pettiest of differences, yet Victor Frankl and legions of others survived the Holocaust.

We are fragile, yet mighty; delicate as spider webs and hard as granite. This is the essence of the Strong Persuader. Able to convey the most nuanced of encouragement, speaking words at proper time like apples in settings of gold. Yet we must also be immune from criticism, immovable in our convictions, impenetrable in our armor, resolute in our determination, able to stick our head far above the crowd, indifferent to the slings and arrows. Your ability to succeed is largely proportional to your readiness to endure criticism and hostility.

What seminal work do you want to be known for decades from now?
What mark, what legacy do you want to leave on your niche, your marketplace?

What lasting change do you want to effect in the world? What relationships do you want to forge with other influencers?

What favor do you want to enjoy – and from whom?

Long-time Planet Perry member Travis Smith says, “Dreams are forged in the fire of a restless heart.” Every day you carry around this wild spirit, this ambition, this burn. This need to leave your mark. You desire to be the hero.

You chafe at the deep vacuum of leadership in the world. You marvel that anyone can witness the style, fake-wrestling circus that is U.S. and world politics. You struggle to believe in... anybody.

Yet you know that entrepreneurship is the ticket, not only for yourself personally, but for everyone around you. You know that only people who rise up and broadcast their burning passion to the world have a chance of tilting the scales.

The investment for this experience of finding your voice, securing your longevity, establishing your authority is $12,000.

The fee includes…

  • Three nights hotel stay (Oct 4, 5, & 6)
  • Meals (breakfast & lunch all 3 days, and dinners Oct 5 & Oct 6)
  • All materials
  • Pre-workshop training sessions
  • Supplemental material mailed in advance
  • Personal attention from me
  • Access to the other members of the group

(Fee is for one person only. You may bring your spouse for an additional $4500. Seats will be limited). There will be zero sales presentations. No advertisers, or sponsors no “brief messages from our sponsors”. 100% content, 0% pitch.

This retreat is a total immersion experience.

Three days of not just teaching but also...

  • Deep interaction with other group members
  • Personal influence exercises
  • Breakout activities
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Planned Renaissance Time every morning
  • “Bourbon night” (evenings with music pouring out of a $50,000 music system, seasoned with drinks and conversation)

I am also including a 2-on-1, dedicated Memos session for each participant, on-site and in-person. This will be delivered by some of my most talented prophetic ministers. This experience is indispensable for you because I cannot overstate the role of the prophetic in 1) guiding my daily actions and 2) calming the incessant chattering inside my own head.

It’s one thing to get a Memo over a Zoom call. It’s another thing to get it in person. You can watch U2 on a livestream. Or you can go to a U2 concert. Which is better?

I’m not placing a time limit on your private Memos session. Because this reinforces your requirement of extreme CONVICTION that you are on the right path. As well as the course corrections appropriate for strong willed people like yourself. How do you redirect a juggernaut when she or he gets off track?

At the event, you'll have total availability of me and my staff to facilitate discovery.


To Apply, Contact Cuyler () Or Tiffany ()

*The PSMA Event disclaimer can be found here.

“Alright, Perry. You’re holding an event called Influential Writing. You’ve written eight books so you’re obviously influential.

“But stop for a minute and THINK. A guy invited you to speak at his seminar in 2003. It perfectly coincided with Google hitting the hockey stick. That’s a great story. I’m so happy for you.

“But you were the right guy at the right place at the right time. Google was your springboard. No springboard = No influence.

“I hope success is nice for you, Perry. Congratulations. Enjoy the accolades, the speaking gigs and international vacations.

“But sorry dude... I’m not convinced I can do that, and I’m not sure I should give you twelve grand just cuz you can.”

Dear reader, let’s look at my other career… the one that occupies 40% of my time today.

Imagine entering a market where:

  • You’re a nobody if you don’t have a PhD. They won’t even let you near the microphone, let alone listen to you. Your PhD must be in chemistry, biology or physics - preferably from an Ivy League school. Even MD’s are viewed with suspicion. You have a bachelor’s in engineering from the University of Nebraska. (Go Cornhuskers.)

