4-Man Intensive
the 48-Hour Mastermind

Upcoming Dates:
Chicago: June 10-11, 2021
Chicago: August 12-13, 2021

What Does Your Business Need to DOMINATE?

At 4-Man Intensive You’ll Find Out and Get a Clear Domination Road Map

If Your Business Is Positioned Correctly, There May Be Only A Handful Of Chess Moves You Need To Make To Span The Bridge From Small Business Entrepreneur…
To Supernova CEO

But they are most likely NOT marketing moves, NOT optimization moves, NOT sales funnel moves.

What are they? Keep reading below to find out…

In the Meantime, Also Consider Roundtable for 2022

At 4-Man Intensive at my home in the Chicago are, each person is from a different industry and brings completely different experiences to the 4-Man Intensive. The diversity of business experience in the room creates a powerful synergy and fascinating, unpredictable discussions. Each Intensive is as unique as the combination of people who attend. You can bring a spouse, partner, or team members and it’s an experience that none will forget.

Upcoming Dates:
Chicago: June 10-11, 2021*
Chicago: August 12-13, 2021*

* PSMA is taking necessary precautions to keep our staff and customers safe in light of COVID. Event disclaimer can be found here.

Dear Online Marketing Professional:

If they’re not marketing, optimization or sales funnel moves? What moves do you need to make to dominate?

Strategic moves, position moves, market moves. But before I get to that…

Let me get this out of the way quickly…

If you come to 4-Man Intensive and do not get a great answer to your most challenging business problem…if you don’t have a clear plan for breaking through your number one bottleneck…ask for a refund and I’ll give it to you with a smile.

We WILL fix your business problem. PERIOD.

That alone makes the trip to my house…taking two days out of your schedule…and paying the price of admission worth it 10 times over, probably even 100 times over.

If you have a business problem that needs fixing, we’ll fix it.

Now that the basics are out of the way, here are some even BETTER reasons to come to 4-Man Intensive at my home in Chicago…

1. I’ll Show You What Levers to Pull to Dominate Your Industry

In Planet Perry we teach strategy, not tactics. Not because tactics are unimportant, but because most tactics can be executed my $30/hour marketing people.

YOU, dear business owner, are the ONLY one who can execute the Big Strategies.

In my Star Principle Seminar and Rosetta Stone Seminar I laid out nothing short of the “Foundations for Succeeding in Business in the 21st Century.”

  • Star Principle
  • Simplify
  • Network Effect
  • Tactical Triangle
  • Definitive Selling
  • Proposition

Richard Koch, my co-host of the Star Seminar, with a net worth of $750 million, is adept at illustrating how giant corporations like IKEA and UBER have leveraged strategies like Star and Simplify. And we all can see the massive potential of network effect in AirBnb and Facebook. And I HIGHLY recommend reading Richard’s books…

But my own particular genius, if I may say so, is knowing how to apply and execute these essential principles to small businesses…like yours!

At 4-Man Intensive we will ask the questions you need to be asking NOW to position your business for massive scaling in the future.

2. The Power of Immersive Experience

Immersive experiences, in the same room with other brilliant people, are far more powerful and transformative than sitting in your home or office…and receiving the exact same info or advice.

When you leave your home, travel to an unfamiliar place, sit in an unfamiliar room, rub shoulders with new, brilliant people, your attention is at a much higher mode of operation. The advice sinks into your being. You soak in it. You get it down in your bones.

Get the same advice on Zoom sitting in your home office? As soon as you click “Leave” your mind goes right back to the familiar, the usual, the mundane, the routine.

Same advice, lees impact.

And that’s one of the things COVID really crushed.

In fact, our inability to meet live, in-person for consultations, masterminds, seminars, trade shows…might be the single biggest blow COVID inflicted on the entrepreneurial world.

And I’m bringing it back.

4-Man Intensive Jun 10-11 will be in my home in the Chicago area.

(My whole family will be fully vaccinated by then and we will observe the appropriate social distancing protocols.)

But I’m not missing the chance to give my peeps an immersive, transformative experience.=

And, if you’d like to get your thorniest business problem solved in the best “environment” possible for solving it…

You shouldn’t miss it either.

People have come to live Intensives from the following industries and more:

Corporate Consulting
Child Care
Industrial Software
Kitchen Appliances
Musical Instruments
Online Universities
Affiliate Marketing
Lasik Surgery
Award Programs
Magnetic Materials
Medical Certification
Turn-key Websites
Concession Machines
Small Business Funding
Environmental Remediation
Venture Capital
Audio Equipment
Online Coaching
E-book Publishers
Churches & Ministries
Job Search Services
Motorcycle Accessories
Financial Planning
Voice Mail Systems
Search Engine Analysis
Women’s Clothing
Credit Cards
Business Opportunities
Marketing Gurus
Home School
Book Publishers
Data Collection
Web Hosting
Skin Care
Drug Rehab
Concert Tickets
Incorporation Services
Satellite Television
Home Improvement
Time Management
Lead Generation Brokerage
Real Estate
Hr Consulting
Law Firms
Telemarketing Firms
Business Plans
Press Releases
Mailing Lists
Industrial Machinery
Golf Courses
Crisis Intervention
Health Supplements
Network Marketing
Professional Copywriting
SEO Firms
PPC Management Firms
Advertising Agencies
Health Food
Talent Agencies
Debt Consolidation
Auto Credit
Cosmetic Surgery

