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Get Your Facebook Funnel Humming again…
(Plus Get Expert Advice and My Game-Changing $2400 Swiss Army Knife Software to KEEP it Humming)
All in Two Days or Your Money Back
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Two-Day Facebook 80/20 Live Laboratory
With Perry Marshall & Bob Regnerus
September 12th & 13th, 2019

Dear Frustrated Facebook Advertiser:

Have you had success with Facebook advertising in the past…but your results have nosedived?

Have you turned the crank on the Facebook “gumball” machine and had profitable customers drop into your palm…but now you’re paying WAY more to get them?

Do you have successful ads running on OTHER media…but can’t seem to make them work on Facebook?

Do you KNOW that Facebook advertising COULD work for your business if only____?

Are you NOT in Facebook jail?
(If you are in Facebook jail, stop reading, this is not for you)

Finally, would you be willing to roll up your sleeves and apply some mental elbow grease for two days if you were guaranteed to get your Facebook funnel humming along profitably once again?

If you’ve been nodding your head, then Bob Regnerus and I are doing a two-day, get-your-hands-dirty, get-everything-you-need Facebook workshop that’s aimed directly at you.

Facebook 80/20 Live Results Lab

Here’s what you get..

Day One

We will cover everything you need to know to succeed in the new Big Dumb Money Era of Facebook. Then we will get down to business and CREATE ADS using everything we learned and my not-so-secret Facebook weapon, Swiss Army Knife software. We will launch new ads for you before the first day is over!

Day Two

We will review your stats, dive deeper into advanced strategies, and launch more ads.

You will receive immediate feedback and course correction based on live, real-time results (subject to Facebook’s speed at approving your ads, of course).

You will leave this workshop with supercharged Facebooks ads.

You’ll leave with full confidence, KNOWING how you can create MORE supercharged ads FAST.

You’ll leave with one-year access to my Swiss Army Knife software. ($2400 value)

Why Are We Doing This?

Short Answer: You Asked for It.

More and more Planet Perry members have been clamoring for a hands-on Facebook workshop where they get EVERYTHING they need to fix their Facebook funnel. Where we dig down into the specifics of YOUR business and fix YOUR Facebook problems.

Not a lecture. Not a seminar. Not an info dump.

A workshop. A laboratory, where we run experiments and find solutions to YOUR Facebook problems and get YOUR Facebook funnel humming.

Where you leave saying, “My problem is solved.”

Guaranteed or your money back.

Why Your Facebook Machine Is Sputtering and Wheezing…

Remember the good ol’ days? In 2011, the Facebook news feed ad was born (they called it “Sponsored Stories”). Then in 2013 retargeting made it easy for the laziest of advertisers to make a killing with very little effort.

That lasted through 2015.

Now Facebook is flush with Big, Dumb Ad Dollars and the medium has clenched up even faster than Google Ads did back in the post-slap day.

The playing field for average advertisers like you is so complex that many are waving the white flag and leaving in droves.

  • Your ads are fatiguing much faster… you have to jump on the Facebook treadmill everyday just to survive
  • It’s nearly impossible to slow your rising CPM because of big dumb ad dollars
  • It’s nearly impossible to follow all the new rules and changes and restrictions
  • Your prospects are becoming more jaded, cynical, and disinterested by the day
  • Privacy scandals and political meddling is forcing Facebook to steal back some of the tools that made it such a great advertising media just a few years ago

The good old days are over. That’s the bad news.

The Good News…

Some Planet Perry advertisers are still enjoying fruitful Facebook harvests (see below) because they’ve adapted to the new era. They’ve kept their head on a swivel and mastered the new (unwritten) rules of Facebook advertising.

Nobody knows these new rules better than Bob Regnerus.

Here’s some of what Bob will reveal in our two days together…

  • The 3 Pillars for Facebook Ad Success…most advertisers are doing one…or zero…how many are you doing?
  • The 3 Keys to Facebook Ad Efficiency…do this to get the lowest cost and best ROI.
  • How to leverage the Hierarchy of Audience Response to raise your Click Thru Rates and Conversion Rates.
  • How to use FB Optimizer to decrease your advertising costs.
  • Secrets for avoiding Ad Fatigue…the bane of your existence as a Facebook advertiser. The HOLY GRAIL is evergreen ads that you never have to touch. We can’t promise you’ll achieve this, but we can show you how to get as close as possible.
  • How to go DEEP with your prospects with Deep Funnel Marketing…and turn prospects into raving fans and buyers.
  • How to use the Customer Awareness Timeline tool to build an Ad structure…you need to do this to communicate better with your prospects.
  • How to apply the universal power of RFM (Recency – Frequency – Money) to Custom Audiences for better response and Lookalikes.
  • The 3 Key Stats to Track Everyday…this is pure 80/20. Facebook rolls out changes every 2 weeks because big money demands it – however we don’t have to play that game and we’ll show you the 20% you need to pay attention to!
  • How to use the Swiss Army Knife software to generate new ads fast…this could transform your testing. ($2400 value)
  • 15 Blueprints for Facebook Success… and how to apply them to YOUR business.
  • How to “Story-fy” Your Business and communicate…
    • “Why do I exist?”
    • “What is my DSP or Unique Advantage?”
    • “What proof do I have to show my value?”
    • “What do my clients/customers/patients get?”
    • “How will my clients/customers/patients’ lives improve using my product/service?”
  • How to stay squeaky clean and stand out in the cesspool of Facebook marketing… So many marketers have peed in the pool, creating an icky environment that people sometimes loathe.
  • The secret behind the Facebook Optimizer …this will save you hours of frustration.
  • The ONE and only thing that matters when it comes to your Facebook ads.
  • How to improve your targeting and choose audiences.