  • I’m smack in the center of one of the most controversial topics on earth. Right up there with abortion, gay marriage, gun control and immigration. The landscape is scorched earth. 

  • The field resists change with such stubborn resolve that there’s a very famous saying: “Science advances one funeral at a time.” Changes take decades.

  • Both sides oppose me. The “right” dislikes me; the “left” would love nothing more than to impale my head on a stick, drench it in kerosene and light a match.

  • Most professionals in the field won’t return my emails.

  • I’m in advertising. Most people in this field think marketers are one step above pond scum.

  • I’m a Christian. Many people in this field think Christians are one step below pond scum.

  • Even if everything I say is 100.00% true, most people aren’t educated enough to tell the difference.

  • Most of the money comes from the government and is controlled by bureaucrats.
  • Most professionals bearing the requisite credentials who have attempted to do anything like what I’m doing have lost their careers. They got canceled. The road I’m on is paved with their dead bodies.

  • The only street cred in my possession is an engineering book I wrote in 2002.

That’s what I started with 16 years ago in my second quest to be influential, well before the first success was cemented in place.

Fast forward to today… I’m founder of the world’s largest science research prize announced at London’s Royal Society, the oldest scientific institute in the world. Nobel Prize winners refer me to their colleagues. I’m on peer review panels for other professional scientists who work at those same Ivy League schools. Book Authority ranks my book as one of the 50 most influential biology books. I just published my first peer reviewed paper.

Last year I co-founded the Cancer & Evolution Symposium with speakers from Harvard, Oxford, MIT, Yale, Columbia and Johns Hopkins; I chaired the third day which radiated Planet Perry style energy. The resulting organization became a Working Group of the largest cancer research society in the world. I then founded a cancer research foundation, Science Research 2.0, which is just beginning to hit its stride.

That’s Evolution 2.0 in a nutshell. So... if I started my marketing career with special advantages (devout student of Dan Kennedy for six years; started my business at “just the right time,” a month and a day after 9/11; if I “got lucky” with Google and launched Career #1…

EVEN IF the Facebook books, the 80/20 books, the Star Seminar with Richard Koch and all the rest were “happenstance” and not the result of careful steps or well-executed strategy...

...Career #2 began with the worst possible disadvantages.

My brother Bryan, a missionary, had concluded that his religious upbringing was laced with pink koolaid. When he bailed, I was confronted with a hornet’s nest of questions.

I vowed: “I’m going to let science make this decision for me,” and plunged into the void. A year later I arrived at the conclusion that the subject of evolution was as laden with as many mirages and half-truths as an Amway rally... and this was true in almost ALL of the camps, including the peer reviewed journals, not just “that one side over there.”

This state of affairs played a key role in:

  • Hitler
  • Lenin and Stalin
  • Mao
  • Eugenics
  • Gene editing technologies in the hands of people who think they’re smarter than nature, getting paid lots of money by Wall Street to seeds irreversible future disasters
  • Not curing cancer
  • Not understanding virus evolution
  • Generations of people believing life is meaningless and purposeless - just “billiard balls banging around in the universe” 
  • Perilous erosion of the sacred Western maxim that all humans are equal because each of us carries the divine spark 

All that, plus five generations of scientists who can’t tell the difference between a cause and an effect.

This came to a head one afternoon in September 2009.

My evolution website had been up since ’05. I had become fairly adept at discussing this problem.

My wife Laura and I were in western Ireland for our 20th anniversary. We stayed in Lisdoonvarna, a quaint town in craggy, austere County Clare. I was walking alone in the Burren one afternoon, a place that seems less like the earth than the moon.

It’s that cragginess, edginess and austerity of Ireland that so captivates me. Otherworldly. It shifts me into a mental space I’ve found nowhere else.

Laura took a rest at the hotel and I took a long walk on a country road on the edge of town. I was thinking about – meditating on – this project. ‘Random’ evolution is the biggest mistake in the history of science. The cost of these blunders is incalculable. Who knows how many people are dying of cancer right this very moment because our ideas about evolution are wrong?