Immediately after the the Intensive event, here’s what participants say:

From Adam Libman, Libman Tax Strategy, Arcadia California: As a tax reduction strategist for entrepreneurs, I breakdown every deal deal into two categories: 1) it made me money, or, 2) it cost me money.

Perry Marshall’s 4 Man Intensive made me money. More importantly, it changed the core identity of what we do. For example, I came to Chicago with my wife calling myself a “tax professional”. Like the world really needs another.

We did an 80/20 on my client list. Then we did an 90/10 on my client list. Then we did a 99/1 on my client list. That’s when the “aha” moment really happened. I realized I wasn’t positioned as the solution for my top clients wants and needs. Perry quickly broke down the disconnects between the messaging and services offerings for our top clients compared to our other clients.

So, we changed our positioning; changed our service offerings. Since the the Intensive, we now attract clients we actually like doing business with: they pay more, they are nice, they are respectful, they are fun to interact with. We even now get to reject prospective client we don’t like. (btw, the emotional feeling of being able to reject clients you don’t want to work with is awesome!)

That would have been enough value for our Intensive. But, since it only took an hour to 80/20 our client list, we charged on.

With Perry’s assistance, we created a systemized referral engine. We now attract financial advisors & trust lawyers who want to refer us their clients. The biggest benefit we got out of the Intensive is this giant sense of relief. We no longer worry where the next big client is going to come from. Plus, this system doesn’t require endless lunch and dinner meetings. My nights now belong to my family.

Doing the Intensive with Perry was one of the best strategic decisions our firm made; one of the best investments we made based on simple R.O.I.

It’s one thing to read books and e-books, to listen to CD’s and MP3’s and teleconferences… and even attend live seminars and hear people talk about winning marketing strategies.

It’s an altogether different experience to sit down with a world-class pro and just do it. On your project, not somebody else’s.

Which is why I’m inviting you to come visit me at my home office here in Chicago* and spend a couple of days with me. You and I will roll up our sleeves and work together. Before you go home, your business strategy will be clear.

You will know exactly what you need to do next to turn your business into a STAR, a Proposition Simplifier, leverage Network Effect for Mere Mortals, and/or hone your Definitive Selling Proposition.

You’ll know how to build a moat around your business…making it impenetrable to your competition…before they even know what hit them.

Yes, we’ll solve your number business problem but we’ll also envision your personal “World Domination Strategy.”

1. My Goal Is not to JUST Fix Your Business…but Blow Your Mind as Well

If you watched the video at the top of this page, you heard that I asked Brian a question at the end of his second of 4-Man Intensive. Brian says that question…

“changed my entire view of how I look at life and how I do business.”

He goes on to say…

“If you’re even considering, if it’s even faintly in your mind that you should go to a 4-Man Intensive, stop thinking about it and do it.

Why? Because the dynamics of 4-Man Intensive are such that REGARLDESS of the challenges you’re facing, you WILL get an answer.”

At your 4-Man Intensive we will solve your thorniest business problem…but my goal is to blow your mind.

Planet Perry has its own unique culture, perspectives, values, and network. If you’ve been in my planet for at least a year, you’ve certainly gotten the flavor of that culture.

You’ve seen and read and watched me and you know some of the things I value. And chances are you value those same things.

We speak the same language.

We are a tribe.

We trust each other.

When COVID hit, my longtime friend and Facebook co-author Bob Regnerus was besieged with new clients.

Why? Because they trust Bob. Bob, and many of us at the molten lava core of Planet Perry are “In an Emergency Break Glass” kinds of people.

We are go-to people.

If you value that…and you have a business problem that needs fixin’ then 4-Man Intensive is a no-brainer for you.

I’m taking teams of four people who will come to my home office in Chicago and get personal help from me. You and three other entrepreneurs (no more than that) will get together here and I’ll help each of you – and you’ll help each other.

I’m limiting each team to 4. Three others, plus yourself (a spouse or a partner is OK too) – a very small group. Small enough that I will have plenty of time to sit down with you personally and physically help you with your stuff. Yet, because it’s a small group, it has all the advantages of small group interaction: More minds focused on problem solving, more ideas, more inspiration.

My work is referenced in dozens of influential marketing books like these.

My work is referenced in dozens of influential marketing books like these.