Everything you need to get your Facebook funnel humming, guaranteed.

Is This For You?

  • If you are a business owner that has run FB ads with success in the past
  • If you are a consultant who wants to generate better Facebook results for one of your clients
  • If you’re a business owner who has successful ads running in OTHER media and you want to learn how to translate them into Facebook success
  • If you are an entrepreneur or consultant who has reached a plateau or obstacle in your advertising and need a breakthrough
  • If you want to combat rising ad costs
  • If you need strategies to increase your Return On Ad Spend
  • If you need to decrease your Cost Per Acquisition

Then this is for you.

Warning: This is NOT for YOU if…

  1. You are in Facebook jail. If you’ve had major issues with ads being disapproved or your account being disabled, this lab is NOT for you. We will not solve those problems in this workshop.
  2. You just want to complain about the evils of Facebook. This is for people who acknowledge these evils exist but want to learn how to survive and thrive despite those evils…this will not be a bellyaching session. This will be a get-down-to-business workshop.
  3. You pine for a return of the easy-button 2013-2015 Facebook. Sorry, Facebook is no longer the magical candy store where you pay a quarter and Zuckerberg hands you 10 dollar bills. This is 2019 and only those with mettle and fortitude will survive. Don’t think you have that mettle? Don’t come.

But if you’re ready to get down to work and get everything you need to fix your Facebook funnel…and keep it fixed…then this is for you…

What You Get at the Lab

  • Two days of roll-up your-sleeves Facebook lab work with me, Bob and other experts from Planet Perry
  • You will leave with a Deep Facebook Funnel
  • You will launch new test ads to beat your controls
  • You will find/refine Audiences for better response

What You Get BEFORE the Lab

  • 30-minute onboarding call to get you (and us!) ready for the event
  • We will ensure your tracking is in place and identify areas to focus on when you arrive
  • We will identify your top 3 objectives for the workshop

What You Get AFTER the Lab

  • Two 45-minute group implementation calls with Bob Regnerus
  • One-year access to my Swiss Army Knife Software ($2400 value)

Special Bonus

  • Tracking & Conversion Audit with Jonathan Wilson: Our most-trusted web mechanic and analytics specialist steps through mechanical issues of your sales machine, checking conversion pixels, Google analytics etc., inspecting critical steps, finding ways to quickly and easily track dollars and prevent sales from falling through the cracks.


  • $2995 for Non-New Renaissance members
  • $2495 for New Renaissance members

The Swiss Army Knife software alone is worth the investment of your time and money.

But if you come up with ONE new Facebook control, you could pay for this workshop 5X over before you even leave the hotel!

My Everything-You-Need Guarantee

If you do not believe that you have everything you need to fix your Facebook funnel…if you do not have full confidence that you can create and launch control-busting Facebook ads fast…if you don’t believe you can take what you learn and apply it to generate at least 10X the cost of this workshop in additional revenue…then ask for a refund by the end of Day One and we’ll return every penny.

Facebook Success Stories from Bob Regnerus and Feedstories

24.8x Return on Ad Spend, 526% Cheaper Traffic vs AdWords, and 397% Margin Per Visitor
You Dabble, You Lose

“I would wholeheartedly recommend that they work with you guys. If they want to dabble, they’re gonna lose a lot of time and they’re gonna lose a lot of money and they’re gonna lose windows of opportunity. But if they want to get that unique combination of business insight as well as the videography then you can get really quick results.”

— Les Cseh, President, Ally Financial Services

Reduced Traffic Costs by 637% and Lead Costs By 292%
“Awesome, Bob! Thank you!!!

“We need something like this!! This is the first time in a very long time we’ve had such positive feedback with PPC. We had tried to do this ourselves, but we could never get the type of results you’ve been able to achieve in such a short amount of time.”

— Brian Woodcock & Susan Kruger, Co-Founders of SOAR Study Skills

Ecommerce Company Grows 33% Shifting To Story-Based Advertising on Facebook
“Bob has proven to be much more than ‘my Facebook guy’.

“He’s provided me sage advice, sound critique, and expert opinions on many matters that affect the performance of my store and it’s future. As a business owner who often feels isolated, I have always wanted someone to hash out the small and big issues that relate to ecommerce. Bob has fulfilled that desire for me.

“I’m ecstatic to have more time to devote to my store, and really enthused that Bob gives me more time to coach my club volleyball teams and not be stressed out about my store’s performance. Bob has been more than a hired gun for me and I’m grateful the universe has brought us together.He’s world-class in my opinion.”

— Sander Cohen, Founder – The Dharamshop

Who Is Bob Regnerus?

Bob Regnerus is the author of the upcoming 4th Edition of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising by Entrepreneur Press. His previous book for Entrepreneur Press was titled, The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing on the Internet and he has also independently published, Big Ticket eCommerce and The Best Business Card on the Planet.

Bob Regnerus and I have been friends for over 12 years. He lives exactly 7 miles south of me. He’s a dedicated dad and husband and he’s been a basketball coach for over 33 years.

In addition to being a long-time Roundtable member, Bob has been involved with Planet Perry in a number of capacities: he has provided coaching for our Bobsled Run clients, he helps me facilitate 4 man intensives, and he was a key content contributor and coach for our Maze 2.0 product.

Bob has an uncanny ability to pull a person’s story out of their head and heart and engineer that into highly-responsive ads and videos. Bob uses this ability as the co-founder of Feedstories, a video production and marketing company that serves many clients (including yours truly). Bob has 22 years of experience in Digital Marketing and has personally managed over 5 million dollars in ad spend on Facebook in the last 7 years.