This conviction burns inside me at every level.

I was walking down that road alone, having a conversation with the Head Office. If I were to put this in words (which isn’t precisely how it happened, but I’m doing my best to convey it here) it went something like this:

“Hey up there… this war between science and religion is just AWFUL.”

“Yes, you could say that.”

“Somebody needs to DO something about this!”

“And that would be who???”

OH. I get it.

I know how conversations like this go.

God tells Jonah to go to Ninevah. Jonah boards a ship and runs the exact OPPOSITE direction. As far as the ship’s sails can carry him. Then, after getting caught in a horrifying squall and dumping all cargo overboard, then having to be thrown overboard himself, then thrashing around inside a stinking fish for three days…

(Jonah really must have looked like hell by the time he finally turned up in Nineveh, commanding all those pagans to repent in sackcloth and ashes)

OK, I can fast-forward past all that nonsense. 10-4. I’ve got a job to do.

OK, I’m IN. I will break the back of old-school Darwinism if it’s the last thing I do. I will do this at any cost. But you’ve got to help me.”

And at that moment I just felt a pervasive cosmic “YES.” As if Providence was saying, “I’ve got your back, man. You’re good to go.”

Conversation over. Decision made. That was it.

I did not want to do this. (I’d rather have joined a video game tournament, or maybe the circus.) I didn’t see anyone else who was doing it right. I HAD to do it.

That was the day I decided to become influential.

So… whether you want to be “Level 1” influential - recognition, financial success, reach, respect, important people returning your phone calls, access to the top people in your industry - or “Level 2” influential - making a contribution to the world, curing cancer (literally or proverbially), making your mark in history, altering the course of human events, shaping culture, being like the human beings you most admire…

I can teach you many things that no one else can. I’m not working a 30-year strategy. Mine is a 300-year strategy.

98% of people who teach a subject like this are going to give you mechanics and tools and techniques and strategies.

Cogs and gears are not the focus of this Retreat. You can easily get those things elsewhere and frankly that sort of knowledge is a commodity. I will deliver purpose and rhythm and soul. Substance, drive and culture. I am going to bridge the gap between the bottom of the swamp to the cocaine-snorting lizard brain.

12 months from today you’re no longer timid about your mission or calling. You own your authority and you project confidence. You understand the inner psychology of 1) pivoting history and 2) unlikely people who Axis Shift the world. You’ve made contact with the substrate – the bottom-of-the-swamp, bedrock power source and you are applying it to levers deep within the earth that shift civilization.

10 years from today you’re an embodiment of Glenn Livingston’s adage “Most people overestimate what they can achieve in one year and underestimate what they can achieve in five.” Your career has taken turns you could not have fathomed. Certain expectations you had proved crazy unrealistic, even naïve; yet others have transcended your wildest imagination.

Doors have opened and you have strode through them; you possess communities, alliances, followings and influence that are altogether new and fresh. You are a source of hope to people who had almost thrown in the towel. They were waiting for you and did not know it.

Your tuition gets you stimulating and provocative pre-event audios, videos and at least two books that will be mailed to you in advance; re-engineering your mindset and daily habits that support you creating a revolution; lodging and meals in a relaxed retreat setting; 2-on-1 Memos sessions with my best practitioners; immersive “Bourbon Night” with music and drinks, and group facilitation for finding your voice, lasering in on your mission and leaving a Level 2 legacy of Influence that transcends gurus, subject matter experts and industry authorities – leaving a permanent mark upon the world.

Most of all you’ll be experiencing this in a community of people who are not offended, surprised, bemused, cynical or even intimidated by the audacity of your vision. You will stand boldly in who you are and what you’ve been set on earth to achieve.

Apply today. The pre-retreat orientation series begins the moment you’re accepted. The sooner you take action the faster you begin your journey to Level 2 Influence, and the better prepared you’ll be when October 5 arrives.

Seize the Day,

Perry Marshall  


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**Katalin Kariko Light Corrected by Krdobyns on Wikimedia Commons