We’ll meet for two days, 9am to 5pm each day. We’ll hone in on anything you want to talk about. We’ll work on any project you bring with you. We’ll strategize your next five years of growth, orchestrate big-picture plan, bust through bottlenecks in your sales funnel, craft sizzling copy… whatever it is that you need to move ahead at maximum speed, so that this year is a killer year for your business.

You get to share this experience with three other online entrepreneurs. Not run-of-the-mill wannabes, but top 1% performers. You’ll get inspiration from what they’re doing, from their experience, from the questions they ask. In just 48 hours you’ll acquire a much deeper understanding of successful online marketing strategies.

You cannot easily obtain this kind of expertise at any price. I’ve been paid as much as $5,000 to write a single email message, and I don’t offer my services as a freelance-copywriter at all. I haven’t done AdWords campaign management for outside customers since 2004 and right now my time bills at $3000 per hour. I’ve got the qualifications to help you move your biz forward.

Now that I think about it, I can’t really think of anyone else who’s doing this. There’s just no substitute for getting this kind of help, in person, from a world-class practitioner.

I’ve been on the inside of literally hundreds of successful online businesses and I know what makes ’em tick. I know their idiosyncrasies, I know the odd success signals to look out for and I know the hidden pitfalls. Two days with me can change your life and your business. The confidence boost you get from this alone could make the difference, all by itself.

This is What You Get When You Come to 4-Man Intensive:

  • 2 days with me and 3 other entrepreneurs
  • For 1/2 day the entire group will exclusively focused on YOUR business.
  • You get 3 personal coaching calls with me, scheduled as you desire, so you get thorough follow up. This is not a one-time head buzz. This is a way to apply lasting, strategic changes in your business.
  • We will re-engineer your business from the inside out.
  • At the intensive you will probably get your greatest discoveries from listening to the other members’ hot seats.
  • Investment is $9995.

Upcoming Dates:
Chicago: June 10-11, 2021*
Chicago: August 12-13, 2021*

* PSMA is taking necessary precautions to keep our staff and customers safe in light of COVID. Event disclaimer can be found here.

"Why Should I Be In YOUR Intensive
Instead Of Anybody Else's?"

So you can dominate your market

At 4-Man, I guide you through the market-domination minefield.

At seminars and conferences around the world I’ve shared the stage with Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Harvey McKay, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Ken McCarthy and Jay Abraham.

My first-ever seminar had 300 people in attendance and I gave away almost two hundred Apple MacBook Pro notebook computers. I’ve consulted in over 200 different industries, from restaurants to psychotherapy, from cosmetic surgery to hi-tech manufacturing. I’ve seen some of the strangest and most unusual businesses, and my site overflows with testimonials.

I don’t really talk about this much, but I’m the only “Internet Guru” who owns a topic. There’s not one single copywriting expert who’s head and shoulders above all the rest. Or SEO expert. Or Affiliate marketing expert. Or email marketing expert. You could say that Jeff Walker owns product launches, but there is only one AdWords specialist who stands apart.

And it's not like the landscape isn't littered with would-be AdWords experts. Some of them are actually worth listening to. But the reason I'm positioned so well is: I know positioning. I know copywriting. And testing and tracking. And publicity. And speaking and Joint Ventures. And offline marketing, even print advertising and direct mail. I'm no one-trick pony. I'm successful because I practice what I preach in all these different areas.

So what am I looking for in 4-Man participants?

I want people who:

  • Are givers and not just takers. People who positively contribute to group discussions, who desire to help others and derive personal satisfaction by doing so
  • Love the exhilaration of the hunt, the joy of challenge, the risk of failure and the thrill of success
  • Steadily implement ideas and changes between each meeting and personally embrace Kaizen, continuous improvement
  • Genuinely appreciate corrective advice from others. There's an old Jewish proverb that says, "Correct a fool and he will hate you; instruct a wise man and he will be still wiser." When I joined Carlton's Insider's Club in 2002, I told him: "John, give it to me straight, no sugar coating." After he sent back the first critique, I asked if there was anything else. He said "Well, yes..." and beat me up some more.
    Made me rewrite the whole thing. Some people really don't want that! But I expect that from my peers and mentors. And I want Roundtable members who also want that from their peers and mentors.
  • People who are not "whiners" and do not introduce negative-energy into the group. In the exceedingly unlikely instance where someone is a problem, I'll ask that person to leave; it's just better for everyone that way.
  • Maintain confidentiality - keep private information private, and don't "steal" opportunities from others. We're going to be discussing confidential matters in the group, and everyone needs to be confident their information will be kept safe.

4 Man Guarantee

"If you're not completely satisfied with the coaching, just let us know by the end of the first day. You can go home and we will issue your full refund."

I look forward to working with you for 2 intense days here in my Chicago office. It's a fun place!

Perry Marshall

Upcoming Dates:
Chicago: June 10-11, 2021*
Chicago: August 12-13, 2021*

* PSMA is taking necessary precautions to keep our staff and customers safe in light of COVID. Event disclaimer can be found here.